I am beat! (and moving webhost)


Finally….got to see sunset! Been out the whole of today and more tomorrow.

Am in the process of moving webhosts. But shite, my desktop refuse to start today so I can’t access my mails and passwords. πŸ™ I have like 6 paid domains and two webhosts so yeah, I am going to be real busy with moving webhost, sorting out which site is with which host, which file belongs to which URL etc etc. Pea-brain like mine is not built to do this but I can do it! πŸ™‚ Eventhough my files and folders at the server is very much like my laundry and housekeeping! Unsorted, unfolded, unkept, unmanageable but still works.

Now, while I was doing all these sorting out with regards to which is MT, which is WP, which is using Dreamweaver (yeah, I am using Dreamweaver for my websites) and my half-baked Mambo, I wonder. I wonder why the hell I meddle with so many stuffs?

Tell me why you like my blog.

Which category you prefer most.

But wait…… no rotten eggs. I can’t take rotten eggs. I said so in my disclaimer page. (if you haven’t read this page, do so! Don’t say I never say ‘I told you so’.)

(P/S : I am writing this while watching two hours of American Idol. I got a 16 years old son. This 16 years old of mine said this about Kevin. “The only reason he is still on the show is because they are probably searching for a Harry Potter look-alike.” Muahahahar. But seriously, if I have a 16 years old son like Kevin, I would be terribly proud. This 16 years old Kevin is one tough guy who can withstand so many people making fun of him. Chicken Little, Little Kevin, nerd, geek, etc. And I love the way he snub Simon! “Kevin is my heaven, Simon is my hell” LOL)

25 thoughts on “I am beat! (and moving webhost)

  1. Nice picture. Is that the haunted beach mah?

    Wow! I could never keep up with all of that. Good going there.

    Haiz. You remind me I got laundry laying all over my floor beckoning me to stick in the washing machine. Why can’t my kids do this? They are on holiday. Oh yeah. I remember. I don’t want my white socks to be pink. hehehe

  2. hmmm you sure you not some web multimedia hotshot designer masquarading as a silai ah?
    I love sunsets, got one taken at Kota Kinabalu last year need to get that one up…. somehow I never liked american idol….. too much nitpicking i guess

  3. i like chanlilian.net becoz u’r bold, frank, and most of all, honest – u have no qualms in revealing the identity behind all the provoking thoughts and chau-uar. LOL.

  4. MamaBok – Problems with lots of downtime etc. But dun worry, I am moving to the webhost I gave you the contact?

    sooi2 – Tks!!!

    wuching – Huh? What sex? Sex education got la.

    fantasyflier – What exactly is silai and how do you define them btw? πŸ™‚ (wiating for fantasyflier to get ripped to pieces by the gang if he gives the wrong answer *evil sniggers )

    gbyeow – Kepala sakit. ‘Cos I hate moving.

    SA – No, this is another stretch, very nice one with rows and rows of casuarina trees. Too secluded, however.

  5. Prometeuz – Ok, ok, I heard that. πŸ™‚

    Jacky – Right now, I have my personal blog hosted by Hulks Solution, Paul Tan. It is only a mere 50MB, 2GB, no cpanel site. I have another bigger site for my parenting sites and such with Integricity last year but moved to Bryan’s server. (cheaper and Bryan is a great help in moving them for me). My parenting site has 500MB, 10GB, site funded by some local ads I take in from the work-at-home moms. Right now, I decided to shift all to one place, with Bryan. It will be a separate server, different hosting package ‘cos I see my personal blog as ‘just for fun’ (funded by Google Adsense hopefully) and my other sites as ‘for the community’.

    Have read you Drliew’s blog (march 15, Timber)? We have too much trackback spams on the MT (my Penangfaces is on MT) and it caused the server down. I am changing the MT to WP before moving over to Bryan’s server.

  6. When I first read your blog, I never thought that you are a mother. If you are, then you are a young mother then. I thought u just bluff. You are young from what you wrote. But then, some times for some serious issues, you are just so mature. After sometimes, when I saw your sons photo, I canÒ€ℒt believe that your elder son already 16! So, you are already auntie and I should believe it. Oh, I even donÒ€ℒt know what I am talking about. I just lup your blog!

  7. You’re using Dreamweaver ar?? You took lessons or what?? lol I’m learning… self taught… DIY. Progress.. slow.

    WHy I love your blog ar?? All the 8-poh stuffs lor! LOL

  8. helen – DIY lor. Like throw me into the deepest part of the ocean and I will learn swimming. I started with Geocities DIY, then Frontpage, then Dreamweaver and now, trying hard to understand php. Only when I am forced to. Yaya, I will 8 more. LOL.

    jian – *grins

  9. I read your blog ( chanlilian and malaysia best ) almost everyday in the office…keeps me sane πŸ˜‰ particularly love your great reviews on food and new places to eat ..especially in penang ! Your blog rawkssss !keep up the good work

  10. I like to read your blog because it’s true, exhilirating, and everything you post up is close to the heart… way to go Aunty Lilian! (I can call you aunty because I’m just 19 years old, and even a teenager like mua love your blog!)

  11. err err err err
    I assert my constitutional rights to keep silent *eyes growling pack of silais*..wail I wan my mommy ….

  12. doc – choy keeen ahhhhh!!!!! lei kor lei lahhhhh!!!!!

    fantasyflier – *here comes helen to the rescue

    Ken – Blush, blush, thank you!

    JC – Thanks again.

    dylan – Wuah, so 8-poh factor very important huh? I must go the fish market and learn more styles. LOL

    Bryan – Yeah, agree!

    simon – Really? Then, I must socialise more on those out-laws get together and rant more often.

  13. hi lilian. yeap, i see you have been busy wor. sorry didn’t have time to visit your blog till now :O) — you definitely look like you have fun blogging….stay cool!!!

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