I got a blardy headache so no mood to do anything. Therefore, turn on TV.

First show – Finding Angels on NTV7 which shows this boy of about 10 years old who is looking for his mother. The studio audience cried, the show host (dunno whatshername) cried and the boy cried. Sobssss!!!!!!! The mom left him at some Ern Hui (?) Children Home when he was small and all he remembers are expressed out in his drawings. They got him to read a letter he wrote to his mommy which goes something like, “Six years have passed. I am still waiting for you to come and see me. Every Christmas and Chinese New Year I spent alone.” Sobssss….

NTV7 managed to find his paternal grandma and a photo of his mom. I hope they can locate his mother for him. So, so sad. I can only say a little prayer ‘Thy will be done’ and whatever outcome, God knows best.

Next show – Berita TV1.

This one another major sobsss. The TV crews were at some duck farms. And shows the workers throwing live ducks into those sacks, tie the bag and bury them. I don’t know if the ducks are still alive. I guess so.

Boohooooo… can they kill the poor, lil, white feather, yellow bill, quack quack duckies live! Ouch, get buried alive. So, so kesian. So, so sad. I hope they go to duck’s heaven where no one eats Peking duck, roasted duck, kiam chye ark, London duck…….

Hey, everyone, let’s go vegetarian! ‘Cos soon you will have no more animals left to eat. Ducks and chicken get bird flu. Cows have mad cows diseases. Pigs have JE. Aha! We can eat cats and dogs! Muahahahar…….

Seriously, it is a tragedy for little children to get abandoned by their parents and little ducks get culled, alive. Sobsssss…… It is like Schindler’s List where the Jews were gassed in their shower room. Did you all watch Schindler’s List where they separate the children, women and men and sent them to mass death? Boohooo……blame all these on my taiyeemah.

12 thoughts on “Sobssss!!!!!!

  1. Avian flu ma. You dun kill, they’ll kill you. You go too close to kill, they’ll also kill you. So how? Burry alive lor… We become vegetarian also still need to dispose of them.

    Dun sob so much. Next time attend more mini bloggers meet. Sure lafu until burst.

  2. bwahahahahaaa!!!! count your blessings that second auntie is still visiting. one day when she stops coming, then u regret.

  3. wah ahpek! like speaking from xperience liddat!

    auntie, nowadays most veges are oso loaded with insecticide, pesticide, herbicide,etc-cide…can only eat maggi mee

  4. Ai..I just read that this man got mad at this dog (which ate his food, left out by his wife), that he stabbed it to death, cooked and ate it. Bloody fark now is sick, can’t move his limbs and vision blurred. SERVES HIM RIGHT!

  5. mott – Hohohoho, so siao wan? If Helen hears this, I think she will tiu the old man too.

    jen – eek, you think I dare to eat dog’s meat ah? ewwss…I think they smell. But my mom said my grandma ate cats la. Too keep warm in China.

    sooi2 – Maggi mee good!

    ahpek – Choy….dun curse me la, I still got more than 10 years left to hiao somemore wan. Tius!

    wuching – Sobs sobs.

    pelf – No, not every month, I am blessed with few visits per year. Save money, save people kena PMS tiu-ing from me and save the cotton trees.

    jeremy c – Yalor, bad. Must return to read blog.

    gbyeow – I thot they kill the poultry first by giving them some sleeping gas or something. No wor, terus throw into the hole and bury. Arrggh…I can’t breathe, I can’t see anything, I can’t move, I can’t scream……bury alive very torture hor? Like I watch CSI that day.

  6. maR – I tengoh duk punggah barang last nite. You notice some posts and comments missing tak? Tak apa lah, dah habis pindah.

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