Re-post: Jesus Decoded vs. Da Vinci Code

Check out this site, Jesus Decoded, if you have read Da Vinci Code.

What’s Wrong with The Da Vinci Code?

an extract

In the case in point, Mercedes-Benz is surely delighted that their Smartcar will appear in the Da Vinci Code film; they are confident that it will affect consumers’ attitudes. For similar reasons, the Catholic Church has every reason to be less than delighted with its own appearance. In this case, a false and ugly picture is being transmitted to the whole world, for The Da Vinci Code gives the distinct impression that the Church is not only wrong – as I say, in some sense, most of the world believes that anyway – but wicked and mendacious, a massive criminal enterprise organized to defend a fraud: “the greatest story ever sold,” in the words of Teabing. Is it unreasonable to suppose that this will affect viewers’ attitudes toward the Church?

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By way of analogy, imagine what your reaction would be if a novelist were to tell you, “I am going to write a novel about your family, in which you will be portrayed as a band of criminals and perverts. I am going to use your real name and the names of your parents and grandparents. All the information regarding your family – a fair bit of which will, in fact, be true – will be presented as if it were the product of careful historical research. But – not to worry – it’s only a novel, and afterwards I’ll give you a chance to respond to the falsehoods in my book.”

My personal view? Da Vinci Code, the fiction, the book is full of suspense. Period.

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4 thoughts on “Re-post: Jesus Decoded vs. Da Vinci Code

  1. I love Da Vinci Code!! It’s one of my favourite books…though too bad Dan Brown sort of chicken out in the last minute and we had to be contented with a rather ….predictable ending.

    Did I have doubts (about the authenticity of the bible) at first when I first read? Yep… not doubts but curiosity to find out the truth. I know many Christians shy away from this book. To me, i think if Christians truly believe in their one true God, there is no reason to fear. Just confront it and read it. Afterall, isn’t the truth the TRUTH?

    Surprisingly, after reading the book and the initial curiosity about its allegations… I daresay my faith is strengthened. The truth will set you free, hor? lol

  2. I love reading da vinci code, especially when the author described the louvre. Susah to finish in one go, though. Not for lack of interest, but the tia suka kaco…

  3. I never like reading… but DVC captivate me. Well, I listen to audio cd in my car during my drive to/from work. It’s very interesting, and I was surprise that actually I enjoyed it. Can’t wait for the movie to come out.. Yes, I like visual… I am a man.

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