Server moved but wtf, Google Adsense leh?

I have moved to Bryan’s server. This current webhosting package is four times my previous hosting. Hehehe, 200MB diskspace, 8GB per month bandwith only, ok? I won’t spend a lot on my personal blog.

So, to all my dear bloggers friends at free sites, time for you to move to your own domain too. Cheap-cheap only. Check with Bryan for an affordable hosting today!

The reason I moved is because of some hiccups over at Paul’s server. I used to share the same server with sifu. This is part of what Dr. Liew wrote on March 15, 2006. Have to copy and paste ‘cos I can’t find the permalink there.

Timber No More

From today onwards, will cease to be a weblog. Instead, it will become something like a ‘read and throw biweekly magazine’.

All entries older than 15 days will automatically disappear from the server along with comments and trackbacks. There will be no individual archive nor monthly archive.

This move is in response to the trackback and comment spams that have been overloading Paul’s server.

This is likely to be permanent and not an early April Fool’s joke. I repeat, this is not an early April Fool’s joke.

Now you suckers will have to log in at least once in a fortnight in order not to miss anything that might keep you insane.

However, you may have the permission to save any posts, modify them, adapt them or even plagiarise them in any way that you deem fit. There has never been and never will be any copyright on this website.

Sekian, tulimakaci, selamat nyalan (jalan).
doc 书于 posted at 01:14 PM

Now, I am using TimYang’s Problogger Clean template which enable me to add the Google Adsense with just one click. But I notice that my Google ads are missing at the moment. Check with Tim and he said usually Google is sensitive to server changes. So, here I am tapping fingers and counting the pennies that I had missed earning. 🙂 Hope it is not some bug or something. (the ads at my other sites are working fine except for and

I have also installed AlexAllied three column template on my PenangFaces. I converted MT to WP 2.0 all by myself. Damn proud, I tell ya! But oops, the comments from MT is not showing on WP eventhough I had moved the file over. Never mind, they are filled with lots of spams anyway.

I may revive PenangFaces because it has Google pagerank of 5/10 so it is a bit wasted if I just leave the blog there. I may update it with oink-oink recipes ‘cos MalaysiaBest is a ‘halal’ site with nothing offensive.

Normal blogging will resume only when I finished re-arranging all the furnitures.

P/S : Anyone moved server and temporarily get no Adsense?

20 thoughts on “Server moved but wtf, Google Adsense leh?

  1. To me, having a subdomain of a domain for a different site doesn’t seem professional enough. I would suggest get a permanent domain for PenangFaces even though it has PR5. Just do a permanent 301 redirect in .htaccess to the new domain, soon the new domain will have PR5 as well.

    Hope you enjoy the new home. 🙂

  2. kiasi – I wait until tomorrow and if still no come back, i am going to change template liao.

    matakecil – Godspeed, eh?

    Bryan – *take calculator and count first

  3. I assume the other websites which have adsense working are on the SAME server as this…

    I noticed the google_ad_client ID in your current template (problogger clean) is incorrect. I think that’s the reason adsense ads is not displayed here.

    btw, Dr. Liew should switch to WordPress oredi lah~ Or, install stronger anti spam plugin.

  4. failer – I can almost hear money rolling away. sobsss…but heh, no lar, my personal blog no income wan la.

    Liew – Hey, you are right! Dunno why got extra “/” appeared. Now must go check which files. *pull hairs

  5. Adsense looks fine ah…

    Btw, if Dr Liew changed his blog such that it doesn’t archive anymore, the load on Paul’s server will be reduced right? Then the server won’t be overloaded already mah… There are still hiccups ah?

  6. @Lilian: Great. Remember to check source code if anything goes wrong.

    @YP: well, it is not good to stay on the same server as other heavy sites 🙂

  7. hey lilian,
    Adsense sometimes is a bit of a bugger I must admit, but U should have READ THE TOC,that if U move host, they assume U change the Management etc.

    Simple solution is to get yrself registered with Google SiteMap and insert a sitemap (RSS XML feed also can¬) and they will start re-polling yr site straight away.

    Something to do with Alexa and PageRanks of WHOSI…too much techie stuff whih I myself still toying with it!

    Good luck and remember: If the Bot don’t read it..U don’t get paid¬

    PS: Google says: 3 Ad links in a page, meaning 1 Leader Board, One Sidebar and One other format. Add more than that will get yr site earnings forfeited.

  8. azrin: change management? but the content is the same. doesn’t make sense. could be the same host moving servers also. anyway her adsense looks fine to me.

  9. WAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I cant move mine over to WP2. WAAAAAAAa!!! 🙁 Dunno why, got some complications says Boringest. WAAAAAAAAAAAa!!! 🙁

  10. Paul: Oh… kiez

    I think I’ll go into the i-so-jeles-ur-blog-traffic-so-high mood lah. 😛 😛

  11. Is there a post or a site that really explains how to move to your own server. I do want better. But I am technically behind the curve anymore. But with good documentation and lots of pictures I can achieve about anything.

    Thanks for any help you might offer or not offer as the case may be.

  12. Yvy:depends on how U configured yr old site? issit on WP1-WP2 or what?check the migratory settings.

    Simple American: moving is not always an issue, I can help U migrate it over..just need a full dump of the database and presto…

    LiLian:good luck with the Adsense…and I’m toying with a trick to con the Adsense to give good keyword on WP,something to do with the META KEYWORD in the header.I’m still fiddling with Mar’s site to test that out.. and watch for it.. In my long list of to be completed tasks.

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