If tomorrow never come….

Do you all know the song by Ronan Keating? Very touching wan.

So, we husband and wife had this conversation the other day.

Husband : After I get my EPF, distribute out some properties to the kids, take a few holidays, I can go already.

Me : Choy!!!!!! You take your EPF at 55 years old and I am only 50 years old then. I am sure I will still be very hiau. But if you really go liao, can I re-marry ah?

Husband : Do whatever you want la. What do I care wor?

Me : If I marry, I am going to find a rich Texan oilman. 70 years old like that, kind, caring like those old, old angmohs tourists. Got plenty, plenty of money. Cos I am sure he (pointing to todddler) will need money for his U. You said can marry so you don’t come and haunt me ok?

Me : But if I go hor, you are not allowed to marry wor. Especially not to young women ‘cos my sons can live independently without a mother. I already trained them well.

Husband : Then, I marry some old lady with a ranch. Everyday, I just need to count cattle heads.

Me : Can, can. You want to marry old, old lady like that Miss Ellie from Dallas? I give you my blessings. But if you marry a young one, I am definitely going to haunt you till you get heart attack.

Me : But ei, why you want to marry Miss Ellie like dat?

Husband : Who cares what she looks like as long as got money.

Me : But I no money, why you marry me in the first place……

*romance music in the background

Director : CUT!!!!

On a serious side, to those women who are married, have you arranged all the necessary documents, wills whatever? Are you the sole beneficiary of your spouse’s EPF? Remember that it is easier for money management if you are the sole beneficiary instead of putting your kids name because they can’t get the money until they reach 18 (or 21?) years old. I hope spouses’ relationships are strong enough whereby the husband puts all his money into his wife’s name? This is especially important if the wife has no income and there are young mouths to feed. This is a community message brought to you by the morbid woman.

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11 thoughts on “If tomorrow never come….

  1. when i kaput, all that’s left will be my unpaid mortgages, my overdrafts, my loans from relatives and friends… like that must will it to my wife onot?

  2. LOL…. Wei, censored already ar???? lol

    Poor atm… cannot marry young things liao!! The same thing happened to my Singapore auntie Elsie. On her deathbed, she told her hubby not to remarry……

    My uncle never remarry until his death few years back. He just slept with almost everyone from his Toa Payoh block! 😛

  3. helen – LOL, maybe I shud specify, can marry but cannot touch, cannot see, cannot do anything.

    ahpek- Chey….like that dun die better.

    gbyeow – Choy….but legally, the next of kin lor. Kids, parents, siblings, which ever comes first.

    jeremy – I like his papa better. Because I don’t have Victoria Principal mya boobs so Bobby Ewing won’t want me.

  4. huhuhuhu kak lilian, just like anna nicole smith… kawin sama itu 80ish old guy, filthy rich old and ugly and wrinkly guy. Did I say filthy rich? Yes. So now 10 yrs after the divorce, still the anak tiri filed law suits againts the will…after 10 yrs pon still not resolved. banyak sangat duit pon susah wooo…but then who cares kalau banyak duit, some people think :))

  5. I see this guy from Texas every morning when I shave. But he gots no oil. Plus he got the missus. Oh well nevermind.

    Very important to get all the legal things in order. Everybody take care to listen to Lilian. For you children’s sake the headaches of setting up are worth it.

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