Without Photoshop, there won’t be female bloggers.

“Without Photoshop, there won’t be female bloggers.”

Wait a minute! I did not say the above. Someone has put this quote on his MSN for several days and it bugs me.

I asked myself if it is true. Xiaxue openly admitted she photoshopped her photos. What’s wrong with that? Nothing wrong what.

Some female bloggers appeared like Cambodian maids (I didn’t say this also but found the quote on people’s comment board) on their blogs when they think they can get away without photoshoping.

At other times, some female bloggers put up their nicest (i assume la) photos and say, ‘gosh, i know i look horrible, bad hair day whine whine whine’ and waits for compliments like ‘no, you look absolutely gorgeous’ etc etc.

I also admitted that sometimes, amongst bloggers, we do peek at others photo and pass less than flattering remarks. Humans are cruel. Words popped out unintentionally. Sometimes it is because the image the blogger portrayed in their blogs are way, way up there. Like some high flying career woman who wears only branded goods, travel all over the world, modelling (wtf?) and come with exotic nicknames. So, naturally, we painted an image of her. What more, poor, home-bound, 8-poh (busybodies), nosey-parkers like me who thinks everyone is a swan but me, an ugly old goose tied to her roost.

Jeng-jeng-jeng….when the female blogger put up her photo, naturally, the critique in us cannot wait to tear it apart, right? Admit it la, we do that sometimes. No matter how hard we try to not snigger, thinking of holy thoughts like ‘we are all God’s creation, beautiful in our own way’, we cannot help but pass on one or two comments.

Even if I don’t say it out loud, my mind would have thought so. So, I figure out that it comes to the same sin. Therefore, I said it out loud, and hope to get the un-photoshop image out of my mind. And move on.

Therefore, I must say that Without photoshop, don’t even think of camwhoring. Human are cruel. Bloggers are even crueler. For every one nice comment, you probably get 20 unsaid criticisms. So, what else? Photoshop la!

Take my tips. If you cannot have the real Adobe Photoshop, download free Picasa2.

Use glow, then, soft focus and get those ugly pimples, wrinkles, freckles, spectacles, blemishes, brown spots, huge nose, goofy teeth, loose facial tone, love handles (Cocka, what is love handles huh?), spare tyres, michelin man, droopy breasts, saggy butt, wateva out of sight.

It makes the world a happier place. Trust me! LOL.


See? 500% photoshop-ed with Picasa2. Don’t rub your eyes, it is not your vision. It is my insecure, die-die also must appear ‘normal’ and therefore I blur everything out except the banana leaves rice! LOL.

“Without Photoshop, there won’t be female bloggers.” (should I reveal who said this?)

Agree with the above quote? And do you photoshop your photos?

30 thoughts on “Without Photoshop, there won’t be female bloggers.

  1. Lovehandles ah? ask your atm lah….I’m sure he holds on to them while making that 100m sprint.
    Waa…I like your smile leh, auntie. was this the second helping ah?

  2. errmm.. this is not relevant to ur topic, but how do i put up a new post ah? i hv just started a blog but dunno how to put up a new post.. I am sooo dumb!

  3. Cocka – Tius, why you so fast see I mention your name?

    soleilina – I will be glad to tell you. But first, let me know if you are using blogspot or wordpress? You can email me, no problem. Always glad to welcome another new blogger to the blogsphere. 🙂

  4. die lor!!! i never photoshop my pix coz i dunno how too. BUT i am a true 100% hot-blooded female male, damnit! 😛 *dramatic sikit lar* like evie (eh, same sounding name wor!!), i’m hopeless at photoshopping…..

  5. oopppsss…..did i just say female MALE???? bwaahahaha!! now got ID crisis pulak….*shakes head some more*

  6. I don’t see the need to edit photos with me in them, because dah cantik ma… (perasan la ni, tapi org cakap, so betullah kot). The photo that I sent to you wasn’t edited. I don’t have Photoshop, but I do use Canon ArcSoft Photo Impression 4 and Picasa2 for other photos when I’m rajin a bit (I usually take photos of food and scenery).

  7. I don’t Photoshop my pics… except to add brightness or contrast. Having said that, if I were ever going to put my pics with my posting, of course I’m going to put the best one, what!! I don’t think putting my best face forward constitute deception. lol Afterall, we are not obligated to furnish everyone our worst picture to discourage riduculous expectations.

    It’s their right to fantasize what the bloggers look like but pls dun cry foul if we don’t live up to their expectations! LOL

    Good post!

  8. For my blog, I choose the pictures in which I actually look handsome. Hmm… maybe that’s why there isn’t any picture of me in my blog yet. 😀

  9. The thing is, as you pointed out, the 20 criticisms are usually UNSAID, so I just indulge in my non-photoshopped photos, lorr… What I don’t know won’t hurt me. They happy, I happy. The world is still a happy place. ‘Sides, I know I look good, with or without Photoshop, anyway… Waseh!

  10. some people, like yours truly, photoshop also cannot improve photo. how? that one real disappointing. like people all around going for surgery/new technology to improve facial features. i takut i do all that already, people say…..’hah, like that do already ah?!!’…even bigger insult to oneself! so better don’t do. improve what’s inside loh.

  11. My kedai gambar very the skillz one. But I gold-basin-wash-hand liao. But still, I edit with MS Paint when people request. Haha.

  12. At least it’s not yet to the extent of creating their own virutal ‘slimming’ programme. 😛 That time we’ll see a lot of female photoshop artist around.


  13. love handers mah spare tyre loh! btw, i don’t use photoshop on myself, 100% all me! honest! trust me! (cross fingers, no, must run & hide coz ppl throwing rotten eggs at me liao!)

  14. Sometimes, hoh…. that best looking favourite pic of yours just have to have a big pimple on one side of your nose. So, no photoshop…. die.

    Aiya, some inperfections nevermind lah, but it really does come handy especially when the image is dark.

  15. wah, kak lilian makan nasi lemak ah?

    true true, photoshop does add tha tlittle extra magic into the photo, but then again, not natural anymore mah…

  16. Normally, my lulu (bf) will complain to me if I never photoshoped his photo before post it. He will say something like, “you see, I so fat”, “you see, I got so many pimples”, “you see, can’t see my neck also”… although I really think that he looks good indeed. So I have to photoshop his pictures. But for my picture, I will just add more effect like contrast, colors or something. Because I am lazy to photoshop so much and I rather delete all ugly photos from my computer. Haha~

  17. jian – ya, me too. ugly photo never even get on my PC, straight from the camera got X out already. hahaha.

    pelf – I do touch up on the dark spot. Only two, one on my right cheek bone and other one near my eye. No wrinkles, I swear. LOL.

    jeremy c – Online stays permanently mah, so must be careful lor. Especially young girls, who knows next time become famous celeb and people dug out the school photos. Like what happened to Dawn Yang leh?

    samm – Nothing a little handiplast tool on adobe photoshop cannot do. And yeah, use the smart blur filter!

    wuching – but i know you oso look better in certain angle and normal cinapek at some angles. LOL. *runs

    failer – Wise quote!

    alicia – Exactly lor. In real world cannot, fantasy world mah become supermodel lor hor? Nothing wrong mah.

    simon – Yeah, after a while when see other people got show, they also must show. But you know what? I am lucky my pic on The Star is no longer in google cache.

    ****Peeps : becareful how you lable your photo and remember that it stays online for a long long time on Google image.

  18. Danny – You can make good business from there lor…Wanna set up biz anot?

    gbyeow – Wuah…why wash hand liao? Good wor, you should venture into this. I will be your first customer? “Take away 20 years, take away 20 pounds, add 4 inches here, reduce 4 inches there….”

    mslenglui – Dun bluff la, I bet you are only one quarter of yr avatar. Then, again, you can just crop and leave the boobs as yr pic, still got appeal mah. LOL.

    sheena – Yeah, most of my pics aren’t photoshop but I do indulge in photoshopping some pics on my PC. Like wear sarong and then crop out and become like topless. LOL. Fantasy… But dun worry, I don’t torture people by putting them up. LOL.

    james – Heh, seen yr photo so many times liao.

    helen – Yalor, I took 100 photos and use only one single one. LOL.

    skyjuice – Hahaha, you are much younger than me, so no need to be vain like me yet.

    ahpek – Very wise oso.

    Yvy – But I am sure you also find the nicer photos mah, not those with bad hair or scowl.

    Evie – Wei, you so lenglui liao, no need to photoshop oso can lar. Nice hairstyle!

    bibioli – Every can use a little photoshop all the time. One of the leading women’s mag ed told me she also got her pic photoshop. But it is shown only in the Spore edition. The last time when I appeared on Malaysian Women Weekly, they dyed my hair in person but found that the colour doesn’t show on print. So, they photoshop my hair blondish. Ish, I sat there for hours and end up photoshop within minutes.

  19. hahaha. i’ve been dying to get a Photoshop CS2 from my friend. i don’t think there’s anything wrong with photoshopping your pictures or camwhore. it does boost ur inner self and set a somewhat positive remark about urself. hehe. then again, i love the quote. will use that in msn soon.

  20. the only photoshop i have done is to pixelate the faces. Even that I didn’t do it myself!!
    Either show or don’t show (or show hair only) LOL.
    No need to make slimmer or prettier (if that’s possible), or cover up pimples or hickey!! Haahaa…

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