I am almost there….


~ self talk ~

Half way already
You can do it
Keep munching
Have faith

Stop watching so much food porn. Get the siew bak images out of your mind! You will get your mud crabs in another 20 days. Mee Udang minus the huge prawns taste as good.

I can do it, I can do it……

Peeps, guess what? I am going to try for the third time to donate blood. I had been rejected twice, once due to low BP and another time, due to high BP (kehkehkeh nervous mah). Heart mah pumps too fast lor. This time I hope I don’t get rejected due to low iron. Die-die oso I must get it done. This time I am going to join the fun at my church blood donation campaign. I have to keep swallowing dark green vege in place of my favourite liver fry with ginger for the iron, hor?

Woohoo, I had been on vegetarian diet for 20 days! Clap, please. Tenkiu. šŸ™‚

My previous posts on blood donation and here. While I am at it, organs donation also got.

17 thoughts on “I am almost there….

  1. Way to go Lilian. I bet you with the vegetarian diet, you have an extra reason to look forward to easter and to celebrate. Many moons ago, I did the “no meat but fish can” diet twice for lent and this yr I am doing the “no meat but fish can” diet for lunches only.

  2. Donating blood is one of the funnest things in the world. Wee. Just dun go to Rojaks’ site so much. Afterwards too many nosebleeds you not enough blood to donate. Haha.

  3. you’re one pro photographer lah, lilian. you even managed to make the vege look so good, I dun mind eating “chai” for sometime ‘cos of that… LOL!

    hang on, almost there!

  4. go Lilian – renew some of ur old blood…make sure u have enough sleep and eat before u donate. Let the food digest first of course. at least an hour before u go and donate lar..

  5. ** Kampathe… Kampathe…. *

    Remember the whole wardrobe of slinky dresses and sexy lingerie awaiting for their new mistress to slip onto them….. and of course ATM….

  6. Cocka – Heh, my will is strong, my faith will not faze. Because Ayah Pin is not attractive enough. LOL

    SA – Me too, I never thought I can do it. I used to hate green vege! That’s why it is a personal achievement for me.

    king’s wife – Support me by eating an extra portion of the crabs, prawns, oysters, sashimi, steak…..

    siao_char_bo – What is worse is I have to cook! I fried prawns that almost killed me. I looked at the head and wonder if I just chew on the head (filled with roe) it will makes me less vege ‘cos it is just shells, not flesh of the prawns. LOL. Of course, I didn’t la.

    Yvy – It is our church Lenten campaign.

    YP – They are almost raw, i.e. I blanched them with hot water. And of course, my marvellous photography skills.

    anastasia – Vege salad with French dressings

  7. helen – *sobssss… I didn’t even lose a pound. Tiu! But I didn’t do it for losing weight so it is ok la.

    maR – yeah, going to make it

    ahpek – Yayaya Christy Chung when she was 9 mth pregnant. LOL. You want to see anot?

    foodcrazee – Tks for the tips.

    may – Tks for that little motivating tips. Just came at the right time ‘cos I was pondering whether to start another blog. And I did just that.

    Sky – Telima kasik telima kasik

    gbyeow – I female cannot nose bleed wan.

    WMD – Yeah, I hope holy week will be more meaningful to me. However, I must make an effort to attend the daily evening mass. Have you attended before? It is very, very errmmm…humbling.

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