School meme turned mushy

How many schools did I go to?

No kindergarten, not created then.

Primary school called Bayan Lepas English School, a leftover from colonial times which was turned to Sek. Ren. Keb. Seri Permai which is next to the Bayan Lepas Airport. I can actually see caucasians tourists alighted from the plane! (back then, there were no airbridges) Each time a plane landed, the teacher had to stop teaching. I got some brain damage from there.

(Standard Two, the only Chinese girl in class)

Secondary school in Sungai Ara
I grew up there. Now, when I look back, I am mighty proud of my achievements, not-academic wise but street wise. I was the president of dunno how many societies, on the editorial board and what I am most proud of is the large number of friends of different races I made.

No further education. Not worth mentioning, at least.

Was I the class ‘taiko’ (big bully) or the teacher’s pet?

Teacher’s pet who is a big bully and I ruled the school. Even my class monitor was afraid of me. Muahahahar…

Was I the studious nerd, or the last minute hero?

Study? Huh? What’s that? I didn’t have a normal childhood whereby parents place expectations. I pretty do whatever I can, live with whatever I had. Which is good, in a way.

What was the biggest rule I broke in school?

Me? No way……I was always in the good books. I only charged students who broke school rules and sent them to wash toilets and pick rubbish. Back then, the worst discipline problems were being late for school, bringing Old Master Foo comics, not buttoning the shirt and menial stuffs like that.

Three subjects I enjoyed:

1) English

2) Bahasa Malaysia (hey, I was in the debate team!)

3) Biology (‘cos I love to dissect frogs, the heart went pom-pu-ti-poom long after you killed it and I love to use the chloroform to put them to sleep)

Three teachers that inspired me

1) Mr. Tan Kim Sai (deceased, God bless his soul) – He was a mean discipline master from Chung Ling High School (a premier school) sent to my kampong secondary school to straighten out the students. I was the little lost girl who hitched a ride on his Toyota Corolla coupe who eventually became the Head Prefect (we have boys and girls Head Prefect). He was sort of like the father figure during my school days. He listened to Frank Sinatra, a Hash House Harrier (sp?) and very, very fierce. I love you Mr Tan! I still regret that I did not keep in touch with you after leaving school. I know you were very fond of me, in a fatherly way. If not for you, I probably am some Ah Lian who really cuss in Hokkien by the roadside, chewing on tobacco instead of doing it with a little bit more style, through blogging LOL.

2) Mr. Yeoh Seng Kim – My English teacher in Std. Five. He drove a really, really old red, rusty Volvo.

He wrote this in my Standard Six autograph:

The most important thing while you are young is to study hard. Arm yourself with knowledge and you will be successful. (4th November 1976, OMG, that is farking 30 years ago!)

He noticed that I was outstanding in my English and often gave me chance to attend quizzes, story telling contests etc. Those helped with building my self-confidence. I love you too, Mr. Yeoh! Wonder if you are still as handsome?

3) Mr. Wong Him Fook – OMG, he was my standard one class teacher. He made me sat on the floor during break time and tried to teach me 1+1 = 2, 2+2 = 4 but I just never learnt. I have some level of dyslexia, I think. I can’t count and can’t tell right from left, until now. God’s way of taming me or else I am probably your prime minister or like Rafidah or something bigger now. LOL. Mr. Wong never scolded me no matter how dumb I was and it sort of helped ease my fear of school. (psst…my eldest brother had to stay in school to accompany me from Standard One till Standard Three. I mean really stay there the whole time! I had some childhood trauma, you see. I was afraid of ghosts in the toilets. Partly due to my father’s illness and death then.)


This is what I found in my autograph, written by Mr. Wong:

Whatever you do, do it well, success will come naturally.

Damn….this meme has left me in tears. So I am not going to tag anyone.

*kicks Helen
for tagging me but thanks for giving it a kickstart to recall what shape us today.

Kiddoes, remember that what you go through now is going to shape your life in future. So, parents, teach your children well cos these things stay with them all their lives.

And to all the teachers (lecturers etc) in the world, you are all the greatest! Fishtail, you are one of them. Will you do this meme, fishtail? Hmmmm……?

18 thoughts on “School meme turned mushy

  1. Thank you thank you. Thanks especially for the memorable black & white picture and the autograph book. lol

    Noticed all your mentors all male??? No female contributed anything to your academic life ar? lol

    Judging by your many school positions, u must be a really popular girl. (Hmmm, just the type I love to hate..)

  2. So 1976. What year of school is that. I gradudated High School that year so it was very special year for me.

    Its nice you can remember teachers for the good things they did for you. I was the class clown so most of my memories are bending over while the teacher introduced me to the board of education.

  3. wahhh.. touching touching! should tell my mum (teacher) to sit down in front of the pc and read this. Just few weeks back, a stranger came up to her and called her ‘TEACHER!’, she didn’t know who he was and asked ‘HOW DO U KNOW ME?’ and theat stranger repied “COS U TAUGHT ME WELL TEACHER, THAT’s Y I REMEMBER U”….. mum said that was the sweetest words she heard, even better than when dad said I LOVE YOU myuahhahahah!

  4. cocka – I thot u r a paedophile mah, so mah offer you little girls pic lor. LOL

    kampungkai – Please tell your mom, teachers are the most honorable profession. Most kids who don’t have a proper home look up to their teachers.

    SA – 1976 I was 12 years old.

    Sham – Eh eh, mana you pegi? Apa khabar!!!!

  5. Something to remember from the dear old school days! Your blog is really inspiring and reignite all the fuzzy warm memories.

    Thank you, Auntie Lilian (is it ok to call u auntie?)

  6. Hey Lilian,
    An interesting chronology of yourself. We belonged to the same era ! I remember Mr Tan Kim Sai from my Chung Ling days. Dun know him well as I was a good guy 🙂 :);) or pretended to be one.

  7. -sob, sob, sniff, sniff-

    waa…. so touching one… aiyark…. makes me want to go through all my pictures form school… iskk… now I’ve got tears in my eyes…

    that was a good meme. loved it.

  8. Its good you still have photos from years back, what great memories. I only have vague memories and no pictures from my childhood in Malaysia. Had a some great teacher sand some psycho ones ( replied in one of your older posts)
    Was pulled out of kindergarten after one day cos I told my mum “Teachers sari fell down and no panties. I saw black black stuff” End of kindergarten!!

  9. such fond memories. good that u still keep all the stuff from so many years ago.
    I didnt keep any of mine. Maybe only a few miserable class photos. So sad…..

  10. ouch ! i attended kindergarten in 76…second year. hmm….u sure r popular from those days and now, lagi best – famous through and thru..

  11. Ah yee ar,

    Mr. Yeoh Seng Kim’s daughter is one of my close friends leh – she’s now a doctor based in New Zeland and will be coming back malaysia in July to get married (of course to another doctor, hehe)

    and no wor, Mr. Yeoh no longer hensem anymore lah kekekke, but his daughter is veli sweet loh

    apparently, he also taught my mom before 🙂

    wat a small world, man

  12. yinglai – Yakah! Wauh….he must be very selekeh now. Shhhh….cos he used to wear his trousers hanging on his bump like that. But for a 10 yrs old, that’s very cool mah. BTW, your mom’s autograph from Form 6 is with Yeema. Go take, very antique lor. Got politicians in there too.

    foodcrazee – It is in my Hainan blood. Kehkehkeh.

    king’s wife – Actually, my eldest sis kept it for me and only passed to me few days ago. That’s why timing was just nice.

    prometeuz – Aiyor…that one, cannot ler. I got many bfs wan. LOL. Scandal nanti.

    zyrin – Yeah, we never realised how important our teachers influence in our lives until now, ya?

    David – Hey, I am so glad to hear someone knows Mr. Tan. He was very tough with boys, always bring rotan and do public caning.

    Twisted Heel – Those were the days…

    Samm – Look forward to yours.

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