Think before you speak (in my comment box)

KNN, limpeh open a new blog. Limpeh never ask for your comments so what gives you the right to pour a bucket of cold water on me with this on my post :

(comment kept in sperm karma and will rot till infertile)

It will be a waste of time. So many have tried and closed shop.

TNMCH, don’t try to smart aleck with 5xmom. She got elephant memory and even bigger hard disk memories.

First, you try to sell your stuffs on my parenting blog.

You claim wateva thingamagic you sell can cure cancer.

I promote breastfeeding and informed parenting through my online forum, websites and blog WITHOUT any interest to earn money. I do it for free. So, don’t try to leech my charitable act to sell MLM stuffs and health supplements.

Secondly, you obviously haven’t know me well enough to earn the right to give me one-liners like the above. So fark off my blog. Read my This is the ME page and get it into your thick skull. Memorise them and remember before you dare to comment again.

5xmom doesn’t take criticism well.

5xmom doesn’t need anyone to smart aleck here. (except for a few dear bloggie frens of course šŸ™‚ smilesss)

5xmom loves to delete comments.

Even worse, 5xmom will hunt you down at every blog and expose you. You have things to sell, so don’t spoil it.

So take your MLM bag and go elsewhere. Leave me alone and I leave you alone too.

Can’t nina phulangkang niamahcheekok pundek.

(kihkikhkikh – Go see what poor mahagurusia has to deal with hecklers and read comment # 12 šŸ˜‰ )

15 thoughts on “Think before you speak (in my comment box)

  1. Hahahaha….ur so funny auntie, even when ur serious. This is definitely “Blog of the Day”…hehehehe (couldn’t stop laughing). I hope ur not donating blood tomoro. Otherwise, definitely get rejected with high BP (reach boiling point alredi or not).

  2. cocka – yes yes yes, mch said I dunno anything about breastfeeding wor. He is selling this stuffs from cows and claimed they are like breastmilk. Tiu, you say I deserve to be mad anot?

    moo_t : yeah, must smack those who prey on vulnerable terminal patients with promises that can’t be fulfilled.

    Bryan – Eh, dun worry, I not like that to my webhost wan. LOL.

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