Walk the Line

I am going to sit here for the next two hours watching American Idol. So might as well blog in between the ads. See? That’s how I manage 7 blogs.

Thanks AhPek for the plug. I am very touched. You missed my contribution to the society. On my parenting blog beside maintain nen-nen, I oso got blog how to maintain the tunnel and avoid erosion and always remain elastic. No joke wan, my site got a lot of hits from people searching for ‘how to tighten orangina’ kehkehkeh.

Ok, today American Idol has Barry Moneyflow. I can’t stand that man’s big nose but if you listen to him on cassette, then, his songs are quite the turn on. Like the one ‘Ready to take a chance again’.

Alright, this is suppose to be a movie review.

Walk the Line

All you women folks, go find the movie. It is our kind of movie. It is about the life of Johnny Cash. Ewwwss…did you say Johnny Cash? Yeap. At first I do not want to watch it too because Johnny Cash is that dead, cowboy in black shirt singer. But can you believe it that my 10 years old kid can sing ‘Ring of Fire’ and told me it is Johnny Cash’s song. He heard it on GTA. *roll eyes

Story line is about this small town boy who made it to big time singer, screwed up his life by wasting it on drugs, wife left him and he was in-love this woman who refused to accept him. Later, she did and straigthen him up and remained Mrs. Cash till his death.

Of course, this movie won many awards including an Oscar for:

Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role
Reese Witherspoon

Joaquin Phoenix who plays Johnny Cash is hannndsome. Overall, it is feel good movie that leaves you all warm and fuzzy, making you work harder at your own relationship and cause you to google for more info about the real Johnny Cash.

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8 thoughts on “Walk the Line

  1. Coincidently, my Nokia phone model is 2300 too! haha… the Rm50 phone which i bought from the Kastam Sale 😛
    U really should send it to TheStar la, can earn Rm50!

  2. kampungkai – Go whack RM10 big, RM10 small. Win time, you donate to me. I refused to do anything with Star ‘cos they rejected something I posted because I snakey go sign up my name as chanlilian.net. LOL. I mean, if I am going to appear on their paper, they have to put my URL back mah. Or else, no deal. 😛

  3. Walk the line… new movie ar?? OK OK only if Uncle Ho got copies. 🙂 I will definitely go try and see. Hmmm afterall, I’m a sucker for good endings!

  4. helen – It is a very moving and touching movie so you better go buy 5 boxes of premier tissues, 1 dozen of good morning towel since I know your habit of crying at sad movie. I was watching and googling Johnny Cash at the same time so it was quiet real. BTW, sure Uncle Ho got la, otherwise, you think I have the luxury of going to movies meh? Reese Tablespoon won an Oscar for her performance, new movie.

  5. Grew up suffering through Johnny Cash and his legend. Country is big in Texas of coz. Could not stand him as a kid because that was “parents” music. Got to rock and roll ya know.

    Now that I’m older I miss my parents but I enjoy Johnny Cash. Did I become them? Still like rock n roll.

  6. AMERICAN IDOL – who’ll be booted out tonight?
    I am RM 1800 poorer and I blame it partly on Am Idol – our TV went kaput yesterday, died already lor. Since repairing will cost a bomb, just buy new one lah (that’s my man), so I daftly agreed so that I will not have to miss watching Idol last night. Stupid or what?

  7. QOTH – LOL, my type of gang, AI nuts. I can sit for two hours straight and forget about preparing dinner on Wednesday. Kevin got voted out but it ain’t surprising.

    SA – The real Johnny Cash is not as handsome as the actor Joaquin Phoenix.

    kampungkai – TQ…

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