I got a little over adventurous and got a high from chewing betel leaves. Lucky I did not end up with stained teeth or I would need to invest in one of those celebrity sexy smile products to get my teeth whitened. No shit, I actually bought one from the Indian restaurant I went to. Take a look at what goes into the betel leave package here.

So, I took the bold step and went to my in-law joss-sticks shop. I used to be their best customer but after I converted, one of them doesn’t seem too please to see me. I do understand their feelings ‘cos I jumped ship and yeah, one less prosperous customer to patronise their shop. She even pretend not to see me at weddings. Hoi, I am your auntie, ok? I am still your auntie, ok. I didn’t become invisible overnight ok. At least smile at me when I smile at you. Ish…

But I saw something and I must, must, must get down from the car (eventhough I had wanted to wait in the car). I took my camera and innocently nudge my dear atm. ‘Teh’ a bit and tell him, ‘puhleeesss lor….for my travel blog. I want to promote our Chinese culture’. I won’t dare to take photos in the shop but atm is different, he went around ‘thiak, thiak, thiak’ at every item.

Hah! Luck is on my side and a Caucasian couple stopped at their shop, very fascinated. So, what else….I played tourist guide, explaining to them the significance of the paper stuffs. I will write a serious post on my MalaysiaBest site.

But meantime, take a lookie at the stuffs you can use in the underworld…..



Lingerie….they are a bit off season but I bet it is still sexier than the little red cloth. You get underwire bra support too. You have a choice of pink or blue. Free size.


They also have SK-II! But I prefer this set of powder. So classic! Hazeline snow too. Hmm…sexy and now smelling nice.


After putting all the powder and stuffs, one needs some blue eyeshadow and lipstick, right? I wonder if those lipsticks turn all the females souls into hotties celebrity sexy lips and eyes like Rihanna?

So, watch out for anyone wearing blue eye shadow, blue underwear and bras and smell of Hazeline snow…….’Cos she is probably searching for a male partner…..

(Just so some cynic wants to know, yeah, I bought a packet of confetti for my kids. The least my Catholic kids can do for their grandparents, great-grandparents and great-great grandparents this Saturday and Sunday is to be there, throw the confetti like the Fourth of July and yeah, we will bring a bunch of flowers and say a little prayer to the Lord Jesus Christ to grant a place for them in His Heavenly Kingdom, where it is like Club Med with food, shelther and clothings provided. Confetti is made from those shiny papers and I think it is going to be fun for the kids.)