Typical ugly Malaysians

I was at this newly opened, largest Cold Storage in Malaysia store. Where I hail from, I only go to Cold Storage when I need imported foodstuffs I can’t find in other supermarkets.

So, after taking all that I needed, only imported goods, never local goods because they are always more expensive, I find the shortest queue.

And wtf, this woman has like 15 packets of the Cap Ping Pong cream crackers. That is good stuff but I know and you know they are extremely fattening, non-nutritious food. But that’s not what bothers me. I could have gone to another cashier but I am a blogger, forever seeking for topics to write. So I purposely hang around to observe.

There are four of them. A man and three fugly women whom I think are siblings. Maggi mee hair, pencil thin eyebrow, capri pants….You get the drift.

Since it is the opening today, the supermarket is giving a RM5 voucher for every purchase in a single receipt. And this is where the ugly kiasu Malaysians rear its head.

Now, this family is going to distribute their 15 packets of cream crackers, 6 tins of wucanrou (luncheon meat) and other stuffs into two RM50 pile. OMG, can you imagine that! Poor cashier had to keep checking the total. Kiasu fugly woman then try to juggle the stuffs to fit into RM50 pile.

Midway, they realised they are short of a few more dollars. One of them went to find more packets of cream crackers. Another one go get more wucanrou.

If I am not a blogger, preying on them to find something to bitch, I would have gone to the next lane which by now had served at least three customers.

But that’s not the end of it. They are kiasu that the supermarket will not pay the same person RM5 voucher twice. So, they started shuffling and find their individual credit cards. Hrmmmphhh..sure those ‘no annual fee, free gift credit card lor’. And you know how kwai mah fan (damn troublesome) for those women with their big bags to pull out their purse and search for the card.

Damn, I am getting annoyed. Please lah, it is only RM5 farking dollar. If you all stop being so kiasu and don’t buy all those unhealthy wucanrou and creamcrackers, you could have saved RM50, dumb asses!

When it is my turn, the cashier was thoroughly stressed because at the last minute, the fugly sisters realised that it is not necessary to include two more packets of creamcrackers and one can of wucanrou. They left the stuffs there and asked her to deduct from the bill. See? They don’t need the stuffs, they bought it just to save a few cents.

Haiyo…. manyak xiaxuey for us Penangites lor. If they are buying large item like a packet of diapers which costs almost RM50 and want to separate the bills, then it is understandable. But RM2 packets of creamcrackers? Tell me, if you are behind the queue, what will you do?

1) Give killer stares

2) Tap fingers on the counter

3) Nudge them with your trolley

4) Make grunting sounds

5) Shift legs and body

6) Went tsk, tsk, tsk

7) Ask loudly ‘Why so long wan’ to your partner

8) All the above, of course!

33 thoughts on “Typical ugly Malaysians

  1. Aiyo – people like that also got aaah? I think in the end they actually lose out because they forgot about the interest involved when buying with credit cards. And they probably needed to buy more than RM5 more in order to get the RM5 voucher. 😀

  2. eh? Where got new Cold Storage ah? O.o
    Why I dunno wan?

    Anyway, Soon they’ll be wasting more money on fuel just because their RM5 vouchers are going to expire… >_>

  3. Take a pic of them next time and put it in the papers. 😛

    During CNY last year, Giant was having this promotion for soft drinks – two crate per person. This guy brought his daughter, his son (BUT not his wife) and both of them were younger than 14. Now they each had to carry two heavy crates and plonk it at the cashiers.

    But this joker didn’t just have those six crates of soft drinks. He had other stuff as well – a trolley load of whatever he was going to stuff down his throat. Guess which lane he went to?

    Express lane – for people with less than ten items.

    Me and Mum got damn peeved (we had a total of nine items), and so did a couple of other people. (You know how things are during CNY.) When I told the man off very politely, he gave me the “go f- yourself” look and started scolding me in foul language Cantonese-style. Mum repeated what I said but a bit more garang than me and by then, a guy in front of me (and his wife) told him off nicely as well.

    In the end, the man begrudgingly looked for another cashier – empty handed – while his two kids struggled with a cartload of groceries and putting nearly six crates of soft drinks back into the trolley. What an ogre!

  4. Haiz.. seems like M’sian now really kiasu as well.. for 5 ringgit have to wast ppl time.. *SIGH*

  5. this is very typical of Malaysians in general, but even more pronounced with the Penangites, eh 🙂

  6. Lilian! You were there? I was there, HANDING out the vouchers, around 10.30 to 11.30, helping out before I went back to KL. (My job done maaa.) If you’re stressed out waiting for people to sort out their purchases, guess how I felt fieldng complaints from people who didn’t realise;

    a. It’s 1 RM5 voucher per receipt, irregardless of purchase (dumb regulation, I know. Made life hell for our cashiers but hey, I didn’t make them)

    b. That they could separate their bills to get more vouchers.

    Come back tomorow between 10 -12 noon. It’s RM10 per RM50 purchase. Sure lots more kiasu ppl.

  7. Penang Shopper are smart shopper
    They dont mind spending RM10 on petrol & parking
    to get RM5 voucher
    Getting this RM5 is like striking lottery
    They will bring their Ah Mah and Ah Kong to get
    this RM5
    Penang Shopper are KIASU & KIASI

  8. seriously Lilian.. if there are none of these type of ppl around.. where can you find these funny experiances to be blogged? 😀

    Only in penang you see a 200,000 ringgit car park by the busy road side just to save 1 ringgit in parking fees… 😉

  9. I’d ask them if they were related. You state that is pretty obvious. Once they confirm that suspicion I’ll ask if their mother had any children that lived.

  10. Mom,
    This for a few fistful dollars cannot compared to the one I observed in USJ Giant supermarket sometime ago. This repsectable lady with a trolley and a big teenage daugther on towed was selecting Udang Besar (around RM49 per kg) one by one into the plastic bag.

    Guess what she did, for each one she knocked off its head before putting it in the bag. I just could not stand this “ulgyness” as I reported this to the supervisor but left without knowing the final outcome.

  11. 7) Ask loudly ‘Why so long wan’ to your partner

    If you ask like that, sure the man with the 3 fugly women will ask you back “how you know mine very long?”. 😀

    Where is the largest Cold Storage? Island Plaza ah?

  12. i agree with shaolin tiger. I would hand them a rm5 voucher and ease the jam. I did that once in a carpark. One guy drove to the exit onli to realise that it was a “one dollar coin” slot machine and that fucking machine onli took the once “one dollar” coin. SO the queue was so long as the poor man had no one dollar coin. all the people could do was honked and scolded him and poor guy was so terrified. i just gave him the damn coin and “problem solved”. For that fucking one dollar, I can ease everyones unnecesarry anger and stress.

  13. w00t so many comments with so hilarious inputs. Will get back to this later.

    rkaru – You were here! But I was sleeping till 12 noon and never read the paper about any opening until we were in Coffee Beans for lunch. See if I can be the kiasu shopper tomorrow. RM10 is a good deal. Buy lotsa toilet papers. LOL

    rodney – Yeah all those gila mya orang with their BMW and Merc who parked on road kerb and risk police summons, hot sun just to save RM1.

  14. I came across one guy– all dressed in business suit at the buffet in the Hotel at Sunway lagoon ( forgot the name- it had like huge elephant tusks at the front-) He was infront of me and taking freaking 10 mins picking each raw oyster with his hands and looking at them top and bottom ( who eats the bottom???)and smell them , then put some back…EEEW.

  15. You shud have taken their pics with your handphone and plastered their faces and actions up for us to see. Eh, where are those rotten eggs when you needed them most…..

  16. issy – Yeah, I wud too but for the sake of blogging, I hang around to observe and bitch. Bad me.

    She’s Jess – Ya lor, small small items how to add up to RM50 x 2 wor. If buy big item, one two items ok lah, I understand.

    samm – I got my camera with me but dare not, the man wear thick gold chain and got long nails. Afterwards kena hack, I sked….

    Acrix – Hehehe.

    romantic – Yaya, we still have that at buffets. People stand there picking all the huge ones and cause traffic jam. Oh, I lalso hate buffets.

  17. Lilian, you cun lah. Such behaviours really sucks when 1) I am hungry 2) I need to go to toilet 3) just had dim sum and my legs & tummy want to rest 4) my parking meter about to run out 5) I did not have trolley so my arms wanna to fall off 6) my kids have sapu the sweets & candies at the counter 7) ppl are breathing down my neck saying the things I wanna say but hold my tongue. I just scream in Malay “Heiran, mau hujan baru nak makan sedap-sedap. Hei, lima ringgit pun nak sapu..” Siao one, no need to fight over RM5. I would say, “auntie, can donate one packet of biscuit to Girl Guides? Eat so much, high blood pressure oh”..Bet you won’t say that – I would help them to pack the biscuit onto counter then say so good to eat everyone of these and not put on weight. I once helped ppl at the Pejabat Pos because cannot stand there and aggro – I tolong them to bungkus, ikat and timbang their parcels one by one. By the time I finished, my Tshirt was all wet with sweat & tears, I must have lost some weight. Hei, a good idea came that I can help ppl at Pos ofis and lose weight. I did and I have lost 10kg that year- I went during holidays only and the kakaks and abangs there don’t mind cos I told them I need to help out for charity- for free but I made many friends esp elderly ones and got free movie tickets from some younger ones as well. So seek opportunity in any circumstances. I was not looking for handouts- but merely to lose weight and help these poor ppl out. THe pejabat pos is ontop of the hill and not enuf staff to bungkus lah.. So smile and be thankful…

  18. Heh lilian, me again lah. Bos away today, my kaki is shouting a round of kopi (mine is latte with lots of frothy milk). I just wanna to share my golden moment with you & bloggers. Good to have peace & quiet today. A momma brought a toddler and he looks cute. Life is but a surprise to me everyday – i like to think this way so that I dun get bored. When I get bored
    1) I shop – like I bought creme caramel for work colleagues and they moan over it…
    2) I try to write articles and post em for publishing
    3) I drink kopi to get inspiration
    4) I lepaks at 5footstall and try to “wakeup” my eyes and heart to sounds of life
    5) I read thrillers to spice up on how ppl get killed
    6) I window shop- this is different cos I dun spent money – only look see
    7) I daydream for my next holiday – woi, this is the best. I normally reserved for lengthy meetings that OMG never ends. Where is the fat lady when u wanna to end this meeting- well, it is over when the fat lady sings…
    8) I buy donuts and stuff myself with it
    9) I blog and blog some more
    10) I plan for my next weekend getaway-
    11) I drool over online hotel/tour packages—yummy
    12) I surfed for foodie specials – laksa pinang, laksa johor, rojaks, OMG I go to heaven…
    Cheers- hope u have a nice day and may everything you dreamed for comes true to a nice person like you
    Am having my golden moment now…

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