Phua Chu Kang comes to help


Phua Chu Kang is a Singaporean production about this guy who wears yellow boots.


See, he came to help this morning.


Because the great-grandparents’ grave is one huge jungle. Excellent fengshui because we can see the seas and have the hills at the back. I bet great-grandparents must have been filthy rich last time because the grave is soooooo huge.


Phua Chu Kang little helpers. (Btw, it can costs up to RM400-RM500 to clear the whole place up but we only clear enough space in front. We want great-grandparents to commune with nature mah. Or wait we strike lottery first in order to be able to afford that amount of money. )


And this is a little history. Do you see those graves which are covered with cement on the top? These are graves of leprosy sufferers. Long time ago, they put these leprosy sufferers in cemented tomb to prevent infection. Apparently, many of these people who died during that era mostly died of tuberculosis and other infectious diseases.

Leprosy is a chronic disease caused by Mycobacterium leprae, an acid-fast, rod-shaped bacillus. The disease mainly affects the skin, the peripheral nerves, mucosa of the upper respiratory tract and also the eyes, apart from some other structures.


There, some history lessons. And too bad, there are no photos of SYTs in micro-minishorts on the hills to share with you all. Or half-naked hunks with biceps and triceps. Only Phua Chu Kangs offering grave cleaning services starting from RM50.

12 thoughts on “Phua Chu Kang comes to help

  1. Cocka – Heh, whatever will be, will be. But if you want 4D, go buy mozzie, dunno what number ‘cos they are huge like you never seen before. Tiu, use insect repellant oso they hentam me ‘cos I am so schweet.

  2. foodcrazee – Not true la, my father-in-law had a hard life and our generations also still scraping for our daily living. Usually, they say, good fortune doesn’t last three generations so hopefully, after my hubby generation over liao, my kids generation prospers. Hehehe. You have heard about the three cycles right?

    ah pek – Not at all. But I am not complaining, got food, got house, got clothings, thank God liao.

  3. I no longer follow my parents to my grandma’s grave up the hills ever since i got married. My hubby’s ancestors all live in “apartments”, easier access for all. No need to employ PCK for clearing.

  4. bryan – kiasu mah, go there oneoneoneone and claim ‘ong’ first. LOL.

    kw – I bet your sis-in-laws are like zmm likedat, so stress free.

    samm – I got IBS oso this morn. You know hor, I was carrying toddler whilst my dear had to carry a load of stuffs going up hill, on slippery wet grass and muddy trails. So I mah yappity-yap with toddler, telling him how heavy he is, sometimes dropping him down for a short rest lor. IBS pandai pandai wanna piggy back and kept asking me if I can manage. (lu eh boh, lu eh boh she yakked all the way) Tius, my own son and I had been up that blardy mountain for the last 20 yrs with the last four sons and she pandai pandai like I cannot manage. CCB, wanna piggy back my kid, not so easy ler. It is not like I am cacat or what. I’d rather carry my 14 kg love bun than a bag of papers. LOL, tks for listening ‘cos I almost IBS the whole day liao. Pheww…thank goodness for IBS support club.

  5. You’re right lar… your great grandparents’ grave are HUGE!!!!! I want to confirm a bit… when u said great grandparents are u referring to your side or hubby’s?

    BTW, why are u keeping us in suspense about the hunk in yellow booties??? Show face lar… lemme see if he got curly locks also… 😛

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