You is stewpid, Mazda Zoom Zoom


(ad taken from the newspaper, for some car from Mazda)

You is stewpid, Mazda.

You say no woman can carry your child. So that means, your ad is targetted for fathers?

I don’t know what you are selling but I believe it is a family car.

You is stewpid because your ad morons never go down to the sales floor.

Because decisions to buy which car lies on the woman!

Any car salesman worth his salt knows that if a couple walks into the car showroom, the first person to tackle is the woman.

Even the serpent knows that it is easier to get Eve to bite the apple than Adam. And Eve will worm her way into Adam’s heart.

You is stewpid because the phrase….

No woman in this world can carry your child and be sporty…

sounds like…

Woman who carry any child is NOT sporty.

Pregnant mothers are not sporty.

Mothers carrying their babies are not sporty.

All women are not sporty.


Because sporty can means flashy, jazzy, clean, showy…..

and the opposite of it is, ugly.

So, that means Mazda implies that all women are ugly and only men make decisions.

(and in case Mazda read this, I is not stewpid. I am clever, I am smart, I am woman. I am smart because I did not buy your Premacy eventhough I test drive it. And since I am on the subject of safety, I had posted some useful info and link on
Car Safety Seats: A Guide for Families)

Ladies and germs, what do you think of the above advertisement and the phrase…

25 thoughts on “You is stewpid, Mazda Zoom Zoom

  1. I think, it should sound like this..

    No woman in this world can carry your child and be SHALLOW. But a car can.

    How about that?

    Nice post 🙂

    Whoever did the ad really ought to be ‘rewarded’ by us women soon.

  2. The ad sounds pretty sexist. The advertisers obviously thought that we’re still in the stone age, where men rule the households (or caves in that case). ;P

  3. It’s the Mazda 5 they are advertising, a spin from their zoom zoom Madza 6. The statement is really stupid – ad agency who came up with that tagline shld be sacked. Who says women cannot be pregnant and sporty! Must have been a single yuppie who came up with that tagline.

  4. Big mistake! I know my place in da house. It is the Big Boss who made all the decisions and unwise to disrespect Boss 🙂 🙂 Her wishes are my commands and a simple nod is usually suffice. Boss is always pretty, snazzy n sporty :D:D It really amazed me that this actually came out of a company which made MX5 !!

  5. wahahahaa……maybe they should change the word sporty to sleek.
    “No woman in this world can carry your child and be sleek”

    would that make you happier?

  6. Hmm… I’d have to say the ad worked pretty well in getting your attention. Since it looks very much like a part of a teaser, I bet now everbody will be looking out for what the next installment says. 🙂

  7. Helen is right. Even the big boss who APPROVED it should be shot down too!! Very sexist n deserve a proper run-down. i bet most of the ppl working at Mazda are MCPs. Lucky I is woman n I is not stewpid!! 🙂

  8. I expected this ad to cause an uproar from women when I saw it in the papers yesterday, and here it is today.
    The ad is seriously discriminative, and I believe those who even came up with the tagline, never thought that women might be buying or driving that car after all.


  10. good post Lilian…..even the NESTLE DRUMSTICK ads….it potrays a message that it is fine to play prank when u r having the DRUMSTICK….knnbccb

  11. foodcrazee – Do you remember a bunch of ill mannered boys drinking F&N Orange and make fools of adults? Stupid ad-men.

    mott – HOHOHO, I hear you! Let me see if I shud email this link to Mazda.

    king’s wife – Yeah, MCP.

    mahaiguru – mahai guru LOL

    dylan – They also forget women are siu-hei and don’t easily forget. There goes half their markets.

    Yvy – They are actually losing their share of the market. And this is one reason why, lose touch with the current market. I tried the Premacy, the last row of seats are fit for dwarfts only.

    james – Damage done and it is hard to salvage, I bet. Hell hath no fury like a bunch of high career, high achievers, high income potential women buyers, scorned.

    Lord Vendetta – LOL, if they give me one, I will take down this post. And give you a ride.

  12. alicia – Another one, on the spot, I wanna kill somebody rant.

    ahpek – Dun pway-pway with women, sei lou yat thiu when it comes out wrongly. If they are selling the safety of their car (for children) and at the same time, want to promote their sleek line compared to other MPVs, I have just the line to sell it. Heh, I am one damn good marketing person, you know. I can even sell breastfeeding idea and make it chic.

    helen – No, we castrate him, I bet it is a him and send him to Beruk Mau Turun. LOL. Likedat baru got more chiqik.

    wuching – yes yes yes

    david – Then peace on earth prevails, right?

    boo – Ya, there are so many ways to sell it and they have to choose a mundane sentence like that which annoys women in general.

    piggy – Let’s see what they do to rescue this blooper. Like James said, it is catchy. James is an ad man. 🙂

    _butt – LOL

    Bryan – 🙂

    Celestine – Thanks for the first comment!

  13. It was probably written by a gay guy that never saw his spouse get the rosy glow when she was pregnant. Or stood in the room getting cussed out while feeding his bride ice cubes, until his new born child came screaming in the world. No Dad wrote the ad.

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