Should I buy a Flickr Pro account?

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Should I buy a Pro

Is it worth it boh?

USD24.95 = RM92 dough (per year)

I busted my Flickr photos storage limit of 20MB this month. I do have two accounts but I am too lazy to log into both accounts.

I figure….if I am going to store all my photos which are in high resolutions on my own server, I need huge diskspace and bandwith. So, I store in Flickr free account and save a lot there.

Flickr is also community and it is a nice place to hangout with the groups, sharing our photos in pools. Eg. Friday Food Fiesta and etc.

Right now, only 200 latest photos can be seen. The rest only appears on my blog/website but not on the album.

So, to buy or not to buy? Who wants to donate, ah? (just joking) I think I will just email the link ‘Buy 5xmom a Flickr Pro’ account to atm and get it done with.

24 thoughts on “Should I buy a Flickr Pro account?

  1. Buy it, I already have.

    Flickr is an amazing community and it should be supported! (I’m a member of about 150 groups now).

    Flickr is very addictive..

    Plus having more than 3 sets is great, and the 200 limit on the photostream is quite low..I already had 570 pictures when I upgraded, now over 600.

    Plus can convert to using high res pictures now instead of only web safe with the 2GB a month limit so people can appreciate your work more.

    You can get some really good advice and tips from flickr on how to improve your composition, technique and post processing.

    It’s well worth it I think.

  2. For $47.99 (2 years) with unlimited space & bandwidth and a 2GB upload limit, that’s a steal really.

    I would say go for it. šŸ™‚

  3. buy buy BUY! whoopeee!

    (I have a free account as well but since I upload photos direct to blogger, the 20MB bandwidth doesn’t quite bother me. but yes, it irritates me that I can’t view past my 200th latest photo. humph.)

  4. I uploaded photos for my blog (and the Photo Gallery) to my own hosting server. My bandwidth allocation is quite large, so no worries for the time being, and years to come I guess.

    What’s your bandwidth limit on your web hosting account?

  5. if somebody else is paying, BUY! Not much into photography meself though. Whatever picture i want to post i upload direct from my hard drive. after that delete, delete, delete!!!

  6. At the moment i just discovered flickr. (I know I know retarded… I only just found out..) I dunno if it’s that useful. But, seeing those ppl who know more giving u the nod, I guess it’s food for

  7. Is the Flickr thing good for photos backup?

    Usually I backup to CD-R, but a normal CD-R can only save 650MB of data… painful for my tonnes of photos. Thinking of getting a DVD rewritable drive, can backup gigs of data.

  8. hm. my photostream is at 150 now.
    so if the limit for photostream is 200, can i move it to my sets and be retained there, instead of getting wiped out?
    anyone willing to sponsor a pro account for a poor soul?

  9. Lilian, I’ll love to have a Pro Flickr account too. I’ve breached the 200 photos long time ago, now those photos only can be view randomly from my Flickr badge.

    For a webmaster that concerns about bandwidth, Flickr is a good solution because it has unlimited bandwidth.

    With the Flickr pro account, all the photos will come back to me again, hopefully I can get some of the pics back as my com was reformated few times after I uploaded some precious photos without backup in HDD.

    I’ve wrote a post to pledge about getting a Flickr pro account. I’m just trying my luck out there, see if there’s any kind person willing to sponsor me one.

    You know, even if I earn the money, I have prob to convert it into Paypal or any e-commerce to pay for the service. šŸ™

    P/S: If not mistaken, getting a paid Pro account can invite 1 or 2 person to get a free Pro account too. *winks*.

  10. SA – Tadaaaa…I am a Pro now. Add me..I am 5xmom on Flickr! LOL, USD24.95 for you is no problem I guess. But it is almost a hundred bucks for me here. I got 1,738 photos there. Gosh, I am sick!

    CLF – I read yr comment while I was signing and paying with CC. Too bad, there wasn’t any free invite or I wud have holler for you since you are so sincere. Someone please donate a Flickr Pro for CLF!

    foodcrazee – kautim liao lor

    Andy – Yeah, I paid ‘cos if my account kaput, all my blogs si khiau khiau, especially my food blogs.

    Pelf – Donch worry, next time when you are working you will be even luckier.

    sooi2 – Initially, I wanted to use the amount to get someone to design template for my website (not my personal one). Now, have to sendiri use Dreamweaver and slog on.

    cal – All your photos are still there. You can use the badge/banner (like mine) and you can still see the photos. Except you wont’ see them on the 200 photos limit. Now, I can see back all my previous photos.

    Jacky – I know there is a plugin or something to backup but I haven’t explore. I also have the same problems. But now I have a DVD burner on my laptop so it helps. Still, whenever I am using my desktop, I have to go to the laptop to upload and then, run to my desktop etc. *roll eyes ‘Cos I can type very fast on my desktop keyboard but tend to slow down with the laptop.

    helen – Stay away from Photobucket. Later on, you will know why. They limit the bandwith and when you are ‘hot’, there is never enuff bandwith and you are left with empty boxes minus photos on your blog/website.

    ahpek – You want to buy for me anot? Cheap-cheap. Can buy in advance. Flickr is under Yahoo, so can be trusted. Pay for the next two years for me? *smile hiao-hiao at ahpek

    Jacky – I have 8GB but hosting 4 blogs. šŸ™‚ So, I guess it won’t be enuff at all. I have another site hosting 1 website and 1 blog with 10GB.

    MamaBoK – Photobucket seems very strict. Lemme make a comparison and I shall blog it on my digitalphoto blog.

    May – Now, so much space, so shiok la. Go buy oso la. In case, we got tsunami or something, hampalang, PC/DVD/album wiped out, still available on the internet. Muahahahar

    Bryan – Wuah, if Bryan says buy, I must quickly buy ‘cos I think you can estimate how much bandwith I am using now. 40% already and it is only few days of hosting hor?

    ST – Hey, thanks for the tips. That got me seriously thinking and yeah, I finally part with my money. Hehehe.

  11. No need Flicker lor.
    use yr hosting provider’s one lor to upload and store the images.

    Mine is $7.77 mth for 12GB Space and 10GB/Day [320GB/mth] bandwidth and host all my junk and my wife’s stuff.

    If U need the script for the picture gallery, let me know and U noe what:? it’s linked to the PHPBB/SMF forum so my users can also upload if they want!
    Never hit my limit at all (even though more than 5000pics there and max 4M res in place]

  12. Azrin – Now I know! Your are Mr. maR! LOL. Tia’s photo gallery must be huge I bet! I will remember the script offer but at the moment, I don’t think I can afford space for the forum members to store their babies pic. We are using a group album somewhere, I even forget the URL, what more the username and password.

  13. Yah bandwidth is a big issue too..

    My blog alone is using 15GB a month and that’s with all images hosted on flickr…for all sites am using about 60gb a month now..

    Without the forums..zzz!!

  14. Jacky – Take care babies can get boring and brain can rust. So must multi-tasking lor. Got kaching-kaching oso mah

    ST – Yeah, bandwith is a pain. But so far, both webhosts are kind, giving allowances.

  15. BEWARE!

    Read few other blog before deciding on flickr account purchase!

    Also you may google out “flickr pro account deleted” and you ll get to see millions of victims who are given no reason, warning watsoever and their accounts are deleted!

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