Let’s boycott aircond restaurants who allow smoking!

I was putting my clothes into the washing machine just now I could still sniff the cigarette smells, leftover of last night dinner.

Had dinner at this ramen place which is air-cond and very packed. It is a family restaurant with babies and kids. Yet, this cheebye restaurant allow their patrons to smoke. The seating arrangements are rather packed and each table is placed side-by-side, separated by only a kaiten.

Then, this table next to us had a guy and two women. First the guy smokes. And all of us started using the menu to fan the smell away. After that, we changed table. And glad we did because the women too started smoking like damn belagak like dat. Kreakkk ptuii….

So, we are never, ever going back to the place again. If they are so hard-up for customers by luring smoking customers, why should we patronise them? Moreover, their cheap, lousy food are nothing to shout about. It has many Taiwanese and maybe mainland Chinese (?) who talks so blardy loud.

Grrr….I got home last night with putrid smell in my hair, skin, clothes and even panties and bras. Especially my sponge-filled bras. 🙂 And I got to take out all my prawns, squids and meat from my ramen. Howlllll!!!!! Because they don’t serve vegetarian version.

25 thoughts on “Let’s boycott aircond restaurants who allow smoking!

  1. i hope this anonymous quote will give u inspiration to continue your vegetarian diet.

    “God and his angels will hold you accountable for all the pleasures you were allowed in life that you denied yourself.”

    sorry for those loyal smokers…so loyal that they r willing to die from it.

  2. haha!! poor thing…i cant take it either. what more if u are a hotel guest. just coz u are a guest doesnt mean u own the hotel ok n n can smoke wherever u want! yioh…so irritating!!

    anyway, you’re tagged!! sure u like wan, very S&M. lol 😛

  3. That day, I had my lunch at a non-smoking restaurant, and there was a bastard who smoked in the restaurant like hell, near my seat summore.
    I really cannot tahan, dunno why I was so brave, I reminded him that that was a non-smoking restaurant.
    U know what, that bastard said “So what ?” & he gave me money & asked me to go away.
    Dunno why I was so brave again & replied “Save it for your medical bill, Chimney!”. WaHHH…after that, I cabut cepat cepat because Í was scared that he would pay someone to kill me mah!
    I’m still alive now.

  4. I try my best to avoid restaurants that allow smoking. If the smokers want to die faster, fine with me, just don’t bring us non-smokers with you too.

  5. A KFC restaurant in Kuching was trashed a few days ago up cos’ the manager asked a group a people to stop smoking. Now, who dares to say anything … don’t know what will happen next.

  6. I absolutely agree! Let’s begin with the Revolving Restaurant of the City Bayview Hotel, where smokers (pipes and cigars, mind you) are allowed to smoke next to non-smokers, because they don’t have a smokers’ corner. When I wrote to the manager, a Derrick Tan, he (at first did not want to reply, but did so after I complained about his lack of basic courtesy to his boss in Singapore) said they allowed smoking in the spirit of congeniality. Congeniality my foot. Don’t patronize the place unless you want to pay 4-star prices for a kopitiam environment.

  7. i agree. these people think they are so cool by lighting up. if the restaurant tell them to stop, they will make a scene and say they won’t come anymore. so we should boycott these places.

  8. statistics show 1 in 2 malaysian (men) smoke.

    Happy fighting. I am all for boycotting these restaurants!!

  9. Air conditioned restaurants who allow customers to smoke inside risk alienating a lot of other customers. At least have a seperate section for them. Ikea is a good example.

  10. Auntie, ur last paragraf sounds weird. First time read, I tot you put all the prawns, squids and meat into ur sponge bra and took home…that’s why it’s smelly..haha. 🙂

  11. Prometeuz – Lol, yahor, on 2nd reading it does look like bad sentence structure. I added in cos wonder if it is because I am annoyed with not getting any vege version so the smoke gets to me more than usual. Cos I don’t care much about cig smoke as my ex-boss was a chain smoker and I lived in his office for 12 years. I shud be dying of cancer soon. But it is another thing to have cig smoking getting to my kids.

    Adam – Yalor, they are hard up for space and want the best of both worlds, not thinking of people who hates cig smoke.

    ahpek – Hah, you always managed to pick out one little word from a whole post. I like that. Very sharp eye.

    taknak – Is it? I think cig smoking is increasing seriously cos young kids are smoking now. I also notice the Malays smoke at a younger age. And Chinese girls smoke more than other races.

    simon – Blame it on our Gov with their Tak Nak campaign. It is cool to be rebellious mah.

    fishtail – LOL, Serve the guy right! Lucky I can’t afford buffets at Revolving all the time.

    jen – Ouch, this is serious man.

    sky – I am not vocal, only dare to fan. LOL.

    Wingz – So you are one of the culprit la? Nvm, I am partial to cig smoke, just dun smoke in front of my kids then I get nasty.

    Tongkat Ah Lian – Wah, you so daring? LOL, I probably will chicken out la. Bravo to you.

    Yvy – My atm is very very fussy and will demand to change each room until he cannot sniff any cig smoke. Or else, he will change hotel. It is his ritual, go into a new room, sniff around and if he caught a whiff, habis la, we gotta pack our things and move to another room.

    mott – Thanks for that.

  12. all they need is just enforce them….tactfully tell them its GOVT policy……..tactfully is the word. Faced them all the time as I work in hOtel Restaurant too.

  13. Wow, we are so together in this. And also, you are like me, remove all meat from outside food prior to eating. Why ah? Sked they’d putrefy and rot in ur colon if undigested, lol.

  14. UK has finally banned smoking in all public places. I wonder when Malaysia would decide to do that too 😀

  15. Twisted Heels, Malaysia is very good at slapping bans here and there, but the problem is the enforcement. There’s none after the first few months. “5 minit panas sahaha.”

  16. Let em know you’re not going back. When you got to eat at a similar restaurant send em a SMS or call ’em. Hi we could have eaten at your polluted restaurant, but we ate at the restaurant that is not next door to the iron lung clinic.

  17. Are you referring to the racoon restaurant? There were people smoking at the next table when I went there some time ago. Changed tables.

  18. Nicole – yayaya, damn annoying. Dunno why so many Taiwanese favour the place. They are damn loud also.

    YP – It is an open area, very crammed and crowded so no place to run.

    SA – I like you! You are so wicked.

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