Web design, anyone? (familiar with Mambo/phpBB/wateva)


Lookie, I got a pair of twins!

Ok, I got my Flickr Pro and just learnt that I can also upload ‘For Private Viewing’ photos online. Ooh lala.

Well, I had not been blog hopping and socialising much these few days because I had been a good girl and sit quietly to do something useful. Blogging is self-indulgence to me. Doing something proper means doing stuffs no one notices yet, deep down, you know it is worth it because it will help someone. Argggh…I so hate Dreamweaver and yet too cuntfused with Mambo.

I need to upgrade my phpBB forum but pai seh to ask the guys whom had been upgrading for me. How leh? Let’s see, I had kacau-ed ST, Knight and Bryan before. So who wants to be the next knight in shining armour to help? Psstt…if you can add in Adsense in the forum, then, tell me how to send you the char koay teow? And I wonder if there is ever a forum which doesn’t need upgrading like this phpBB which mine, got hacked before. Some asshole sent mass email to spam my members with their stupid service.

I had made some enquiries and I heard that webdesign job costs nothing less than RM1K? Now, if there are anyone out there willing to do the job for a quarter of that, please tell me…

This is what I need:
1) Make a template/design (no flash or anything, just basic colours). Don’t need anything fancy because my visitors are mostly parents seeking info.

2) Incorporate my phpBB forum, Dreamweaver site (with 100+ pages), WP blog and a Mambo site into one uniform look

3) Put some live feed or whatever you call so that each site/forum/blog have the latest feeds

4) I am using Mambo because I need an easy CMS so that I can update my site instead of this shitty Dreamweaver where I have to keep ftp-ing up and down. Problem is I am a scatter brain who can’t differentiate categories, contents and etc. The terms are so foreign to me!

So, anyone wants to take up this task? I can’t afford to pay you much, so name your price. But don’t shock me to death. My whole project is a non-profit one. Email me,please?

* Yaya, I know 5xmom’s blog is getting boring but I have to settle all these things that bug me.

Now I am off to get one WP to run as a website and also to familiarise with SMF forum. *roll eyes. I gotta get the members (currently in my Yahoo email group) to familiarise too.

*scatterbrain runs off and hoping no one misses her presence in their blog (chey…perasan betul)

Don’t miss me….

15 thoughts on “Web design, anyone? (familiar with Mambo/phpBB/wateva)

  1. LiLian,
    Mambo can mambo with phpBB[or SMF for that matter, need PLUG-IN]. (tried that with my PP Gallery)
    Can put dreamweaver pages in there. (CUT-N-PASTE the HTML)


    Thus why I got ticked off and hang everything upside down with the Info Perkahwinan NET and leave it be as ‘UNFINISHED BUSINESS’ till I can sort out the CODES etc.

    My Best and wisely advise:
    yeah, the user have toi register twice, and easier that way cos U don’t have to reconfigure if everytime got security patch.

    If U wanna UPGRADE yr PHPBB,just unpack and upload lor. READ THE MANUAL once in a while.
    Could do that for U…but since U got so much inside, I take no responsibility if any cock-up! [tend to do so]

    Have U looked at DRUPAL CMS?
    Got blog,poll,forum etc all in one.
    Bit yucky with the codes as it don’t like scripts that much.My EBAYTRUST INFO NET uses it. Only thing is U gotta find the themes.

    PS:phpBB won’t let U mass-email. U must have done something wrong big time!I try to make sure things work well or else my wife will nag at me for ages if I mess it up, esp with last weeks upgrades for WP 2.0.8 almost killed the site!

  2. foodcrazee – LOL, it is to make life easier for my forum members, create a one-stop centre instead of currently telling them, go to this blog, go check out the website etc. And of course, to make it much easier for me to manage.

    ST – Heh, when I earn enough from adsense, I hire you. šŸ˜›

    mahagurusia – LOL

    MG – I am thinking something like babycenter kinda portal. Otherwise, now I know there are stuffs around but too hard to remember which place. Moreover, there is no uniform look to MMB.

    Wuching – Yeah, Alex can but he is moving home and can’t afford the time. We had talked about this before.

    ah pek – ok ok, I go find some boobs and let you ogle.

    azrin – phpBB can send mass email, from the administrator panel (which I am the only one who holds the key). I had been doing that but of course, I never spam my members unless there is something big.

    Drupal – I had give that a trial run and found it rather ‘stiff’. And now Mambo too ‘fluid’ LOL so much so that I myself lost at where which page belongs where.

    One of my plan was to close the phpBB and tell all the members to continue at Mambo. ‘Cos the forum is really too huge. It is chockful with precious tips and infos so it will remain as it is. But I am not too sure I am up to tutor 1K members on its usage.

    I had a PUNB (or whatcha call the other forum?) and a few of my grief support parents can’t familiariase with it. So, I dropped it.

    Adoi, why la I sibuk-sibuk with all these.

    I guess in the end, I just let the whole place be a rojak melting pot. No one is complaining anyway. ‘Cos they can’t! LOL. I am such a dictator.

  3. lilian, with flickr non-pro u can also publish private pics, just dat when they click to view larger, they can’t.

  4. Would pick this up for you. Unfortunately, stuck in a new office that I don’t dare to take too much advantage of… yet šŸ™‚

  5. gbyeow – Yeah, I know you changed job so I dare not kacau you lor. Hopefully you senang-senang time la.

    babe – But at the rate I post pics, it disappeared very fast. :). The other day I wanted to post the batch of photos I took for my nephew’s wedding but can’t do it.

  6. if u really need to have phpBB in yr mambo CMS, you just put a plug in and I believe you can Migrate all the posts,users and everything into the MAMBO as an integrated service.
    But I must warn that if u need any shopping carts or some other add-on, MAY NOT WORK.

    I can help u install and setup the basic setup with the plug-ins, but on the design and layout, gotta ask someone else to do it, cos me no flare for creativity.

    Problem with Drupal is Rigid, and loads of security stuff in there. But the forum and Polls are all built in. I’ve yet to test the google adsense plug-in on the Drupal cos last time i did it, i made a huge mess.

    totally up to you how U want to do it. Unfortunate for the lack of migratory for WP to CMS.

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