You mean there are people watching that Oplah Winfree craps?

I have heard of Oplah Winfree and yeap, I am allergic to those talk shows where within an hour inclusive of 20 minutes mind-numbing commercials, they expect to teach a woman how to get multiple-O, empower them and that kinda shitty stuffs.

In fact, I am allergic to any kind of talk shows. However, Oplah seems to irk me more than others. I don’t know why, I never watch ‘cos I don’t subscribe to Channel 70 until recently.

However, I had heard lots of Ah Sahms gushing about it, telling me how Oplah change their lives, how they appreciate themselves more, how Oplah taught them about the g-spot etc etc.

I mean, how serious can one takes a talk show like that? There is this filthy rich woman who can afford to give cars away as gifts, who probably had millions poured on her to make her thin plus a truck of cement and silicon to enlarge her breasts and plaster of paris to make her passable ok-looking. She is supposed to understands what mere mortals like us feel, you say?

Oh come on! Please don’t tell me you watch Oplah too. Otherwise, I will take a rotting fish and smacks your head. How can you feel good when you are watching some supposedly poor people sitting there on the plushy sofa crying their hearts out with multi-millionaire like Oplah? Look closely….All the women, no matter how fugly had been made up to the nines. Hellooooo…..get real la.

Because the faster you get real, the faster you learn that life is not like what you see on the Oprah Winfrey show. You want drama like those sobby stuffs? Just go out and help the poor. You want to find your confidence? Just help others and blessings will come upon you to appreciate yourself. You want to learn how to find your g-spot or get multiple-o, just surf some porn sites. Don’t know the URL? Ask 5xmom. LOL.

Oprah Winfrey’s fans, please don’t flame me. Just go watch your DVD collections of 20 years of Oprah Winfrey show. Go worship her as your new god. Shoo, shoo.

The others – please teach me how to be Oprah Winfrey. Good goat, her website has very little information and every one them is an advertorial. Like ‘How to not to wear ‘moms pants’ and turn to hot momma with a single pair of jeans’. And the whole line of ads by the jeans companies. (grins innocently 😉 )

Now, I just realised something….I am targetting my blog to the wrong audience! I am gonna write empowering stuffs like Oprah. I am going to change winds and draw women to read my blog and get away feeling 5xmom-nised. Yay!!!! But errmm, where shall I start?

25 thoughts on “You mean there are people watching that Oplah Winfree craps?

  1. I’d rather you start a talk show and show people how to squeeze their nen-nen on-screen in advocacy of breastfeeding. YESS!!!! I SAPPOT YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!

  2. Samm – You just give me notty thoughts! I wonder which milk will comes out first leh? LOL. I mean the ‘audience’ or what.

  3. Got to agree with you . These shows are there so you can see how ugly people can really be. Once you see the ugly, then you don’t feel so bad about yourself. But is that a basis for becoming pure. Heck no.

    Look forward to the Lilian Hour.

  4. Doh…does that mean auntie oredi started watching CH70 from now. Dun get too suck in and forget about ur daily blogs, okie. Looking forward to reading u blog about g-spot someday *prometeuz with hamsap look* 🙂

  5. i like oprah during her first few years, back then her rating not so good yet so she must have ppl fighting & flaming on her stage like jerry springer..nowadays all we get are rich bored housewives yapping & adoring movie stars

  6. aiyooo…..terrible lar u samm!! giving this hawt silai such thots. lol 😛

    i’m no fan of oprah….cant be bothered. better watch CSI n learn how to cover my tracks. 😛

  7. Mom, How can you as a Christian bad-mouth against another “born again” Christian? We each have our expressed and core beliefs about life and how we can help others in different ways.

    She is given the gifts of the Gods and her being “filthy rich” was thru her efforts and not by “hook or crook”

  8. *switches on TV with O for naitsirhc
    Excuse me, where did the Christian part comes from? Anyway, go back to your TV.

    Yvy – Yeah…..(points above)

    ahpek – You gonna do DIY hor?

    wuching – Every part of her show reeks of commercialism! You don’t look good? never mind, we have something to sell. You don’t feel good? Ok, we also have something to sell.

    Prometuez – Only when American Idols lasts.

    SA- Yeah, I know what you mean.

  9. emm..thot u hv been doing that..what with your free endorsements of (ahem!) certain products, makan places and hantam-ing of certain ppl..hahahahah!

  10. Oplah who ? Dunno what u r talking about ? question is…what if one of the TV channel hire you to start a new show – Lilian Talk Too……

  11. king’s wife – I use Wingz used spender to smack can ah? Or you want virgin Seng Kor wan? LOL. No lah, I don’t see your babble all day, ‘today I watch Oprah and she say like this and I feel so glad I am not alone or today i watch oprah and she teaches me like this and I feel so clever’ You get the drift la.

    Yvy – Hahaha, it’s back liao.

    mott – All these comes naturally wan. Now I want to focus just on women’s stuff. Hehehe, another blog mah. I bought it on impulse at USD1.99 per year domain. I bought it for like half a year ago but never write anything until recently.

  12. foodcrazee – Ya hor, Lilian Talks Too! Nice! I can also share fengshui tips there, no clash with my faith ‘cos that one is a different ID mah. This is Mrs. Hyde, that one is Dr. Jekyl.

    shoppingmum – Hahaha, I turn problogger liao, like that.

    moot- G spot? Haiyor, read on porn sites la.

  13. don’t wanna be part of the bandwagon, but OW can be annoying. I heard something like she gave some el-cheapo cars to her audience at one show and donates something somewhere in Africa, but those stuffs are not entirely her own $$$. It’s those companies who wants to promote their items donates that to her show and wah-lah… OW is some kind of godess. I don’t hate, just think she is way over her head. my 2 cents…..

  14. I don’t watch her often but I think her she’s ok. I find her quite down to earth and not everything is commercialised. Sure, some stuff are but she can be quite real.

    And as for the people who say that she has helped them. If they have been helped then good lar right?

  15. Aunty,
    “Lilian Talk Too..” Good idea jugak. You’ll go to rumah jiran with 2 foldable bangku and initiate a chat. Lemme see if anyone wanna sponsor this show.

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