Had a busy day.

Had a big headache after that.

Had to miss church.

Had no idea why have headache.

Thought I got bird flu.

Doh! It is because I forget to drink the darn coffee.

Coffee addiction.

Caffeine withdrawal.

So, never, ever forget to drink coffee if you are a caffeine addict like me.

Drank one Nescafe ice kau at 9 pm, and voila! no more headache.

10 thoughts on “Doh!

  1. aaawwwww… yeah, i was wondering if you were OK or busy coz normally by late noon, there’d be another post.. *lol*.. btw, i want to feature ur blog on my site like say, under my daily reads.. can ah? how leh? hehehe…

  2. hey, nice to know i’m not the only out there who feels the pain when there’s no caffeine. usually lots of water helps to take the pain away too. take care and just a note to say that your entries really make my day..esp the one where you got rotten eggs all over you. roflmao

  3. Wei……, why today U no blogging ar….normally U blog a lot & your saliva always more than tea (long post, many words)
    Sick ar ??!

    I have blog oledi ! Want to have a look at my “house” or not? Come, come.

  4. Take XKL SkyFruit Juice Premix
    BETTER Than Nescafe
    You can buy it at 1 Stop Midland Park Penang

  5. same feeling when i dont get my teh tarik fix. but surpringly, during this whole lent, i’m ok wor….bizarre.

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