I got rejected again!!!

I ate heads and heads of broccoli for the last few weeks. (‘cos I just started vegetarian diet recently and scared I am going to turn bloodless minus my juicy medium rare steak and liver)

I measured my own blood pressure at home and it says 124/77.

I went to sleep early these few nights.

But arggghhh…I still got rejected.

7.30 am : Prodded four kids to wake up.

8.15 am : Dragged all four to go up the hill to Ching Ming my parents

9: 30 am : Went for breakfast

10.15 am : So eager to donate blood. Fill in form. Prick my middle finger. Checked blood group.

Hall in church has several people lying down. My freaking #3 and #4 went in and created chaos. I stared, I hissed, I shooed.

Walked over to another counter to take my BP and KNNMCB, the reading says…

155/95. Damn! I should drop dead with that kind of reading!

Doctor (M.O.) smiled at me and asked, “You punya anak?”
(your kids?)

I replied, “Ya, empat.” (yes four)

M.O. : Tak ada maid? (no maid?)

Me : Aiks, mengapa tinggi sangat? Selalu di rumah, cuma 120/80. Standard reading all the time. (aiks, why reading so high? At home I get only 120/80. )

M.O. : Cukup tidur ke you? (enough sleep, you?)

Me : Try satu kali lagi? (try one more time?)

KNNMCB, there goes my good intention and the number of heads of broccoli I ate. I swear I am not going to eat anymore broccoli.

All I need is a weekend getaway at some spa minus any kids and husband and my blood won’t boil. So disappointed….. But I am going to try again and again and again. BTW, the M.O. said, ‘You takut ke?’ (are you scared?)

Who me? No way…

12 thoughts on “I got rejected again!!!

  1. actually, yes…you should take a spa break without the kids

    i am just waiting for the day to come when i am diagnosed with high blood pressure ( from my kid, mainly)

    and of course, malaysian road users

  2. chewahhhhh takut ke? who me? no…. šŸ˜›
    yeay yeay, i win u.. donated 5 times d šŸ˜› without being rejected hahhaha…

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