The evil thoughts we harbour

These are just three of the evil things I did or want to do:

1) I was reversing my car today. Behind me, there is this old beat up Datsun 120Y which parked haphazardly, out of the the parking lot. So, I reversed and wanted so much to ram on my accelerator so that the bumper will drop off. But I can’t because the place was busy with a lot of people. Otherwise, I am very sure I could do it because of the angle. My car is higher and the whole bumper is going against the side of the old car.

2) Whenever I am eating out and there are cats around, I feel like pouring water on them when they started rubbing their bodies on me. I hate those furry things! I think the worst I had done so far is to ask (thru MSN) ex-Buangmasa to pour buckets of water on the cats which were mating outside his house. 🙂

3) And….I did this yesterday night. Some relative brought her grand-daughter and left the 2 yr old toddler with us in the living room while she went to the kitchen (find out from Simon’s blog whom I am referring to). I was sitting down with my kids watching TV. Just for kicks, I pssttt my #2 (‘cos he is old enough to know that I am only play-playing) to look my way. I made a horrible, stern face and point my finger like I am scolding the poor kid. She ran to the kitchen, ashen face. Few minutes later, she slowly made her way out again ‘cos she was interested in my toddler and his game on the PC. I did it again and she ran to find grandma again. Hohohoho, only my #2 knew what was happening. Two of us were giggling. Oi, bad moral mah, cannot let the younger kids know their sweet mommy is scaring little, lost kids just for kicks.

Damn…it is so good to scare kids like that. Because I know she can’t tell tales. And no one would believe her anyway. Muahahar…When it was time to go back, grandma told her to say “bye-bye to kim-poh” (grand-auntie) and poor kid dare not even look at me! So, sweet old grand-auntie put on Mother Goose face and said the sweetest words. Heh, I know kids like that have short memory. Nay…..she won’t even remember. But it is nice to be the evil-stepmother once in a while when I get the chance. Because everyone thinks that just because I have lots of kids, I am supposed to like kids. Gee, I don’t have to like every single kid, ok? They can be annoying, you know?

Confession time……do you have evil thoughts? I don’t mean real evil ones like stealing your neighbour’s wife or hacking your enemy’s blog or stealing their income. Just masak-masak, miniscule stuffs like pulling the legs and wings off mosquitoes while they are still alive, counting how long it takes before a fish out of water dies and whatever thrills you like, e.g. leaving anon’s comments yadda yadda yadda.

(Mental note to self : Thursday is confession time! Sacrament of Reconciliation. Sigh…..shivers..bite nails.)

17 thoughts on “The evil thoughts we harbour

  1. Mein Gott Im Himmel! You call those evil?!?!?! You definitely disappoint me. Even Ah Kuas can do better. 😛

  2. I once brought a stray cat for dissection during biology class because I couldn’t find a frog.
    The teacher said that I was the most evil kid she met.
    My nephews suggested that I put a live hamster in the microwave oven and see it explode. Now, that’s effing evil.

  3. Think no evil, see no evil and do no evil !
    We must show forethoughts and compassions as human beings. The urge to harm others prolly still ingrained in our DNA. A male Lion will kill all the cubs fathered by another lion, before consummate with the lioness. It’s kinda scary to realise that we may be not all dat different !!!
    Anymore confessions, Lilian??

  4. Lilian, my ex-collegemates splashed some water onto mating cats several years ago and we just couldn’t stop laughing, hehe. Oh, I didn’t like most of the kids that I met too especially those noisy and misbehaved ones. Half of the time, I get to act out my evil thoughts, so it’s quite fun. Sometimes, however, I wish I could do any of these (or all) whilst being invisible to those inconsiderate, idiots, seriously annoying b**t**ds/b*t***s or whomever that I dislike: hit them hard on the head, strangle, nail them on a board and leave them under the scorching sun, force strip, etc. Now, that would be oh-so-much fun, hehe.

  5. Yo Lilian, Great blogsite. Yelah, everyone has their own evil thots. mine goes like – if only i can get my hands on him…I would have wrung his neck like chicken neck. Him could be that front desk bank teller (queue is damn long – chatting away some more, oblivious to my foot tapping, grr), that awful receptionist that yak away at the phone while I stood there trying to gain her attention..Geram only. What to do? May be if I fart and they all pengsan. Hah, visit my blog at

  6. Lilian, pulling the legs and wings off mosquitoes while they are still alive… ok lah, this one can do…

    But, counting how long it takes before a fish out of water dies… oh no… cannot do lah, this one…

  7. Hey.. Lilian,
    I just wanna drop you a line.. to let you know .. i fly by everyday too.. 😉
    Sometimes.. i have nothing intelligent to write.. so i just read.. but i’m an ardent fan .. 😉

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