What will you do with a thief in the house?

I will save the irritable bowel syndrome rant to myself. But let’s hear the general opinions.


You have one daughter who got herself pregnant by some stupid Ah Beng with no proper job when she was only 18 yrs old.

He got her pregnant twice, once with a genetic, incurable disease, retarded child that needs life long medical attention and soon after another daughter. In between that, this stupid Ah Beng went out and party and left the wife and kids. However, he silently crawl back because he ran out of money to party.

Ah Beng’s mother is a super bitchy woman who thinks highly of her son. Heh, which mother doesn’t, right?

Now, you just found out that Ah Beng, your son-in-law had stolen all the jewelleries you had. He had sold it for money. Sayonara to your sentimental pieces.

Your daughter and Ah Beng often hang around your house for free meals and free laundry. They leave the kids, including that retarded, handicapped, need full medical attention child to you. They really don’t care much about the poor kid. You had scrimped and saved, doing hard, labourous jobs that gives you body ache, rheumatism and every kind of sufferings.

When the kids are sick, that super bitchy in-law, Ah Beng’s mother will complain that you are not taking good care of her genetic faulted grandkid. Oh, she is too busy playing mahjong to play grandma, btw.

Here’s what I will do if the daughter is mine. (tiu, I can only imagine ok? I can’t do a thing, ok?):

1) Give myself a good slap for not teaching my own daughter how to bait a rich, hardworking, full of potential young man. My daughter is as beautiful as Kenix Kwok. (that Hongkong actress) but she wasted it on stupid Ah Beng.

2) Give myself another slap for not severing ties with Ah Beng the moment he started straying and have no inclination to work eventhough I offered him a job in my own little enterprise. After all, the kids are better off without a bad influence of a father like that.

3) Then, give my daughter a tight slap. And shake her so hard so that she will wake up and realise that there is a whole future in front of her and Ah Beng is definitely not in the picture.

4) After that, I am going to threaten to drag Ah Beng to the police station. If not, I will drag the police to my house and get him into the lokap. Because Ah Beng had been slowly snitching valuable things from the house but I never suspect it was his doing.

5) Still full of shit, I will go and tear Ah Beng’s CCB mother’s apart and demand her to compensate me. I don’t care if she needs to sell her car, her house or her old CCB. Otherwise, I will carry through my threat to get her son jailed.

Fark stupid Ah Beng. I hope your parents-in-law deal with you like what I imagine.

End of another IBS story. So, peeps, imagine you are the mother-in-law and your son-in-law not only don’t give a shit to take good care of your daughter and grandkids, he stole from you. What will you do to him?

23 thoughts on “What will you do with a thief in the house?

  1. 1st for my daughter to get boink twice w/ kids…..
    Slap me once, shame on you
    Slap me twice, shame on me
    So I will/most likely have severed ties with my daughter for being stoooopid.

    2nd I will severed his balls from his lazy ass for stealing from me. The monster-in-law.. don’t let me go there.

    3rd, I will probably end up in prison for 1st degree murder.

  2. This exactly happened to my cousin. Straight ‘A’ student but she went for a kopitiam boy. She called that love. Although the boy didn’t steal, he is an exuberant spender n cannot feed himself, let alone the young family. She gave up her studies n works like a dog. Who knows, may be she is happy ???

  3. this scenario gives me the shivers.

    maybe someone should B*tch slap the ah beng till he wakes up to his senses??

    or maybe..just throw him into lokap…then try forgiving him??

  4. Hey.. Lilian,
    Very hard to say.. because not in the situation.. very hard to say.. we do this. .or do that.. because once in the situation.. very different.
    i just pray .. that my daughter would never be like that.. and that my son-in-law is half decent.
    I pray hard, hard starting from now.. 😉

  5. *lol*… that’s what they would do in tennessee, too *lol*

    Kak lilian,
    shiver shiver since u know i have a daughter. …

  6. having daughters really very headache?


    my mom always say…having daughter
    and u have to be worried,
    if she naik miang at 16
    or ikut laki lari at 18…
    then later at 27, u hv to worry if she will become spinster etc…

    and of couse my mom saying this because she doesnt have a daughter…
    and i guessed you too!

  7. Gosh!I’m already paranoid about so many other things that my daughter could probably do when she’s all grown up and now this…Anyway, I guess we as parents need to bring up our children close to God so that they put God first above all things and they will have wisdom to differentiate between good and bad…Anyway, If I were the mother of that girl, I’d probably take her and her kids in but not the useless guy. I would do all I could for my daughter and grandchildren till my last breath…but if she wants to follow her husband, then I’ll have to let go of her and live a wretched life till I die knowing that I’ve failed as a parent.

  8. What to do when your own daughter clinging to this Ah Beng as if he is the last male on planet earth?

    There is nothing this MIL can do … until the daughter wakes up and smell reality. 🙂

  9. There was this evening when we were walking around in Sri Hartamas and there was this guy around 18 talking on his hp.
    “WTF where are you guys?”
    Then, “WTF I thought we are suppose to meet here?”
    Followed by, “WTF you all better get your asses over here.”
    He practically starts every sentence with the WTF!!
    And I whispered to my husband, I sincerely hope none of my boys will grow up like that.

  10. slap only ah? too lame. thinking more in the line of hired killer….but then again, maybe too drastic. i will feel like such a failure for not guiding and educating my daughter. i don’t care human rights or not, i will lock her up until she come to her senses. god knows what else he will do to her when i am not around.

  11. aiyah, I hope my daughter dun end up with a loser like that. Do everything I can to convince her to divorce him lor. Hopefully she is not so blinded by ‘love’.

  12. well, lucky u auntie that u don’t have a daughter…coz unfortunately it’s still a man’s world and females still lose out on a lot of things.

  13. Stage 1 : change all the locks. Less than RM 300 can fix all your problem.

    Stage 2 : Cut the water, electricity. Close all bank account, sell the house. Then later, dumb those 2 grandchildren to Ah beng mother house for “something emergency”, then vanish.

    Stage 3 : Find a remote town to stay, where everything is cheap. Do not register any land line.

    Stage 4 : Second life begin 🙂

    Stage 5 : Write a book of how to begin 2nd life and PROFITS 🙂

  14. hmmm…grab a shotgun and blow son-in-law’s head off…

    but in retrospect, nothing much i can do, since nasi sudah jadi bubur…

  15. Ken – You are right. That’s my lesson, teach them not to be Ah Bengs. But the thing is hor….last time the parents used to chide me how to discipline my kids wor. Said, ‘cannot beat kids, cannot scold kids, got anything must explain nicely’ Now I have the last laugh.

    Thanks for all the comments, pheww…all that I wanted to say but dare not are here. Hehehe.

  16. I will castrate that guy for sure. You make my daughter pregnant wif 2 babies and i’m gonna make sure the 3rd one dont arrive. After that,kick him out my house. Then I’m gonna make sure that MCB MIL will never see her grandchildren anymore. I’ll lock up my daughter and slap her till she comes to her senses.

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