What’s wrong with watching male models competition, huh?

The kids and the hub had taken over all my PCs. There is nothing left but the TV. Night time is not a good time for reading either. My poor Astro subscription has nothing to offer except boring travel show, even boring-er documentaries and fatally boringest sports.

So, I chanced upon Manhunt on Channel V.

Kid number 2 screamed – Goodness sake, change the channel!

Kid number 3 yelled – You got boyfriend (meaning my hubby la) already, why do you want to see other men?

I replied – The same reason why papa watched American Top Models. Just to see only, cannot ah?

Number 3 – But these are so gay. (heh, not my fault, blame it on TV/media. He can sing Weird Al Yankovic : We’re all gay (Backstreet Boys). Tell me you have heard of Weird Al? Ain’t nothing but a buttache, ain’t nothing but a fruitcake….)

Me – Ok, then, give me back my laptop.

Number 3 – Ok, ok, never mind…(continue with his game)

So, tell me if you have a problem with guys competing in a modelling show? They stripped down to their underwears in a dessert desert and then, changed into white Calvin Klein boxers. Arggh….my heart, my heart. (grasps pounding heart)

I wish I am a sky-diving instructor. Then, they will be tied to me, parachuting, screaming and clutching to me. Oh my, I need another cold drink.


This is mine, all mine. Kevin’s the name. Don’t anyone steal him. Go find your own. There are 16 of them. Heh, you know how it is so acceptable that old, lecherous men can get their dirty paws on young chicks but it is so perverted if some old women start talking about young hunks? Yeah, I know how you feel. Your hairs are standing on ends and you are beginning to wonder if you should stop stalking this blog.

Fear not, this is only a joke. And also to turn the table, once in a while. šŸ˜›

32 thoughts on “What’s wrong with watching male models competition, huh?

  1. ohh.. i don hav tv, so sad. but after view all the photos from website, i like Casey C.W.. hehe… *shy*

  2. fantasy is healthy ala dun play it out. Staring at those pics will make ur man feel insufficient. šŸ™

  3. Sigh of relief.

    Thank god for once you and I dun have to fight over the same guy! You can have Kelvin…. I am definitely going for Jon Jonsson.

    Jon is the most humble and smart guy…. summore got the dark, wild look. I want I waant!!!

  4. While man drools on the remote control, watching Ms. World is considered okay, but it’s utterly unacceptable if thing goes the other way round (woman watches men). I suppose this is one of your messages (beside Kevin is hawt) ) in your entry?

    Considering even the nature of our language is, inclined to further the stereotypical view over this issue, I don’t think it’s possible to put this to an end.

    Think about the words, “whore”, “slut” and etc. Why even such demeaning words to describe females exist in our dictionary? And the second question is, are there any equivalent words in our dictionary to describe man who behaves like a “slut”?

    And maybe when you’re describing your fantasy over some really hawt guys, someone might be swearing at you; “bitch”, “whore” and alike.

    This is a feminist typing here. Sharing his view over some issues that he couldn’t stand.

    If you’re like, find this message gay, just ignore it.

  5. *fanning self* aiyoo…why so hot in here arr? i need a cold drink too, my kopi-o panas on hold first….

  6. I have absolutely no problems with men in modelling competitions. Like you said, the scale should be fair. If they can drool over scantilly clothed women, we can do the same over guys, hor?

  7. most girls i know dun watch them, not bcoz wat, but its boring!!! how about asking them to spin plates and do tap dancing? now that would be fun!

  8. simon – I watch in anticipation of them wiping away tears when rejected or jump up and giggles when chosen. No such luck. Oi, spin plate with what pole hor? LOL.

    foodcrazee – Your wife got like Miss Universe anot?

    king’s wife – Hahaha, I wanted to test how MCP the males are and I got my victims.

    doc – Yalor, Brokeback Mau Turun got me interested lor. I waited and waited for hugging and kissing moments but they don’t do it yet. Maybe later episodes ‘cos it was the first one only. They sleep all in the same room wor….

    Laksa – Nothing like the Raymond/Jeremy post la.

    Yvy – You go check out Jon Jonsson’s abdomen scars. Heh, I bet you missed that L shaped scar.

    Jon – I agree with what you said. They have girls wrapping themselves on every blardy car advertisements and roadshows. Yet, it seems wrong to watch hunks. Very wrong, right?

    helen – Hohoho, you can have Cocka all to yourself. I got Kevin and that’s all I need. BTW, Jon Jonsson is now in Singapore, you go ask Xiaxue to take you to find him la. I saw she mentioned about some fashion she attended.

    David – Then what about us womenfolks leh? Aiyor, now you know how women feels compared to all those boobs jobs bimbo hor?

    ah pek – You kena my trap liao. I wanted to test how many MCPs are out there. You are one. You can go hiao-hiao with Thai girls but your ahsoh cannot see men ah? Wuah…very unfair lor.

  9. Amelia – Did you download the screensaver? Then, they can dance for you 24/7 (but the stupid screensaver got some annoying promo link so I deleted liao)

    wuching – We got special laser eyes to see what you don’t see, you don’t know meh?

    SA – HOHOHO, too late. We had registered everything in our mind already.

    MamaBoK – Out of boredom and for blogging sake, it is fun.

    jian – They have so many varieties of looks hor? Clean cut, bad boys etc.

    lala – Drools

    cocka – Dun perasan lah, apek oi.

    mythoughts – yes!

  10. Another scenario:
    Is there anything wrong with ladies with roving husbands, keeping their own toy boys

  11. marsha!!!!!1 Wow, that Marsha. The Marsha that did our MMB leaflet. How are you, woman. I lost contact with your blog. I am going to put your link pronto so that I don’t lose it again.

  12. Oh my…drool……wet..wet…hehehe…
    If only I knew how to play the guitar, I would have loved to strum on his `strings’.

  13. I have a friend who married a vainpot. Some Manhunt Competition winner. According to her, all he ever does all day long (till now) is stare at himself in the mirror and workout at the gym during all his spare time.

    They have 3 girls. He yearns for a boy so that he can train him up and show him off. But my girlfriend close factory liao, hahaha.

  14. As my wife told me last night about the guy in the pool, I have no problem her checking out other merchandize.
    I do the same thing (female only). Eye candies… like carrots, good for the eyes.
    Equal Opportunities… šŸ˜‰
    Remember ..Married, not Dead!!

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