LOL! Someone thought Cleo Bachelor is my husband!

MSN message :

PaulTan : This can’t be your husband right? (show link)

5xmom : *got a little shock how my husband can appear on the net

surf to


and LOL

Replied to paul : I WISH!!!! LOL.

Paultan : LOL, ‘cos I remembered your husband’s name is something like that. (we had some bank transactions before)

5xmom : LOL, Bachelor number 46


My husband is 46 years old, though. LOL.

Ok, if you have nothing better to do, go check out the Cleo Most Eligible Bachelor 2006 and vote.

My nephew was one of them last year. But he is no longer eligible. Married liao.

11 thoughts on “LOL! Someone thought Cleo Bachelor is my husband!

  1. Ah, so the tip to getting hitched pronto is to make an appearance on Cleo’s “Most Eligible Bachelor’s List”, lol. Like ur nephew, hehehehe.

  2. How come ah, all the bachelors either botak or their hair all look like just wake up from bed never comb one? This auntie cannot comprehend lah. In our time, the hairstyle all neat neat one.

  3. MG – I oso dunno, all like kiddoes to me. But hor, psst..
    bachelor number 38, age 40, Andrew Chua, skin doctor. Go vote. LOL

    samm – Heh, he already taken but Cleo wanted a doctor amongst their line-up so they got my nephew in. Good prizes oso.

  4. foodcrazee – Oi, what’s wrong with my taste? At least I pick one 40 yrs old bachelor wor. I pick bachelor #38, not the above pic, ok? LOL.

    Amelia – Yeah, good choice. Let’s click for him. Hahahaha.

    Fook – Hahaha, I just took another look and my hubby more handsome than this bachelor #46. In my eyes. So you got no chance liao.

  5. Cast my votes already. I voted last year (I went out on a date with last year’s EB no. 47 once, way before he was an EB) and won a consolation prize. This year, I’m hoping that the guy that I voted for will win the grand prize šŸ˜‰

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