IE suxs suxs suxs big time

But 80% of my visitors are using IE.

So I gotta find something that doesn’t make their browser hang.

Until then….now you see it, now you don’t.

18 Replies to “IE suxs suxs suxs big time”

  1. woi!! that was fast! morning i come stii at the old house. afternoon i come, move house already!! very nice and neat!! i oso want one like that!

  2. wuching – No choice lor, what to do…Unless you know how to design one for me?

    Evie – Hehehe, I fast anot? Few minutes only I responded. Hahaha.

    Emily – Yeah, Firefox is the best.

    Ed – I know but I dunno what to do with it so I just change template.

    ahpek – That’s why lor, quickly get your own domain and WordPress and all you need is just a few minutes.

  3. This one much much better. I like ur new hs layout. When u organising housewarming party????? Now can cook us some Jamie Oliver stuffs liao, hahahaha.

  4. mmmm nice …. very very nice. me like.

    Use Mozilla Firefox. I don’t care if IE already caught up with tabbed browsing, it still sucks. Firefox r0x

  5. Get rid of windows and use Linux, DEBIAN is a nice option than SUSE or even Redhat.Nicer fonts.

    Lilian: U have to manually modify the IE7.0 hack patch for WP! and NEVER PUT WP on same DB as others. I learnt that big time!


  6. I visit all your blogs everyday. I am using IE, no problems at all. Anyway, all blogs very neat and attractive now. 🙂

  7. I am using firefox and Mozilla interchangeability.

    For those using IE, new phishing method is found every month, so good luck to them.

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