Was there a tremor or is it ghost?

Time : About 12.10 midnight

I finally got time to sit down.

Out comes my eldest whom had been snoozing for the last hour. He asked if there was a tremor. I don’t feel it. I look at the aquarium and no splashing of water.

He insisted his bed moves. I went in and check. True enough, it was moving just a little.

Was there a tremor? Or is it ghost? I hope it is the latter. 🙂 ‘Cos it is bloggable material.

Which brings me to bloggers block.

Know why I never have bloggers block? Here are ways to overcome that:

1) Open your eyes, ears and heart wide. Absorb life. Live for others, not within.

2) Take a keen interest in others’ blogs. Read your comrade blogs and you definitely have something to quote or similar experiences.

3) Never feel like you have to keep up to your readers. No one really gives a shit if you post or not. Don’t feel pressured.

4) Cut down on blog socialising. Don’t be a comment litterer whereby you feel you must simply post a comment on every single blogs. Frankly, I don’t give a shit to these sort of comments. Good riddance to bad rubbish. I hate fakey people. (Eheh, my dear, valued customers readers, I am not referring to any one of you. Please don’t run away!!!!!)

5) Blog for a reason. I got many! That’s why! My current one is to take over the Google world. Me wanna make sure my annoying blogs appear in every single one of your searches. Muahahahar!!!! Whether you are looking for pimp, slut, social escort, gigolo, screws, nails, toilet brush or divine intervention, I wanna be on the first page of the search.

So, ermmm, was there a tremor somewhere?

13 thoughts on “Was there a tremor or is it ghost?

  1. Not that i felt that coz it was raining so heavily just now and I was caught in it at the ‘leng lui thorng sui’ place at Jelutong… hehehe

  2. tremor No, Snoring Yes…. there’s this penang guy who really can cast ripple on a cup of water with his snore

    p/s: prettys lilian, add me on msn la~ wanna flirt with u 😛

  3. Being in the ghost hunting biz (yeah it’s just a game) I learn some interesting tidbits here. Reading this called to mind one of the ghost hunters creeds. “If you want to go find ghosts, don’t worry. The ghosts will come and find you.”

    Kinda cute ain’t it. I went looking once and that was enough for me. Whoo!

  4. I’ve never had blogger’s block before as well. Dunno why, always got something to write about, always cheong hei as well 😛

  5. I went to bed at 1 last night, and didn’t feel any tremor. I’m a light sleeper, a small sound will wake me up, what more a tremor. Could be the ghost lor, Lilian.

  6. great advie, kak lilian!

    and to the moving bed, if it were me and it had been a ghost, I’d have pengsan already – how to blog abt it leh?

  7. Won’t be surprised it was really a tremor, cos Penang is too close to Sumatra not to feel their after effects, and these few months, they’re having mini-quakes like once every month. Having a near-full filled glass by the bedside table is a good idea 🙂

  8. fishtail – So far, I have picked a few tremors by sitting in front of my PC. 🙂 It is getting nearer and nearer…

    laksa – Heh, I dun believe in ghost wan la. But that doesn’t mean I dun get spooked out. I dont watch horror movies oso.

    skyjuice – Haha, no such luck.

    wuching – *offers dog biscuits and pat head

    MG – Me too, I got more than I write.

    Ah Pek – Heh, golden wisdoms that I think off at the spur of the moment.

    SA – Wow, hunting for ghosts? That’s like those TV shows. They dramatise things so much until people starts believing.

    Orel – *give oreo and milk and shoo off

    soleilina = I am going to check our yr lenglui thongsui soon. I usually go to Kimberly St and New Lane for thongsui.

  9. hehehe.. i think the ts there is nice lo.. Kimberley street one ok oso.. ha! i miss the one at New Lane.. used to stay at that area (Dato Kramat) when i was younger, so everyday had ts there.. lol

  10. “5) Blog for a reason. I got many! That’s why! My current one is to take over the Google world. Me wanna make sure my annoying blogs appear in every single one of your searches”

    now i know why i come across your blog while looking for SPM trial paper 🙂

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