Quick question on divorce

Peeps, if you know the Malaysian divorce law for Chinese, help me please!

Ah Lian and Ah Beng have two small kids.  Ah Lian works in a low paying job.  Ah Beng shakes balls.  Ah Lian is only 21 yrs old. One of their kid needs lifelong medical attention.

This problem can’t be solved by them.  The parents asked for opinions on what to do with their daughter.

She wants the kids.  But she is not taking care of them right now, only her mother.

It was suggested to them, give the  legal guardian to the father (Ah Beng’s parents will have to take the shit).  But Ah Beng not keen.

Legally, how to file for divorce if both parties consent?   See a  lawyer and work out who is taking care of the kids. Can the mother NOT take the legal guardian (as in not having financial responsibilitie)  but demand for rights to take care of the kids?

If I look at this matter without any emotions in consideration, I would say let Ah Lian pushed the  kids to Ah Beng.  She won’t have any strings tied in future.  She is only 21 yrs old with not much education.  Somehow, the kids will be taken care by Ah Lian’s mother because Ah Beng’s mother is not grandma stuffs.  So, she won’t lost her kids ‘cos they stay not far away.

However, atm is afraid if both parents refused, the court terus send the kids to welfare home.  As we do not know how family courts work, we aren’t really good in deciding.  But an  answer is very much anticipated from us.  Dear Thelma, help please?

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  1. malaysia law very the leceh. even the simple syariah one drag ages.

    if ah beng wants to accept legal liability, then senang… all can be decided at abitration. else… more money….more hassle.

    thing is..who should pay alimony? cos ah lian must pay is ah beng take care of baby.

  2. ah beng not working ah?

    if beng has no income, the kids will go to lian because he cant prove that he is financially sound to take care of the kids

    not many will want the responsibility of giving maintenance and alimony

    i have not heard of these 2 words for ages…sigh

  3. Talking about “selfish” terms, since Ah Lian is not mature enough to be a parent, it is a disaster keeping the children, either for Ah lian and the children! So sending children welfare home is not bad idea. If Ah lian wants the children, she should claim the guardianship from the welfare home when she have a sturdy financial ground and mature mind.

  4. Ah Beng should find a job to support his wife and 2 children, Marriage is made in heaven so No Divorce

  5. sigh…
    mind if i share a story from 20 yrs back.

    Ah beng meets ah lian marries.. no children.. ah beng XXX ah lian’s sis.. get baby boy… then another baby girl.. ah lian’s sis traumatizes.. give children to ah lian..

    meanwhile ah lian decide kids get bad influence.. moved and work low income…

    ah beng stays with other gf… get 2 kids.. meanwhile demanded his 2 older kids back…

    all the while stilll legally married to ah lian.

    No divorce cos ah beng no money…

    Tell me how chinese divorce law apply???

    isn’t all his kids doomed b labled out-of-wedlock kid bcos stupid adults…

  6. I am no divorce lawyer but this is only my views..
    Since Ah Beng does not want the children,Ah Lian’s parent can take care of their grand children .If they are unable or does not want to take care then send the children to the welfare home..or spastics soceity run by those non profit kindred souls.

    Legally, Ah lian can get a temp child custody order from the court until the court decides during the divorce proceedings.This is to prevent Ah Beng’s parents from forcefully taking the children away from Ah lian’s care.Ah beng’s parents cld change their minds later on and take the children back.

    Since Ah Lian is so young and unable to look after or support the child and Ah beng being financially unable to help, it will fall to Ah Lian’s parents to do all the parenting and if they cannot afford it , then they will have to give up the kids for adoption and the other kid to the welfare home…

  7. When our young and innocent children married young and then break up, as parents we shld try to give her our strong undivided support, morally and financially..
    We just cannot throw them out to the wolves and let the mother and child to die…

    How can parents do tat. ? It is like those cats and dogs and inhuman to do tat.We got to give them another chance in life..She has nowhere to turn to…….at wits end.
    Be humane…..even if u dont agree with what she has done…..

  8. i really want to live wit my wife…but she is now hiding from me and already filing for divoce. i really dont want this divorce to go on..how am i to stop it.pls help..i love my wfe dearly

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