Upgraded four blogs with WordPress 2.02!

Nothing like a little adrenalin rush.

Back-up data with php admin. First time doing that. LOL. All the sql files are freaking big, like 40MB per database! (I backed up every damn thing including Mambo, forums and blogs, I think.)
Takes too long because my blogs are hosted in different servers. I have five blogs at 2 places.
So, I got impatient and just drop all the WP2.02 into their respective folders. (from WP 1.5)

And taddaaa….all my blogs are running on WordPress 2.02. It takes just one click!
Quite a chore earlier on because there is something wrong with my previous template. So, gotta delete the template and put Alexfied. (psst….my Adsense dropped like siao man….Anyone knows a good 3-column thingamajic template with good adsense layout?)

Also, previously I imported MT and convert to WP. Now, my MT comments won’t show on the WP. I had read like a million times on this codex wateva wordpress but it just won’t go in my skull. This Food Haven (non-halal) always show 0 comments and the comments previously on MT don’t show (this part, I don’t care so much because some of them are spams).
One of my domain expired because the invoice to me was misrouted. I had just paid and hope to get it back soon. It expired on 30 March 2006.

So, have you upgraded your WP from 1.5 to WP 2.02? Very easyyyyyyyyyy.