Blogs and their deaths

Gee, long time no write about blogging. That touchy issue which gets ‘veterans’ (konon) to sneer ‘noobs and their noob job’ and newbies and comrades to come by and nod head and say ‘true, so true’. (I am a newbie and always a newbie. Life is like that. *sings Alphaville, ‘Forever Young’. Otherwise, I would be a 42 years old nagging mother who chases her children around the house with a cane, 24/7).

I notice many blogs have died. *sprinkle bunga tahi ayam on them* (bunga tahi ayam literal means chicken shit flower because it smells like chicken shit)

1) Those parody blogs – They make fun of bloggers and eventually, they ranted and ran out of steam. RIP parody blogs. May you all be sent to the deepest of hell, being forced to read 5xmom over and over again.

2) The self-appointed blog critics – They belong where they should belong. Six feet under. No one misses them, anyway. Take my advice – Don’t ever submit yourself to a bunch of self-appointed blog critics. The traffic from them is not worth it and they suxs, all of them. (psst…I should know better, I earn Blogwhore of the Year from one group)
3) The copy & pasters – who think they can earn millions being copy pasters. I am not referring to the pro-bloggers who have a certain level of expertise in their field but those juveniles who copy and paste with no directions or opinions of their own. (don’t anyone bring up any names) – Die, CnP, die!
4) The try-to-be sex blogs – Hah! Who you wanna cheat? How much can one writes about sex? It is either top, bottom, front or back. One gets out of things to write after a while. *chants erectile dysfunction and frigidity curses on them*
5) The community blogs – Only the Ball Ghost survives. Because the ball is round. The others? No steam anymore.
6) The eager-beaver blogs – One started with so much stories to tell but with the wrong purpose, they feel like talking to the wall. And they die of loneliness. You must socialise! (psst…start with hanging around my blog? šŸ˜› )
The unlucky 7) The bloggers whose mouth got zipped – because real life interferes with their blogger image or they made boo-boo and kena threaten with legal stuffs. Don’t worry, there is always resurrection! Have a bowl of laksa! šŸ˜‰ So….if you do not want your blog to die prematurely….read these:

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Out there I think there must be millions of blogs which are dead and hovering around the blogsphere. RIP.

Can you predict any other type of blog’s death? What can cause a blog to die? Do you have what it takes to nurture a blog for years to come?

13 thoughts on “Blogs and their deaths

  1. sry OT: Your photo gallery link is broken coz u ter-put hhtp:// instead of http://…just thought of letting u know šŸ™‚
    As for RIP blogs, there are definitely heaps of them in the blogosphere now.
    A blog that will eventually lead to a natural death are blogs that criticise others, we all do accept criticism if its done properly and as controversial a blog can get it will still eventually lose its controversy as ppl might get bored with the blogging style and etc. Just like how ppl get bored with their cars for example, and they try to spice it up to make it nicer. It applies to blogging world as well, just that in blogging world, spicing up would mean new templates etc and writing ‘useful’ non sense than writing crap that are not even worth sharing in the 1st place.
    Whatever it is, a blogs death lies within the hands of the creator of the blog himself, as long as the person doesn’t get get bored and don’t run out of steam; a blog can continue to prosper ie 5xmom..hehehe

  2. Heheheh… Ball Ghost…

    That depends too.. we all might run out of steam on that one – although as long as there’s one or two hantus to kacau the other fans, it might still live on.. šŸ˜‰

    Not all dead blogs are bad blogs, there have been some excellent blogs that have died simply because the owners end up with more stuff to do offline – The Real World Syndrome lah, katakan…

  3. Laksa – *get ready acceptance speech that is 1KM long* hehehehe

    sashi – There is World Cup so I think you are all going to be kutus forever.

    ahpek – So it is important to set strategies or else those earlier attempts all go to waste only mah. Take viagra la.

    bawang merah – Got la…maybe it wasn’t publicised only.

    dylan – Tks for pointing out, I had been copy and pasting the codes into so many blogs until see stars.

    gbyeow – Not sure if is going to be permanent though.

  4. still need time to get use to ur new look….foodblog wont die lar…as well as some humor blogs like urs or any sarcasm blog ..hehehehe

  5. i guess to actually keep one blog from dying, needs a lot of dedication, mind-blogging moments (on what to blog about) and basically, time! sometimes we wish we have more time. thats why most of them are dead.

  6. It’s so true eh. I’ve been wondering what happened to so many bloggers. R.I.P.

    Sometimes some don’t really go away though – they just decide not to court publicity. Hence their fading into the background. :p

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