Koteh interupptus

It is mid-morning. Hubby is away. I am enjoying koteh. Mmmmm……nice. Heavenly.

*Ring ring*

Harlow….bring my car key can ah not? I am stuck here in Shell Jalan Burmah.

Waitlah…can ah not? Take taxi lor. (grumble, grumble, people shiok-shiok enjoying koteh, you gotta disturb me pulak)

Cannot….my car engine is still running!

Ok lah, give me a few minutes because I am mid way steaming corn for your son. (You know the song? – buka sarong, nampak bulu, buka bulu, nampak biji, buka biji, nampak batang….sing to the tune of In The Cavern)

Cannot! My car is blocking the way.

5xmom rolled eyes and grumble, grumble, grumble about her koteh interupptus.

**Story : Stupid Perdana can self-lock itself because of some faulty central locking. Hubby was filling petrol and got down from his car when it self-locked. Happened before in his factory but his maintenance guys could easily open the lock for him with only a wire.

Translation : buka sarong, nampak bulu, buka bulu, nampak biji, buka biji, nampak batang….sing to the tune of In The Cavern

Open the sarong (a piece of cloth usually worn by men), see hairs, open the hairs, see nuts (seeds), open the nuts, see rod is actually a riddle for corn. Kote is a vulgar word for ? ok, you guessed it. But what is koteh? I will blog that later.

12 thoughts on “Koteh interupptus

  1. eh.. ur hubby got down to fill petrol why never switch off the car engine? Sigh~ kesian u, koteh indulgence interrupted.. hehe

  2. filling petrol with engine running is an offence u know? can cause explosion one u know!!! then sure hubby face masuk frontpage newpaper! lol

  3. ahpek – What is KOTEHLA? Hakka ah?

    Wingz – Haiyoh, lucky you are not my husband’s wife. So clever to nag. LOL. That stupid car hor, the moment you close the door, it self locks. Petrol pumped already. About to go off, he went down dunno to do what and that’s it. LOL. Oi, front page liao, I become millionaire lor. I sue Shell and Proton till their pants drop. Fuwah! Best wor.

    Pam – šŸ™‚

    doc – I like lick-mi too. So wholesome.

    wuching – You have been away from Malaysia for too long la. It is kopi cham teh, coffee and tea mixed. You me to courier some Aik Cheong Kopi Teh anot? Damn kick ler.

  4. Oi, next time tell atm to turn off engine and take key out of ignition before filling up petrol. There has been incidents of car-jacking and with the engine running, it’ll only make it easier for them to drive your car off….hopefully not with your kids in the backseat.

  5. Stupid proton must have engage another cheapo contractors. Most alarm system that come with auto-lock system can be configured to auto-arm(engage alarm only but not locking). But not sure about al-cheapo, rofl.

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