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I so very hate hardware shops because almost every weekend I have to tag along. One son is very much into hardwares, bearings, lathe, lubricants, spirit and stuffs like that. My old man is a perpetual hardwares shopping addict.   Two other kids just love hardware shops for the thrills they provide. From egg beaters to squishy rubber balls, the shop has it all. So while the father choose the correct drill bits, ballast and stuffs, they will create havoc in the shop trying out every gadgets including the machete. (ok, I exaggerate)
Just yesterday, my old man again left me in the car while he made a run to the hardware shop. He jokingly told me that he is going to ask the hardware shop to sell costume jewelleries such as earrings and hair clips. That way, I will tag along with him. Otherwise, I prefer to sit in the car on this little lane, taking photos of trishaw riders. I don’t want to stand in the shop, looking utterly bored whilst plumbers, electricians, masons, coffin makers (just joking) barge around looking for screws.

Two days ago, the old man and my three sons also went to the hardware shop. They left me at the hospital to visit a choir member while they shop. Both of us had talked about how we converted to Catholics, our children, giving birth, bad insurance companies, her operation and almost every topic and yet, the bunch of men in my family were still shopping for hardwares. They return with only one bottle of spirit. (to clean grease la, not that dirty spirit la) This proves how men, real men, I mean are so into fiddling around the house with DIY jobs.

Today, my old man told me he is going to drop by Carrefour (which is on the mainland) on his way back from work. He is going to buy a Black & Decker gadget that costs ONLY RM199 ONLY. *roll eyes* I know in his cabinet there are two Black & Decker in there. So, again this proves men loves DIY-jobs as much as B-jobs. LOL.

Therefore, I suggested to Mr. Handy to start a blog on DIY . He is a regular blogger. (you go find out yourself who is Mr. Handy). I have a question for Mr. Handy. I just dealt with blocked sink this morning. My dear hubby is away. I don’t want to get my hands dirty. Is there anything that I can use to clear a block drainpipe? Without spoiling my nail polish or dirty my hands?

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  1. Are u talking about our idol?? Too bad he don’t have branches in Penang… if not, the guys can do all the hardware shopping they want while Mr handyman can keep the ladies occupied!! LOL

  2. Mr. Handy told me he will be answering your question in his next post. And he wants me to thank you personally for plugging him. He enjoyed it tremondously.

  3. aiyah, women go shopping for shoes and clothes, man go shopping for hardware loh. at least u know he’s feeling up some Black and Decker like Mr Handyman, and not some Black and Devine like Mr Hugh Grant.

  4. auntie, how come no post on ur coveted nomination?? i think u’ll win hands down. dun forget ur fellow sapoter whn u menang!

  5. sooi2 – Shhhh…I very pai seh wan, dun even mention it. But I voted la. I wanted to vote many times cannot wor. The male bloggers so many I want to vote for every one but the setting said ‘You voted once. Your last vote is not counted.’ Ish!

    ronlim -Yayaya, you are right.

    ah pek – Mr. Handy has very detailed write up mah. Shows he is interested in sharing his knowledge so deserve a mention lor.

    helen – Yahor, then, every week we pester the hubs to go to hardware shop pulak. Hahaha.

  6. Hardware is good, at least your old man didn’t go look for “software” for his “hardware”, kekekekek.

    I am not amuse with hardware, but new hardware features make me eye opening.

    Here is a way to clear clogged kitchen sinks : a motocycle/bicycle brake wire with a scramble open end(cut the tip and scramble with plier). Insert the scramble part into sink by twisting the wire. Pull it when you reach some end. This can remove hairs that clogged the sinks. Just use plier cut off the scramble end together with the mess.

  7. Dunno why men love the diy dept so much. I always tease hubby about how long he takes to browse at the hardware shops. Honestly, he takes a longer time to choose lightbulbs then I take to choose clothes, or maybe equal time lah. Hehe. BTW, this handyman sounds suspiciously like Ah Pek ler…

  8. [hands up]..guilty..i’m so guilty.

    I love DIY shops. I like getting lost in DIY shops. I love fixing stuff. Sometimes it’s ok. Most times..hahah.. it’s not.

  9. Me never good at DIY cos leave things in a state of ‘as-long-can-work’.

    Only DIY when things needed to be the kitchen drawer went kaplak the other day cos the MDF was soaked. (MDF=CHIP WOOD/Recycled Wood)..

    Thank You IKEA for making my life hell.

  10. Penang we don’t have the luxury of having ACE hardware and that one more mega hardware shop in 1U KL.

    I have 2 B&D tool at home, just need more bits and screws. There is always need for more bits and screws. You’ll never know what is going to fall off next.

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