Maundy Thursday


Painting of Jesus washing the twelve disciples feet.

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It’s Maundy Thursday today or in simple terms, the Last Supper. This feet washing is an act of humility. On the day before our baptism as Catholics, we went through this. It is far easier to wash someone’s feet than to have our feet be washed by someone. My godmother did so for me. I felt a rush of embarrassment as she is a very much respected matron of a large hospital. Back then, when we were told to wash each other’s feet, I admitted that I chosed someone of a higher level than me. My course facilitator/leader. My fellow catechumens (course mates likedat) probably did the same, three years ago. We never thought of doing so for each other but seek our ‘teachers’.

Now, three years after following Christ, I must say that ‘washing the feet of someone we respect’ is not much different from apple polishing. BUT to be able to do so for someone we most probably ignore/look down, that is Christ-like. E.g. Will you hand out your hand to help someone your junior? Will you go out of your way to help a beggar? Will you lower your standard and be friend with someone that the rest of your friends shunned? Will you do things that no one probably notice and appreciate and yet do it with full dedication?

As Catholics, we go through this Holy Week every year. From Palm Sunday when we welcome Jesus with palms, to Maundy Thursday when we have the last supper with him, on Good Friday when he was crucified and thereafter, rejoice that Christ is Risen on Easter Sunday. Some people may pooh-pooh that these are mere rituals. They may say, ‘We believe in God, we follow Christ, why the need to do all these?’ Well, we are humans. Sometimes, we deepen our faith when things are played out in front of us.

Those moments when we are at our pews looking at the priest doing so for the laymen, some bolt of light may strike us, making us much humbler. God probably will shower you His blessings so that you can find the desire to help someone, as God had wanted.

And yes, these are all in the Gospel of John.

While they are reeling from this embarrassing event, Jesus spells out the implications for their own lives of what he has done: Now that I, your Lord
and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also should wash one another’s
feet. I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you
(vv. 14-15). (read the rest of the explanation from BibleGateWay and the Gospel of John Chapter 13)

In order for us Christians to obtain that kind of humility, I guess we, the mere humans have to lean back on a community, the church. It is only in going back to the whole community that we are able to find the enlightment to let go of our human nature and do God’s will. Without humility, we cannot do God’s will. Without doing God’s will, what Christians are we then?

I just look back on my post last year about Maundy Thursday. Actually, I was searching for a photo. Instead, I stumbled on what I wrote (have forgotten) and it brought a tear to me.

(a huge chunk of written stuffs censored ‘cos suddenly, I don’t feel like telling them)

What I want to say, ever so subtlely (grins innocently), is ‘Go to church’ all you who are the ‘lost sheep, lost coin, prodigal son’. Now is the best time. Jesus is waiting to welcome you back. Just like the prodigal son. Remember that the church is not make up of those b*tches that you don’t like. (I am quoting these exact words from somewhere, these are not my own description.) There is no excuse in not wanting to be in communion with Christ just because you dislike a few people or some concepts or policies or politics or whatever. The church is in you, between God and you. That’s what matter. And to those who are still searching, search no further. There is nothing to look for. It is all in your heart. If you feel a tugging in your heart, take the first step. Learn more about Jesus Christ. You will love Him when you know Him.

Find a church nearest to you. I found mine in the Yellow Pages. (serious!)

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14 thoughts on “Maundy Thursday

  1. i wouldn’t be able to stand getting my feet washed by someone else coz i’ll probably be extremely ticklish & be ROFLMAO!!!

  2. I didn’t know that the ROman Catholic Church had feet washing ritual. lol Better keep those nails clean and touchup any chipped polish. Yeah, take care of those cracked heels few days before.. šŸ™‚

    Wuching – if likedat, how to go for massage??

  3. just wondering…did u watch ‘gospel of judas’ in national geographic yesterday? pretty interesting i think.

  4. Yeap…we watched Gospel of Judas last night, interesting though hubby had to do a lot of explaining;).
    About feet washing…I have no idea where the ritual comes from, but we do it to our ‘tok guru’ who teaches us to read the Quran during the ‘graduation’ or ‘khatam’ ceremony. But no touching la…only pour the water on. But I remember my tok guru’s face when I did it…satisfaction to have another student passed;).

  5. I was passing by a church in Sandakan a while ago and there’s a church named “Church of True Christ”
    There was even a sign in bahasa that says “Gereja Yesu Benar”
    I turned to my customer and asked if there was a false one.

    Luckily for me, there is only one Ayah Pin. (peace be upon him)

  6. Cocka – I am not amused with your quip. It is a sheer disrespect to my faith. You should know better than to bring in menial stuffs like these to put on my comment box. Know that this post is not written with frivolity.

    Amelia – Blessed Easter to you and yours!

    mama23beas – I think these are all symbolic actions that we humans do to seal that master/servant union.

    sooi2 – Nay, I did not ‘cos I was out shopping. But hear what Helen ranted. I can’t comment much cos I did not watch. However, I know that it is the ‘norm’ that each Easter, there is something to test our Christians faith. Last year, it was the great debate about the woman whose husband stopped her food supply? (I blogged it). The media is always a lot more interesting thing to ‘believe’ than the Bible, to many. So, what I do is to turn back into my own faith, the inner thoughts and feel to discern which direction I should look.

  7. Happy Easter kak lilian! We are gonna take tia for Easter Egg hunt this weekend or next week… šŸ™‚
    And thanks for the wellwishes!

  8. Hi there. I was wondering whether there’s any difference between the Roman Catholic Church and the other churches. I appreciate your idea of going to any church near us and I’ve always thought of doing that for the last one year. But, the problem is, there are a few peeps who told me “this and that” about different churches. So, is there any difference in going to either one of the churches? Well, I know it’s only between us and God, but does going to certain church really matter or make any difference?

    Sorry for asking such a weird question. *blush*

  9. Hi
    I like this. I asked my papa to wash my feet. You know what he said? “Go and wash yourself.”
    My papa is smart he knows everything. But I don’t know why he does not want to wash my feet.
    Little momy’s boy.

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