Whee! I buka puasa!

Seven weeks! I did it! I lasted seven weeks on vegetarian food.
Well, I wanted to wait until Sunday lunch where we are going for a potluck to buka puasa (break fast). But I am scared I go wild with all those yummy foods cooked by the church choir members. Imagine, I run around grabbing every roast chicken, lamb, rendang, curries and sit in a corner stuffing my face with the ladles (senduk). I smack whoever dares to take a portion! Gosh, better don’t risk it.

So, I called the hub when he was coming back from work. “Dear, on your way, go buy salmon sashimi for me. And get a few pieces of cod fish too please.” Tomorrow I want to buka puasa liao.

I am supposed to fast today. So, I took the clever way out. I slept at 4am last night, wake up at 12 noon and I managed to last till after the Good Friday mass (I am not sure what they call it but I think it is not a mass?) Went to buy hot cross buns for the occassion.

Can you see Mr. Bean on the errm…cross? My toddler was trying hard to get me to take a pic of his little Mr. Bean.

The service today is soooooo long. In fact this is the first time I attended a Good Friday service. Oh dear, I thought it is going to be a short service but it turned into 2 + hours. With an unmanageable toddler, a cannot sit still 10 yrs old, an angsty teenager plus a reluctant older teenager, it was nightmare. I probably stand and kneel for like 30 times. But it is a very enriching, sombre experience. Glad I made it through with minimal disturbances to the whole church.

Little guy enjoying himself before the start of the service. So, from here on, no more moody posts from this blog until the next year! I hope!

Go see what I buka puasa with! Oystersssss….. I also stopped blogging the last two days! Hahaha, it takes self-restraint, you know? Now for Easter. You want to know the significance of Easter eggs? I have the link here. Easter is to rejoice that Christ is Risen.

Blessed Easter to every Christian!