You know what is better than getting married?

It made me much happier.

I was much more excited.

I got to wear white dress, too.
I felt so much joy than the day I was getting hitched.

I felt so much more secured than the day I become a wife.

I looked forward to it more than my wedding night.

I received much more than my wedding angpows.  In fact, it was priceless.

I know He will not abandon me.

I know He will not forsaken me.

I know He will not betray me.

I cried more on the day (before the night) reflecting on the good things He had done for me.  Than, crying for what my parents did for me.

I was baptised three Easters ago.

Baptism is much more meaningful than getting married.  I pray for the day when my spouse will do the same thing.

Tonight, all over the world, thousands of people will be baptised as Catholics.  Whether they are white, black, rich, poor, in huge cathedrals or small hut chapels……They are all God’s children.  That’s why all of us Christians are so happy on Easter.  Because all of us, will be washed clean of our sins again.  God forgives and we start on a new slate.  To all new converts – Welcome to the world!  Hallelujah!