Keep SCB, a blogger, in your prayers please

Latest update from 9393. Please read what 9393 had written about his visit to Lisa.

I don’t know what more I can do except to share this:


Very sorry for not able to inform you all earlier about what happen to Siao Char Bor .

She is currently in ICU in Gleneagle, Ampang. She collapsed while in Rum Jungle, last Saturday night (8 April 2006). Her current condition is stable, but still in state of coma until today. I hope and pray that she will wake up very soon.

I haven’t met her but clicked through our blogs. So, do keep SCB and her little daughter in your prayers. I know SCB is one kick-ass woman with strong opinions. So, I am sure she will be fighting to go through this with her determination and survival attitude. May she recovers soon. May God watch over her and keep her safe and also showers her daughter with all the love and attention the little girl needs now.

26 thoughts on “Keep SCB, a blogger, in your prayers please

  1. She came for the bloggers’ dinner, fun and vivicious lady.
    Sad to hear about what happened to her.
    Hope she gets out of it real soon.

  2. omg! that is one piece of really baaad news. i haven’t met her but she seems a very pleasant and thoughtful lady. remember when i blogged that i was down, she e-mailed me her phone number and told me to call her if ever i need someone to talk to. how’s that for thoughtfulness.

  3. We’ve only met through our blogs. This comes as such a shock. Will definitely pray for her and also for her daughter.

  4. Dont play play but pray pray
    May God Bless her to recover soon
    All Bloggers please say your prayers
    All your prayers will keep her alive

  5. I don’t know her but have been reading her blog all this while. Prayed for her speedy recovery and will continue to pray.

  6. will pray for Lisa and hope that she can wake up soon. I believe in miracles. God Bless.

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