Suddenly I feel like deleting and give birth to a new blog!

Ok peeps, this is something that just strikes me.  You can say that I am asking for opinions.  Or just the little nudge to let me fall off the cliff.

I started the Women Only! blog sometime back.  Actually, I bought that domain for a few pennies only and had no intention of using it.  Inf act, I left it for half a year without doing anything to it.   I wanted to auction it off.  I had paid for three years domain fee!  But my itchy butt installed a WP 2.02 and had began writing few weeks ago.  Midway, I got bored.

Lately, I notice that I enjoy writing inspirational stuffs ala Chicken Soup for the Soul kind.  Actually, it is more to make my own views clearer.  Sometimes, one can get blurry with all the inputs from different religious sectors that we forget that our ultimate aim is God Almighty.  I do not want to put these thoughts too much on my personal blog because I had polluted this personal blog with too much KNNMCB and all the F words.
So, *open eyes big-big and stare at Helen and Yvy especially* do you think I got what it takes to write God’s stuffs?  How?  I am itchying to kill my Women Only! blog and give it a fresh breath.   All that boils down to the love of God, our struggles as women trying to be a Christian, mothers fighting with the forces of nature to keep our children in the straight path, spouse that want to emulate St. Peter’s preaching…..

How?  How?  Ah, never mind.  Probably by the time you all read this, I   have changed my mind.  Or I  have changed the blog title and started writing Christian stuffs.