We have a solemn looking politician sitting ever so cosily in an ever so clean and orderly bus.

We have this title on the paper :

Operators: No lack of buses from the start

“We have 40 buses, with only 50% of them plying at any one time,” he said, adding that he was trying his best to meet the standards set by the government for buses.

On April 5, state executive councillor Datuk Dr Teng Hock Nan said bus companies could rent school, tour or factory buses if they did not have enough vehicles to meet demand.

My two older sons take the public buses home every afternoon. This is what they told me.

“There is no difference to the new routing. In fact it is even worse because nowadays, the bus is so packed we can’t even get down. Students hang on the door handle, dangling outside.”

(The above photo was taken by my son while I was driving him along Pulau Tikus. The boy hanging on the door is only a primary school student, probably 11 or 12 years old, from the colour of his school pants.)

At least they are lucky because their school is located near the jetty where the bus route starts so they have seats available. And they do not need to change bus.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out when the rush hour is and to schedule more buses to ply that route. Even your bus drivers and students can do this simple thing. Ask them and they will tell you. For the school children’s sake, why can’t both the State Government and public buses operators sit down and get this done? Do we have to wait till some poor kid fell off the bus and got rolled over by some vehicles before we need to do it? Can’t you all put aside the $$ and cents and think of the hardship of the users?

Don’t fool us with nice photos and big politicians faces to assure us that everything is working like clockwork. It is not. You cannot come down from your 59th floor, posh, aircond office to take one single bus trip to assess the situation. It takes responsible citizens like me to tell you that it is NOT ok. I had seen enough of students risking their lives chasing after crowded buses, fighting to get on that rare bus to get home. (yeah, I do drive in my posh, aircond car to pick my children occasionally when they need it but it is more convenient for their younger siblings if the older ones just take the bus instead of younger siblings going out together with me in the hot sun and kiasu parents jam)