Astro/MyKad & the next Ayah Pin

After hearing from the good doc that we can read our MyKad details on Astro, we did it.

I already knew my reading earlier because our church provided the MyKad readers for us. As you already know, I love conspiracy. I was a Buddhist. Then, when I applied for MyKad, my dear hubby filled the form for me and stated ‘Katolik’ (God bless him). So, I got No Religion. I think they don’t accept Katolik but Kristian. Or they are planning to wipe out all religions.

As can be seen, Religion : Maklumat Tiada (no information)

So, my dear hubby inserted his and guess what! He also got Maklumat Tiada. Muahahahar. Dear hubby has been a Buddist all along and I don’t know why the National Registration Department deleted his religion.

However, my eldest son who applied for his MyKad at age 12 (four years ago in 2002) has his religion stated as Buddha. (He was baptised Catholic in 2003 and will be confirmed this October 2006)

Which shows that lately, the Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara is at their fancy to insert Maklumat Tiada into our MyKads. Both hubby and I got our MyKad last year, I think. So, peeps, let’s go to the NRD and get our religions straighten out.

And guess what dear hubby said when I joked that since he is no longer a Buddhist, he is ready to be a Christian. He said, “What? I am going to congregate all the people in the world and be the next Ayah Pin.” *four legs in the air* That’s my multi-religious husband whom I love dearly.

So, what are you waiting for? Go read what your religion is and tell me if you have been un-religionised also. And remember to go get the details straighten out. I don’t want to get thrown into the sea without my last rites.

(no funny, sensitive comments please, let’s see this as poor administration issue)

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15 thoughts on “Astro/MyKad & the next Ayah Pin

  1. Yea..the NRD is full of mistakes

    in my MYkad, there my name moses francis BIN ******

    I told that huh?..BIN?~!!!..I’m chrisitan..always have been.

    they still havent changed it until now.

    The funny thing is i don’t have the word “ISLAM” on Mykad…and my religion as stated on my mykad is Christianity… to have BIN and Christianity together?

    Strange indeed.

  2. someone told me once they did that on purpose so statistic will show most malaysians r muslims instead of kristian & buddist or something liddat no?

  3. one of my friend a Sarawakian Christian with is name like Francis bin something got kicked out of NZ just because he got a BIN in his name. Even with is work permit, he is not allowed in. WTF

  4. Gua talak Astro, can go to your place to check ah? :p

    By the way, should the religion be “Buddhis” or “Buddha”? which one correct?

    My did MYKAD back in 2001 and got license at the back one, you guys got or not? Only one of my friends have that.

  5. I don’t have that kind of problem…cos I don’t even have a flipping IC.
    Even for a Singaporean, we do away with all those complicated things in life.

    As we always say: Do what you want..don’t get caught. and I don’t use a NRIC cos I’m classed as a NRC (Non-Residing Citizen) …and with an OVERSEAS ADDRESS on my 11B

  6. Next we just need to find out a way to reprogram the Astro receiver to change the info on MyKad. No need to mahfan all those gomen SSOF mya peepur.

  7. I tried it on my Astro but somehow it said “card not supported” or sth like that.

    But I did it in my church and it also says Kristian and not Katolik.

    I heard they make ‘mistakes’ with the religion so that when we want to build a church they can say that there aren’t enough Christians in the area.

    Y is ur address diff from ur son’s?

  8. I’m sorry to say this but, it irks me to still see people claiming themselves as Catholics and not Christians. I’m a Methodist but I don’t go around claiming myself as a Methodist and making a huge fuss that my IC states Christian and not Methodist.

    Catholics, Prostestants, aren’t we all Christians, sons and daughthers of Christ?

  9. Angie – Well, it is a fact that not all of us profess the exact same thing, if you look back on the church history. We call Mary, the Mother of God. We have devotion to Mother Mary, we have statues of Jesus on the cross etc. We receive Holy Communion at mass which some denominations don’t. This difference will always remain and hence, that’s why we call ourselves Catholic Christians. By labelling ourselves Catholic (Universal) Christians don’t make us any greater and neither will other denomination gets any lesser (unless they choose to). It is just a term. It is not a claim. It is a fact, I am a Catholic. We merely call ourselves this. What’s the problem then? Oh yeah, the Jehovah Witnesses also call them Christians. LOL.

    terence – Heh, is that a new cult?

    anastasia – That statistic can be true and can be a conspiracy too. Try rubbing your card with a soft tissue paper. After we had checked, our Astro card cannot work. We phone Astro and they told us to wipe the card with tissue paper. Voila.

    doc – People are going to spent the whole life cracking the code SSOF (ok, got yr MSN msg liao).

    azrin – Wow, lucky you! International la?

  10. i think religion and should not be shown on IC. it should be kept confidential and only accessed when nessesary because by labeling your race and religion its preventing the formation of one nation one race.

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