How to beromen without kissing and hugging?

I never bother to read those news about the bylaws, outlaws, watevalaws the Government is trying to implement. I also never bother to read what the politicians (the opposition) are talking regarding the ‘no kissing, no hugging’ issue. I am even more allergic to reading what the laymen protest.

This is yet another flash in the pan kinda policy cooked up by over-zealous, out of touch inidividuals who wants to garner brownies points with the Almighty. “Stone them stone them…” Isn’t this so familiar?

I bet these very people who do not openly show affection to their spouses (hey, I bet those who are in power who make decisions like these are very old, married, kissed, hugged and went all the way before, no?) will be the same people who steal fishes and eat them behind closed doors.

I agree that lately, the moral of a majority of youngsters have declined. Under-age sex, unwanted pregnancies, ‘cry-foul’ rapes etc have increased. These are all due to the change of time, when the darker side of the media/TV/internet is over-taking the religious and moral sides of our lives. Therefore, as adults, we do need to find a certain discipline to curb these social issues. I mean, we can’t have our teenage kids making out at the padang across your rumah teres, right?

You wouldn’t want to take the dog out for its evening wee-wee and stumble upon Manikam’s daugther making out with Ah Chong’s son while Ali’s son is making out with Mrs. Kaur’s daughter, right? Meanwhile, Mrs. Kan’s son is secretly filming with his infra-red, phone camera. So, I think basically, this is what our honourable decision makers are trying to set right.

On the other hand, we have to admit that previously, our Muslims brothers and sisters were much modest and were much more religious inclined. It is the norm that youngsters head for their Quran classes and back home. Khalwat, zina and words like those hung like a sword on a string. And we have to admit that there seems to be a new generation of youngsters who are now much more daring. I have plenty of people coming to my site looking for ‘seks jepun, seks melayu’. I mean, cik adik semua, paling teruk pun belajar lah macam mana nak spell hentai or japanese sex if you want to learn to Google lah. At least it will lead you to some decent p0rn sites and not auntie mya site, ok?

So, basically, this is what those decision makers are trying to do. Which is a good one. But as usual, bad P.R. and the whole thing is now blown out of proportion. Now, even our bespectacled YB Minister (eh, forget who liao?) also wanna insist that it is ok to kiss-kiss and hug-hug and no one should pounce on him at the padang. (aiyoh, when I saw the photo and read the headlines, I went, alamak, who want to beromen with you, uncle?)
Now this also makes me nervous. If this law (or whatever it is called) is passed through, does that mean I cannot hug even in church? Aiyoh, susah lah like that. ‘Cause I am always filled with lotsa love after mass and I always give this old couple a hug. Uncle T even pecks both my cheeks like the angmoh. Boleh kena tangkap kah?

Anyway, I haven’t been to Padang Polo, Bukit Dumbar (some secluded places ideal for beromen in Penang) for like light years. So, I wouldn’t know what is the scene like now. I mean, where do young couples go for phaktoring nowadays? Terus masuk hotel? Hahaha…..

(this post is filed under humour and not to be taken seriously, ok?)

15 thoughts on “How to beromen without kissing and hugging?

  1. The longer that kids can keep their youth the better.

    Fathers need to teach their sons that the girl they first date is not likely to be the one they marry. Therefore it is his honor to protect this girls virtue for her future husband. Hopefully the boy that dates his future bride has the same attitude.

    I wish I had this attitude in Korea 25 Years Ago. Its tough because the media keeps teaching sex is okay. Just do it and do it often. Sex just to have sex doesn’t make you happy. That is for certain.

  2. I guess that certain ruling was meant to curb a certain race only. But because we are all Malaysians, everybody is affected 🙁

  3. aiyahh.. come on la.. as if those who come up with those laws against ‘beromen’ in public don’t do it! tengok2 they all more teruk.. just because they have the luxury of 5-6 star hotels and an army of bodyguards to shield them from the public eye! makes me wonder what those dark tinted glasses on their cars are for sometimes.. don’t you think it’s better for our youngsters to ‘beromen’ than to do drugs or wage war or even worse, terrorize the world! what our country or government need to do is to educate our young people on sex and safe sex for that matter, not to avoid it! afterall, we still need to procreate to reach the nation’s ideal population of 70 million, what!

  4. The responsibility of teaching our young people SHOULDN’T be on the shoulders of our ministers but on the parents.

  5. Mei, then who is supposed to educate the parents? How are the parents going to educate their children if they themselves are ignorant or misguided on the issue of sex? The children of today are going to be parents someday and the vicious cycle continues if noone does anything about it.

  6. Mei – Yeah, Soleilina is absolutely right. Even a mundane column like ask Ruth (the parenting section) has a letter from a father that says, “my 14 yrs old daughter was reprimanded in school for kissing…and the father doesn’t know how to react’. The world is not a bed of roses with perfect parents so rules and regulations have to be made. I am not supporting this but thisis one reason why the Government steps in. Have you observe that not only teenagers are groping between the opposite sex but of the same sex too? Are we going to sit back and just assure ourselves their parents will handle the matter?

    wuching – wuah…you stay in OZ and I thot you are more open-minded.

    sol – Right, the Government should step in, but not in this manner where it seems too hostile. Educate from the kids up. And if you read the below related post, get yer dick on, you will know that it is a futile fight.

    ahpek – Aiyoh, like that how to bloggers meet? Chey…

    pelf – Religions, whether Islam or otherwise are battling with the dark side. Things are coming out fast and furious to influence the young. Actually, a lot of publicity were focusing on the older adults but if we look at a bigger picture, the very young people are also affected. Well, I am not supporting the move but I also see some points in them.

    Sa – Glad you share the same sentiments with me. It is hard work, being parents.

  7. The first person that should be SAMAN KOW KOW should be Kak Dah : for hugging Tun M in public. No double standard mah, in the public wor, and the photo is published nationwide. ROFL. :p

  8. More of my 2 cents.

    Should we bring a emoticon card in public? So when in public, we take out the card to show the reaction 😉 for example “/BEAR HUG”, “/PAT on shoulder”, “/CRY on shoulder”, “/SLAP on the face”. :p

  9. What is wrong with holding hands??

    Can we ask those romance novel be banned?? They are promoting indecency ….

  10. helen – Yayaya, that’s why lor, the Ministry responsible should have curb them from the stem. Do you see the amount of sleazy, thrashy Malay novels there are in the mamak stall? Of course, not to mention the Japanese ones too.

    foodcrazee – What….lagi chialat wor. Later people come sue me, bang on my door etc demanding compensation, how?

    moo_t – Your ideas are always so different. 🙂

  11. From a younger person’s point of view, I think parenting is important in teaching about sex. The ministry could only set laws but it is only up to the person him/herself if they want to do it. This is where the parents step in to guide their children to the right path.

    I have to say the media these days especially those MTVs are really influencing the kids. It feels weird to hear from my friends that they had done it because 5 years ago, sex was only a joke. Now, one by one are succumbing to the tempation. It makes me wonder what happened to abstinence?

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