Another Semi Value & Ah Khoon’s rant

Tomorrow is my atm’s birthday. So, I bought some fresh big head prawns (udang galah) and estimated my cooking time to get the prawns just cooked before he reached home around 7pm (usual time).

7.20 pm – Harlowwww….I am only near Prai, BIGGGGG jam. (there a jam on the Penang Bridge)
8.00 pm – Harlowwww…I am taking the ferry. But long queue, so I am leaving my car here (on the mainland).

8.20 pm – Still no sight of him so I phoned him. He said he is taking the bus because the taximan wanted to fleece him. The journey is about 5-6KM only and they wanted to charge him RM15 per ride. Would cost only RM5 if using the meter. So, my man with his principle wanted to take the public bus. But after waiting for 10 minutes on the bus, the bus is not moving because not many passengers. The regular passengers told him that sometimes, the bus will stop for another 10-20 minutes at Komtar (the main city stop). I then offered to get my lazy butt to pick him. Thought of saving me a trip because I need to get toddler to get ready to go out.

9.00 pm – Conversation in the car. Atm cursing the gahmen. He pitied those who had to take the Penang ferry because he told me the slope to walk up to the ferry from the bus stop is really high. He wondered how those old folks managed with their luggages on this metal slope. He wondered how people can stand the public transport.
So, I asked him, “Then, go get yourself elected in the next election and change the system.”

He replied, “Cannot wannnnn, politicians only can talk, do nothing.”

Me, “Be an opposition then.”

He, “Even worse, talked until no saliva, still no changes. Let me be a billionairre, I go and change all that.”

Me, “Eleh….when you become billionairre, you will be buying yatchs and sailing, where can remember all the poor folks depending on the ferries and buses?

I guess my statement is true. Haih….

Later tonight, we are going to ride on the ferry again. I drive him to the jetty, we cross over and come back to the island on his car on the ferry. Then, both of us drive back home in our individual cars. He told me I am going to get a lot of beautiful pics of the Penang ferry and the skyline. It better be or else, I am going to curse Semi Value’s wig to fly off one of these days while he is in the middle of standing for Negaraku and Ah Khoon is going to break his goofy spec.

I got these pics from CLF  regarding the second link proposed for Penang. Wonder how many decades it is going to take to complete?