LOL, Tks to Da Vinci Code, now the bookstores are going nuts!

I went shopping for The Celestine Prophecy which Hanyi mentioned. Two Popular, one MPH and two shopping malls. None of them have the book. 🙁

But guess what? I am so, so amused with the herd mentality of our local Malaysian readers! And bookstores. Fulamak, don’t they have any other books to read? Every shops sell Da Vinci Code everything. Even a book on the author behind the Da Vinci Code. Siah ah? What’s so great about Dan Brown?
Then hor, these bookstores have turned into Salvation or Gladsound (those dusty bookshops hidden in obscure corner selling books on Christianity?). They have every kind of books like ‘The woman with the alabaster jar’, The Genesis Code, The Judas Code, The Chisin Code, The Mary Madgadelene Code, The 38 Code, The Tax Collectors Code, The Herd Mentality no brainers Code, yadda yadda yadda.

But I do see a little flicker of light. Someone must have a great sense of humour. There are Bibles on sale too. King James Version, New International Version, Gideon, Mormon…..

(ok, I made up some of the above titles, obviously)

May the herds of followers find their lights while browsing through the Codes and Bibles. I have faith….The Lord is my Shepherd. Right?
Guess what? Even the Uncle Ho (pirate) DVD shops are selling movies related to Christianity and pushing them to us. BTW, most of Uncle Ho shops are going to close tomorrow until the authority cools down. Too bad if you didn’t get your stock. (Those selling PC softwares already tutup kedai.)
In closing, I do support the various churches in standing up to clear the mess caused by The Da Vinci Code mania. Especially the Roman Catholic church with their website – Jesus Decoded. It is their obligations. Hollywood is very powerful and they cannot just keep quiet and say, ‘Heck, it is just a fiction book!’. They merely explain, not refute or retaliate. Like I said in someone’s blog the other day, If someone suddenly accuse your father has a bastard daughter, will you just grin and say, ‘It is just a book!’ ?

Sigh….I wish we have Borders and whatnots giant bookshops here. We don’t even have Times anymore!

15 thoughts on “LOL, Tks to Da Vinci Code, now the bookstores are going nuts!

  1. You may not want to hear this following line, but then again, “be thankful for whatever you have.”

    We don’t even have POPULAR or MPH here.. Only PUSTAKA SERI INTAN! *sob*

  2. I’m going to send a copy of “The Celestine Prophecy” book (PDF file) to your gmail address now. 🙂

  3. I have the book and a few of James Redfield’s writtings. I can pass it on to you if you can’t find it. I pass on all the books I read. Recycle. Email me.

  4. Good on them for explaining! I was concentrating more on groups and organizations calling for bans and boycotts. That IS not explaining. :p

    Yes, went to MPH yesterday and the mania is annoying me to no end. Tried looking for a book on world religion and no stock. BUT they have heaps of books on Holy Blood, Holy Grail, shelves full of Da Vinci code with different covers of it, etc, etc. Bah.

    I bought Deception Point instead. ^.^

  5. Umm..maybe you might want to search the net for the PDF downloadable copy of those hard to find titles via bit torrent or P2P ^_^. Btw, havent been here for ages and I like your new blog layout.

  6. Dun know about Penang, MPH had removed all Agatha Christie’s book from their display shelves…. I dun believe it. For the first time, I cannot find A.G books in the bookstore. *shake head*

  7. DaVinci code is on every other shelf in my Borders too! And there must be a dozen books showing all of the different things associated with the book. I am interested in the Paris tour book. That might be halfway fun.

    Though it still pisses me off about the blasphemy that just gets passed over in this book. Dan Brown is making beacoup bucks. But I’m pretty sure he will never enjoy the money unless he can reconcile with God.

  8. yea.. i thought there’s TIMES in FIMA.. errr i mean Penang Plaza… or maybe it has changed names but i know that bookshop is still there and will be there for the next decade or so….

    i’m a catholic too and i have read the book… before reading it, i told myself “i want to read it because i’m curious…” while i was reading it… i was like… “OMG can someone actually come up with something like that?!!!” after reading it… “darn… no more books to read” and i went looking for another book to read…

    i really don’t understand why ppl are making such a big fuss… maybe i’m not THAT holy but i go with the relationship i have with HIM, that he is my friend, he’s there for me, and he is the one that i can rely on…. other than that… whether he got married, got a kid… or stuff like that.. i’m not really bothered…

    so maybe u ppl out there who are all… OH NOO… THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING frenzie should just go back to the basics, on how u started to know and love HIM…. don’t get over excited on someones imagination (whether if its true or not)…

  9. I am only thankful that there are no fanatics burning down the bookstores and cinemas, if you know what I mean.

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