Ewwss…and that stupid Penang bridge jam

I can’t believe I actually wrote such mushy post last year. LOL, I just read back, and go…Omg, woman, did you really write that? Hehehehe. So, I don’t think I can write an even mushier post this year.

Happy Birthday, dear….

I think I better go cook myself some bak kut teh and yam rice to standby for dinner. In case my birthday boy is held up in another stupid, six hours, traffic jam like yesterday. Otherwise, we are going out for dinner, of course.

Waiting for the ancient ferry

Stupid PLUS, someone should hang them upside down and ask for an explanation how an accident that happened at 4 pm can cause a six hours traffic jam eventhough the vehicle was removed by 6pm.

Inside of ferry

We went over to Butterworth last night and at 10.30 pm, cars were still queuing up to return to the island. Lucky, it was mere fun trip for us because my toddler enjoyed the night ride on the ferry so much. But I got muscle ache in my calf now because of the long, long walk up and down the rams and flights of stairs. It took us 2 long freaking hours somemore!

Penang Bridge jammed

BUTTERWORTH: An overturned car on the lane leading to the island on the Penang Bridge caused a bumper-to-bumper queue stretching 1km from the bridge toll plaza here.

The jam lasted more than six hours following the 4pm accident yesterday although the site of the accident was cleared within two hours.

To avoid the jam, many motorists opted for the ferry instead. But this caused another long queue at the Sultan Abdul Halim ferry terminal.

It was learnt that a Proton Waja driven by a man in his 30s was travelling from the island to the mainland when it hit the divider somewhere between the 2km and 3km mark of the bridge.

The car ended on the opposite lane causing a bottleneck there. It did not hit any vehicle.

The man escaped with minor injuries.

A check with the Penang Bridge Sdn Bhd (PPSB) hotline at 10pm yesterday revealed that the accident site was cleared by about 6pm.

However, at 10.30pm, the PPSB’s BridgeCam on the Internet showed heavy traffic heading for the Penang Bridge toll plaza.

When contacted at 10.30pm, a Sultan Abdul Halim ferry terminal official said the jam there had just cleared.


15 thoughts on “Ewwss…and that stupid Penang bridge jam

  1. ooooh… HAPPY 46TH BIRTHDAY Mr.(blurred out) ATM!!! i hope u continue making more money this year so that 5xmom can keep on blogging and blogging!

    and i’ve been saying this for a million times…ur little darlings always look soooo cute in ur pics…esp little matthew…i can feel his overflowing innocent joy all the way here! :))

  2. awww, poor thing šŸ™

    i hate being stuck in a jam…but on a cramped ferry summore? i’m rather claustrophobic…

  3. Ee…where got crammed ferry? Judging from the photo, it’s virtually empty!! U need specs kah, laksa?? Haiya, ur sons so young one…otherwise I can introduce my girl and I can enjoy her mother-in-law’s cooking!!!

  4. I’ve always been proud to be a Penangite. But the one thing I totally detest is the constant jam on the bridge.

    Considering the fact that PLUS charges RM7 on toll, we sure are getting very poor service from them.

  5. Happy Birthday ATM.

    Getting stuck in jams ..is a norm for us here. Even you pay for the toll, things do go Cuckoo.

    Remember when I was 3 hrs late to work cos some lorry went topsy turvy on the QE2 bridge.caused so much headache for everyone working in the industrial zones

  6. Penang Bridge jam is very common
    Use sampan for your next trip lah
    More faster and cheaper

  7. Happy birthday to your mister. šŸ™‚

    Such a logjam. Dang. I just want a helicopter like Donald Trump.

    Hey is that your son with the “Zero or Die” shirt. Whats that mean? Curious fellow here.

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