16 and I got the hots for IL DIVO, faints

If I have a daughter, sweet sixteen would have been a momentous event. But nope, a sixteen year old chap doesn’t give two hoots about birthdays. So, no party or anything like that. (father and eldest son’s birthday is one day apart)
There are many things I cannot understand about teenagers. They count calories, doesn’t eat rice, no fattening snacks yadda yadda yadda and yet they wear jeans four sizes larger. *roll eyes* If you ask me whether parenting toddler or teenager is easier, I will scream loud-loud ‘TIU!!!! TEENAGERS LAH! THEY ARE A NIGHTMARE! So stop whinning it is hard to take care of lil babies or toddlers. You ain’t see nothing yet!’

So, to take those tensions off, I got a new hobby now! I am a hopeless, desperate, weak-knees, adoring fan of IL DIVO. Mind you, spell with capital letters, please.

Oi, dun ask me where I got all their songs la. I just got la. 😉 This is the 2nd post I made in less than 12 hours you know?

I also arm-luen Marc Anthony. Don’t know why I like to listen to these deep bass, manly voice singing in languages that I don’t understand. Spanish, I think? Or is it Italian? Or Latin? LOL, I dun care ler. I got midlife crisis, that I know. Cos I got a son old enough to ride the bike, amongst other things. *chew nails and replay Si Tu Me Amas for the 100th times* BTW, I think I still have a bit of dignity left ‘cos at least I am not listening to Elvis the Pelvic or Anchorberg Humperdick or Tom Jones. Ewwss..

21 thoughts on “16 and I got the hots for IL DIVO, faints

  1. babe – Yeah, I also like Andre Bocceli but Il Divo is so much nicer on the eyes. LOL. Tks for the wishes.

    King’s wife – Yay! We can start silais fan club liao. Tks.

  2. il divo … lower case, see?
    Cos you ran down ELVIS THE PELVIS.
    another 50 yaers from now, the Gen4 won’t no il..wwwwwwwho?
    But they’ll remembr the other EL-…VIS!

    Sorely to spoil the Birdae partee. jest feelin knotty agin.

  3. Il Divo! I’ve got friends crazy abt them too.. though I’m not really a big fan of them I kinda liked Carlos and his voice.. *hehe*

    So Aunt Lilian.. really no favourite ar?

  4. _butt – Guess what? I dunno their names. I blog this cos yesterday, I watch the interview with Simon Cowell (yay, it is American Idol Wednesday!) on how he formed the group. I like the one with the deepest bass (the kind of voice that go boom-boom).

    SA – Hahaha, that’s what keep us going, going, going isn’t it?

    desi – Aiks, it is Elvis the pelvis! Soli, wrong nickname. Aiyah, Elvis not my era la.

    mott – Actually, I only got interested because they sang some of those opera kinda songs which my church choir sang. So, I was like, ok, these hymns I am singing in church ain’t so old then.

    wuching – What silais? These guys are for young girls la.

  5. **Whistle blown by referee** “”Foul, Foul!”

    Foul play!!!!! What are u doing with those guys??! 4 of them wor?? You damn greedy!! lol

    C’mon, spread some goodwill around! 😛

  6. Happy birthday 5XDad/ATM and Jeff!

    I bought IL DIVO’s CD last year. Didn’t like it, so gave it to my cousin. If I knew you like them, won’t mind sending the album to you. I like a few of Marc Anthony’s songs, especially No Me Ames, a duet with his wife, J-Lo, and recorded long before they tied the knot.

  7. Hey what is wrong with Elvis, Engelbart Humperdinck or even Cliff Richard? I like them leh or perhaps I am really outdated. I like Il Divo too.

  8. WMD – LOL, cos they are either dead or too old liao, for the eyes, I mean. Hahaha.

    skyjuice – I got Marc Anthony’s cassette. I know, I ketinggalan zaman.

    helen – Oi, I dun wan to share lah, all mine, mine, mine.

  9. U have a 16-year-old son? My daughter’s 17…so what’s a year? After all, older women are in! Next time I go Penang, must meet up…and sample ur cooking! Have to make sure lah! Only daughter! Mother-in-law must be able to feed her well. Don’t worry! She’s an angel…well brought-up lah! And I love Il Divo’s songs too!!! Looks like we’re starting on the right foot! Ha ha ha!

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