12.40 am 27th April 2006 – Another tremor

There goes another tremor. Enough to get my two neighbours to open their doors to check with each other.

Let’s see if I am right again.

ADDED at 1.40 am

I kid you not.  Here’s the report:

Magnitude 5.6 –


2006 April 26 16:38:54 UTC

Wednesday, April 26, 2006 at 11:38:54 PM  (Malaysia add one hour hence 12.40am)
Distances :

  • 130 km (80 miles) SSE of Banda Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia
  • 315 km (195 miles) WNW of Medan, Sumatra, Indonesia

That means, you all better subscribe to the 5xmom SMS earthquake alert lifeline.  But hor, sometimes, for no reason the bed in my room also can shake, so hor, it is not very accurate also la.  Or if I go pangsai, I may missed out any tremors especially when I am constipated.  Kahkahkah….

But during this one, I just finished watching  American Idol with Andrea Bocelli  and I was listening to Andrea Bocelli song’s Ave Maria on my PC.  For a second, I thought I was  embraced by the Holy Spirit because I was swaying on my swivel chair.  LOL.

7 thoughts on “12.40 am 27th April 2006 – Another tremor

  1. auntie,
    do you worry at all about these frequent tremors? Houses in PD still going quite cheap you know? Can get new single storey bangalow for less than 250k.

  2. Puan Seri…think hor…
    Time to move to the mainland lor…

    Hmmn… I must Tikam Number today..being my birthday (and gotta work) ….try my luck lor 27,04,16,38,4,5….wat else?

  3. aiyo, so many tremors in pg nowadays hoh? Makes u wonder wat’s becoming of the world.Damn scary lar….

  4. hopefully that’s all the danger you’ll ever get from tremors..just shaking.

    anyway, i saw Discovery will be showing “secret bible week” soon.. will you watch it?

  5. There really is a tremor last nite! I was laughed at by my siblings when i told them earthquake. Damn.. I felt it too!! Is penang going to get frequent tremor from now on?

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