Where does your money come from?

I am almost too afraid to ask this question because I don’t know what I will feel at the end of it.

Eversince I became a parasite (this is a compliment to me, alrite?) I don’t own my own bank account anymore.  All my atm’s money is mine and that’s that.  So, he is one big ATM to me.    I closed my bank account few months back because I never bother to change my atm card after all the banks merging etc.

Of course, I have the freedom to issue cheques and etc but I hardly have anything to pay.  I am hopeless with paying bills.  He took care of them including my driving license, insurance policies, road tax (hey, I got car and house in my name, wokay?) and all those menial payments like webhosting, domain fees, subscription etc etc.

I do receive payments from a few sources, once in a while and for convenient sake, I asked the other party to pay to his name. Even Google Adsense does that. 😉

So, technically, I am nameless, formless, invisible in the financial world.  I haven’t take out money from an automated teller machine for like, errmmm…let’s see……10 years and more.   My source of cash comes from his pocket.  Usually, he will stuffs the cash into my wallet because 9 out of 10 times, I forget to replenish my cash supplies.  I often go out with only RM2 because I usually don’t use money except those times when I have to make big payments for groceries (which can run into RM100-RM200 per trip), food at restaurants with the kids and shopping trip which I would zap my card.  This happened so often that nowadays my kids will remind me before going out – You got money in your wallet or not?
Therefore, I am really, really curious how you wives handle your money matters?  Say you don’t work, do you have your own account and manage it?  Does your husband bank in the amount for duit dapur (kitchens essentials) for you each month?  Or do you just grab whatever you can find in his wallet?  And if you are a working wife, do you take money from the husband for household expenses?  And for you men, do you surrender all your money to the wives?  I know some men told me they give all the money to the wives and she will manage it and give him whatever amount he needs.  Ewwss…that’s kinda queen control, no?  Tell me?

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  1. hehe…parasite, interesting, but yet it is a fact for the time being for me until i give birth to our 1st baby. I have been parasiting my hubby’s wallet & bank a/c. He pays for every single sen i spend. My car, my HP, everything. for the time being only. He won’t bank in to me, he will replenish me money everytime when i am dry out. Hehe…I don’t think he will surrender all his money to me la…he is a good financial controller man. Worst than me. He learned to be very very wise in spending since the day I stopped working on wages basic. alamak. Better moves on fast with my business fast, else, i won’t have enough for my shopping………

  2. I still have my own bank account, each month hubby deposit my “income” into my account, if not enough then ask somemore. Three is also spare cash at home for emergency, run out of cash..go get there. 🙂

    When working, I pay the menial bills from my own income, other big big bills, hubby pay.

    Hubby won’t pour all his money at me, cause I’m a shopaholic, hubby more good at planning, somemore he so “dai lam yan” how to go without extra cash for “polishing boss shoe” and buying staff’s heart.

  3. Wah, you are very taitai also hor.But my mom lagi best, she dont know how to drive, so my dad has to be her atm + driver.My dad will put money in a box and we’ll take when we run dry. hehe. very convenient =)

  4. haha.. my dad is my atm source. he wil bank in money for me at the end of each month. thn i hav my another account which my school loan will bank in money for me two times a year. n thn another account for my own working pay. but i stil grab my lulu’s pocket money for dinner ;p

  5. I rarely ask for cash. We normally go together for huge once-a-month groceries+diapers etc shopping together and he pays. He normally belanja on expensive dinings, me more kedekut one;). He pays all bills.
    Wish I can be queen-control, but tak sampai hati la…

  6. quietly steal some of his things like handphone, ipod, pda and sell it off at the 2nd shop la! very good way, RM200 per item…

    if he ask, then say, “you lar! simply leave your things everywhere!”

    i think i’ll make a very bitter househusband.

  7. Ya, of cos, there’s still my secret bank acct which he doesnt know of its existence. Apart from that, it’s only those maybank2u accts where we zap our $$$ for various payment matters.

    My policy, ” My $$$$ is MY $$$$, His $$$$ is also MY $$$$ “. HAHAHA

  8. Hey.. Lilian,
    I’m like you .. kinda parasite/leech. I haven’t had anything to do with money.. since i came to Canada. Papa BoK pays for everything.. and if i need anything.. or is going to buy something.. he would just give me the money. Plus we are quite inseparable.. therefore.. i go .. he go.. so no need money either.
    Yes.. every cent i spend or need is paid for by him. Taxes also done by him. And i donch drive here.. so got “ah mat”.

  9. I’m working girlfriend (bride-to-be actually) we agreed tht we’ll have a central pool for dinners + minor kitchen supplies. and he pays when we go furniture/groceries shopping and all other running bills.

    I maintain my own bank acc + cheque book + credit card. Feel less guilty to splurge using my own salary during retail theraphies.

    But the wedding fund is sucking me dry….

  10. I’m with you in the parasite gang. Mr MG pays for everything and as for the ad-hoc spending, he usually gives to me on the spot to pay for food etc. For the ad-hoc spending, he gives me more than enough and when that has accumulated then I will bank it into my bank account. Once, I earned more than him for several months when my pay/commission fluctuated/peaked, then I gave him pocket money. Now that was a nice change. Hehehe. Like you, I do wonder how other ppl do it? Do the spouse give like once in a month then expect you to spend within that budget? Once my sis (who’s also a parasite) told me that she asked for increment and bonus during year end from her hubby. Hahaha. Like dat oso can.

  11. Kak lilian,
    I have my own separate account, money banked in to that account osso.
    But then, we go shopping together (I can’t handle tia on my own. Penat woooo nak layan dia sorang2), so usually I don’t carry much money in my purse.
    And I never had worked since we got married, I’ve yet to know how we would go about paying the bills if both of us are working…

  12. MG – Yeah, I had also been wondering too. It is a tricky balance of trust and whatnots. My atm the accountant usually retorted when I play-play demand for bonuses. He will say, then I charge you for rental and food lor. Geek sei!

    sooi2 – Hehehe, from the responses you can see it is a mystery to all of us.

    phuisan – You know what is nice about not working? I don’t have to crack my head to scrimp all I earn and suck his portion. LOL, when I was working, I was very particular about MY money, seeing that none of them go to the in-laws. Now, I can shake leg and don’t worry getting taken advantage of. Positive side of not earning money.

    MamaBoK – Hehehe, both of us are the airhead bimbos when come to financial matters. Good lah.

    samm – Wuah, if any tongkua-taufoo, who knows wor? Touch wood!

    simon – Aww…you will make a bad househusband indeed. Are you going to charge for services rendered oso?

  13. I’m living together with my bf and we share everything from the bills to the grocerry shopping. But of cos I’m parasiting on my parents’ money 😛

    We have thought about it that if and when we get married…it will still be the same. To share everything (if I’m working lah…if not…then too bad lor..he has to pay already)

  14. mama23beas – Yalah, kesian the man but a lot of women told me they control the cash sebab takut nanti the man splurge on other SYTs. Tapi, the men still got other way jugak….But got one woman so ignorant until the husband bought a whole car on cash term for the mistress pun dia tak perasan. Haih…too much money lah tu.

    jian – Yalah, when comes to money must take advantage wannnn. Then, only can get rich.

    Eve – Lucky mom, you got there.

    Elaine – As long as we don’t have that much money to splurge, oso good lah, can control a bit. Dun have too much until he simply throw around, susah lor.

    froginkl – Hehehe, there is always the supplementary card, don’t worry. Just sign only.

    egghead – Wuah, so good husband ah, you? No wonder can buy expensive cars la.

  15. Ooops finally I see comments and I can put in comments!! 🙂 🙂 Pardon me I am really bad with these IT-stuff.

    Ahemz .. My hubby pays for all my meals etc … doesn’t give me money .. usually split the heavier expenditures (not car or house maintenance, all on him) such as groceries, toiletries, furniture (just moved) etc etc

    I strive to become 5xmom …

  16. My situation is like mumsgather. Hubby will pay for everything but he will still give me my monthly allowance which I will bank into my own account. I guess in my opinion, it’s always wise to have your “own” money. Never know when it might come in handy.

  17. My income , my account– but I freely spend if we need things. His income, joint and everything comes out from there- I manage it ( more like I spend it:)) and the bank do all the bill payments. Houses and my car -my name , he bought..pretty good for an angmoh I think 🙂

  18. yeah agree with everyone else tht Lilian is our role model, being a fulltime housewife is a real luxury (and great compliments to husbands out there) as cost of living is not getting any lower.

    My ideal arrangement would be “quit 9-5 jobs, live on hubbie’s salary and occasional income from freelance work trus bank into Swiss account :D”

  19. In Islam, and simply put, the husband must give monthly contributions to his wife, but his wife’s money is not his at all; unless she desires to help her husband out, and that is better.

    I work, and have my own account. But my husband pays for all the bills. Since I work, we share the purchase of groceries and when eating out, or when belanja-ing my parents, etc.

  20. I too parasite member. It just sucks when you don’t have your own money to buy your “essentials”..like glam clothes, glam cosmestics, glam books…sigh… !

  21. Have been working all along and has never taken any pocket money from him. 22 years ago gaji baru RM575 p.m. so I tanggung babysitter fees RM250 and all baby’s makan. End of month lucky to have RM20 in my bank account. Now I am doing better adi, but that piece of meat has morphed into something I cannot comprehend – I am paying all the big bills n he pays the household utility bills & some groceries. Bila out for makan, big bills I pay; kopitiam punya leh, he pays for what he orders, most of the time I pay for the kids n myself. If I suggest go anywhere pun, then I pay lah. He very happy sitting in front of idiot box only 24/7!

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