Kahkahkahkah!!!! Lawak betul.

Perlu teliti kriteria bomoh, ‘takut hospital penuh asap’
27-04-2006 05:23:25 PMKUALA LUMPUR: Seorang penyokong kerajaan hari ini mahu Kementerian Kesihatan meneliti kriteria bomoh yang akan ditempatkan di hospital kerajaan bagi memastikan tidak timbul kekecohan akibat daripada amalan pengamal perubatan tradisional itu.

Datuk Mohamed Aziz (BN-Sri Gading) mempersoalkan adakah amalan seperti membakar kemenyan yang selalu diamalkan oleh bomoh akan dibenarkan di hospital.

“Saya nak tahu bomoh ke dukun ke pawang… Apakah agaknya di hospital kita nanti penuh dengan asap kemenyan. Itu kan susah.

“Kalau dukun dia pakai sembur… bomoh ni pula menurun… nanti pesakit tiba-tiba cakap Siam. Kalau dia menurun, kadang-kadang orang Melayu pun boleh cakap Tamil, boleh cakap Siam. Berdialog Siam kita nanti…,” katanya pada persidangan Dewan Rakyat di sini hari ini.

Beliau meminta penjelasan mengenai perkara itu ketika Setiausaha Parlimen Kementerian Kesihatan Lee Kah Choon menjawab soalan mengenai bilangan rakyat negara ini yang meninggal dunia akibat obesiti pada sesi soal jawab lisan.

Mohamed juga ingin mengetahui sama ada “tok mudim” turut dikategorikan sebagai bomoh dan boleh ditempatkan di hospital.

“Tok mudim pun agaknya. Tak tahulah kan… ini benda baru.. peluang pekerjaan terbuka luas di hospital. Tak jadi doktor pun boleh kerja di hospital,” katanya.

Soalan Mohamed yang ternyata menyimpang jauh daripada soalan asal menyebabkan Yang Dipertua Dewan Rakyat Tan Sri Ramli Ngah Talib berkata “Setiausaha Parlimen, kalau nak jawab pun boleh, tak jawab pun boleh.”

Lee berkata mengikut Pertubuhan Kesihatan Dunia (WHO), 50 peratus penduduk negara membangun masih menggunakan perubatan tradisional manakala 75 peratus penduduk negara sedang membangun menggunakan perubatan alternatif itu.

“Ini bermakna kebanyakan orang menggunakan ubatan tradisional… Kementerian akan kaji bagaimana untuk menentukan satu standard supaya kita boleh menyatakan ini adalah standard seorang bomoh dan sinse sebelum mereka dibenarkan berkhidmat di hospital kerajaan,” katanya. BERNAMA

Now the English translation, minus the jokes:

RM1.5mil earmarked for TCM pilot project

KUALA LUMPUR: The Health Ministry will set aside an initial sum of RM1.5mil for a pilot project of incorporating traditional and complementary medicine (TCM) in three government hospitals.

The project, involving the Kepala Batas (Penang), Putrajaya and Sultanah Aminah (Johor) hospitals, received allocations for TCM under the Ninth Malaysia Plan.

“The plan now is to have a division for TCM, so that patients can either opt for the Western or traditional medicine division.

Hah! Have you ever been into an Intensive Care Unit with dying patients of different faiths? Say there are a few people dying at the same time? In their hour of desperation, they do a lot of chanting. Usually, the nurses may allow a group of people to do the chanting. But some groups will insist on burning joss-sticks and burning paper talisman next to the patient’s. The nurses have to keep on eye of these people because eventhough they are forbid to do so, sometimes, amongst the big group, they will still try to do so.

Guess what the nurses have to resort to? “Kalau kau orang bakar, nanti itu api boleh kasi ini ICU meletup. Bom semua mati sekali.” (if you insist to burn, the fire will cause explosion and bomb all of us dead!) Because there are oxygen outlets all over and dunno what other explosive. And wonder what will happen to those wheezing patients after inhaling some kemayan from the bomoh?

Well, I failed to understand why the Ministry of Health wants to incorporate traditional medicine into hospitals. Though it may saves just a few lives (are they proven in the first place?), wouldn’t it gives the majority the brilliant idea that taking some herbs and holy water will prevent their deaths? Isn’t this like taking one step forward and five steps back?

(BTW, I am not being disrespectful to any particular faiths and the above scenario is a real one that happened on May 1st, 2003.)

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  1. How to apply for job???? Very interested leh- also can retire in Malaysia some more. I can do voodoo, hi-tech type oso can, or get hi-hi one oso can..

  2. If a (so-called) Islamic bomoh ‘menurun’ and ‘bakar kemenyan’, tu dah syirik namanya (meaning they asked for help other than Allah s.w.t). I think it’s ridiculous putting those so-called bomohs (those using ‘menurun’ and such) at the hospitals.

    On the other hand, Allah s.w.t. mentioned in the Qur’an, the only illness you can’t cure is death. Bila sakit dan selagi hayat dikandung badan, kena berusaha seek treatment (traditional, modern). Muslims believe, if you suffer from spiritual illness, the only way to cure it is through spiritual healing using the Qur’anic verses. To the non-believers, you don’t have to believe in black magic, but do know that it exists and some people use it as a means to get what they want. (Note: I speak from my own experience).

    Traditional healing is more effective for some illness. One example is broken bones/fractures. (again, I speak from own experience, and ironically, my mum is a nursing sister). Sometimes, eating herbs is better than consuming medicine presribed by the doctors because not everyone’s body can take modern medicine. A relative’s friend broke a leg. The person is cured just a week after traditional healing. My mum’s friend who’s also a nurse, fractured her ankle. Guess what she did? She took out her POP, went for traditional healing and God willing, is cured in no time. Go figure.

  3. hmmm…i guess it would have to depend on what sorta practice is involved.

    if it is traditional healing ie massage, herbs, etc etc then probably.

    if it is spiritual ie burning efigies , yellow papers, rain dance etc etc then probably not a good idea – it wouldn’t meet the criteria for safety standards in the first place, as you mentioned…

  4. haa haa haa ROTF LOL gelak golek-golek read this post. I think I know WHO and WHICH IDIOT suggested this to the board, as I know personally that monkey(s) at the MEDICAL RESEARCH & EDUCATION have nothing better to suggest cos they seriously believe in all these Pawang etc rather than the skills of their own hands.

    Heck, these people are actually doctors who are sick and tired of seeing dead people…that they turn to this ..and covert their MD to what? PhD in Black Magic?

    Karut Mengarut. These really reminds me of those people whom I worked with at KKM before.. which are so silly that they killed more patients than they save.

  5. well seriously i heard that a hospital is referring patients to bomoh for snake bite… and bone fracture. Alternative medicine will always have special place in every society. Not everything can be solved with syringe and scapel. off course there were bomohs who r more interested in duping desperate people…

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