Boring? Fear not, read my blog.

Ok, ok, I know I am vain.

So, on Friday night at 11.59 pm, we decided that we want to go somewhere. And we packed our clothes, thinking that if got money, anywhere also got place for us to stay. Somemore nowadays, petrol naik harga 30 sen so I suppose everyone should be staying home and wait for Labour Day’s sale to buy dozens of rolls of toilet papers.

But, KNNMCB, manatau, every dang companies are into TeamBuilding, MotivationCraps etc etc and every dang decent resorts are fully booked. The Star, Genting etc etc had their companies function and we had no room at the Swiss Garden Damai Laut.

However, the trip is a short one, less than three hours with lots of nice views so it wasn’t a total loss.

But, but, but we have one little guy who wanted to ‘stay hotel’. That’s all that he had been talking about, stay hotel, yay!!!!!! So, we can’t turn back…….

And after searching for every decent resort from Lumut to Teluk Batik, we cannot find one single, blardy room!!!! Can you believe it? In a sleepy, fishing village like Lumut, there is not a single room available. Ok, actually, Lumut is very beautiful now. I have plenty of nice pics to show later.

In the end, we were too hot to be bothered whether the hotel has nice pool, beautiful lobby, nice garden and just want a room. Any room. And we found one in Hotel Putra. At only RM69.90! A freaking small room with no window. OMG, I cannot breathe! The air-cond wasn’t working well. But they changed another room for us, also windowless. I have claustrophobia, mannnn….. It reminded me of a tiny room we had in Paris, France lah!….Urggh….want to vomit already.

Anyway, it was bearable because toddler didn’t seem to care as long as it is hotel to him. So, we stayed for one night at Lumut. We had no intention of going to Pangkor Island because we had been there lots of time.

Now, got trivia question. My dear atm forgot to pack his underwears. 😛 Heh, I was too busy packing for the kids and myself so he had to pack his own clothes. So, if you are stranded in a little fishing village with no shopping mall, no fresh underwear change and you got to drive 3 hours back to your home, what would you do? Did I also mentioned that it was hot, humid and very, very sweaty? So, how? What you gonna do?