Malaysia Boleh (in turning fat kid into circus freak)

Ok, this is my maternal instinct jumping into action. So, I hope no parties feel offended with what I am going to write.
We have read about this boy’s plight.

While others take a break today, nine-year-old Asyraaf Syahmie Hasri will be hard at work – shedding weight.

Tipping the scales at 120kg

Goodness sake, remember that he is ONLY nine years old. Nine years old kids are very small kids who think they can fly if you tell them they can. Nine years old kids can easily be bribed with bar of KitKat. I have nine years old kids before so I know what I am talking about. They are just vulnerable, innocent, young, inquisitive little ones.

The doctor had dangled the reward of a trip to Genting Highlands in September for the whole family if Asyraaf Syahmie could lose 20kg in six months.

AND THEREFORE, IT IS BLARDY WRONG TO DANGLE A FAMILY TRIP TO GENTING FOR HIM AS MOTIVATION! Earlier, I read that the company who is supposed to make him slim dangled RM5 FOR EVERY KILOGRAMMES HE SHED. HOW CAN they offer monetary rewards for a little kid like him? Think what kind of pressure are we putting on the kid?

If indeed anyone wants to help him, please just help him minus all the media attention. If nine years old can sit down, listen and do whatever is told, we don’t need teachers, man.
Pause for a moment? That kid is only nine years old. He has serious problems with his weight not because he is a glutton but because of his genetic/hormones problems.

“Ma, saya mahu tosai! (Mum, I want tosai,)” Asyraaf Syahmie said while tugging his mother’s arm.

The boy, who can eat a whole chicken in one sitting, looked apprehensive when told he would be allowed, at most, one piece of chicken for lunch.

I emphatise with the mom. I know that if my kid asks for anything, I will give them double.

The 42-year-old mother of six admitted that Asyraaf Syahmie sometimes threw tantrums and cried when hunger pangs hit.

So, it must be very heart-breaking for the mom to deal with a hungry child like Asyraaf.

Yesterday, Asyraaf Syahmie weighed 120kg, an increase of 2kg from a week ago.

Said Dr Ananthan: “This is the natural weight gain of a growing boy. He’s nine years old after all.

Dr. Anathan, 2kg weight increase in a week is NOT the natural weight gain of a growing boy. What sort of growth chart are you referring to? (I did some googling and found something from Malaysian Medical Resources old blog. Interesting….)
Some other news about Asyraaf:

April 15 – Discharged from Ipoh Hospital

April 9th – Staying in the hospital

And a Malay excerpt which he said he is willing to lose weight for the sake of his mom. How touching:

Asyraaf sedia kurangkan berat badan demi ibu
17-04-2006 04:07:28 PM

Mazni Mustafa

IPOH: Walaupun mempunyai tubuh badan yang besar, namun cinta Asyraaf Syahmie Hasri, 9, terhadap ibunya lebih mengatasi saiz fizikalnya itu.

Demi ibu, Asyraaf bersedia untuk menjalani program penurunan berat badannya yang kini mencecah 118kg, walaupun dengan hati yang berat untuk berbuat demikian.

“Saya tak mahu ibu dipersalahkan kerana saiz badan saya. Saya kesiankan ibu kerana doktor selalu marahkannya sebab biarkan badan saya jadi sebesar ini,” ujarnya.

Alright, what I wanted to say is – I sympathise with little Asyraaf because the media had put him under too much attention. The company that is supposed to help him lose weight has put him even under more tensions. If I am under that kind of tensions, I would eat a whole cow, not just a chicken!

I hope someone can really help this little boy with his genetic problem/hormones imbalances without all of us gawking at him. Otherwise, we are being cruel to make him into a circus freak. I do applaud Dr. Anathan in spending his precious time to help Asyraaf. However, as a mother, I feel we ought to treat little boys with the respect they deserve. Certainly, we don’t want little Asyraaf to grow up with his self-confidence broken to pieces due to something he can’t help, i.e. his eating disorders?

Whatever it is, let’s hope little Asyraaf and all vulnerable people aren’t being turned into publicity stunts for marketing purposes. Or gosh! Reality shows, mebbe? May the family have strength and the Almighty’s blessings to find a cure for their boys.

16 thoughts on “Malaysia Boleh (in turning fat kid into circus freak)

  1. The wee man does have a problem!! Eating sensibly is always the answer, small portions but more frequently. Lack of exercise is a problem too!! In US they have Fat Boot Camp for the young ones. Poor boy !!

  2. simon – Yeah, he blamed the polis for giving him a hamper. But seriously, the media is very unkind to twists the words of a little, nine year old boy to make him looks bad. I mean, he is a kid and the title on the papers said ‘Boy blame Police’.

    David – We are going to need this boot camp soon ‘cos every parents are afraid of their kids doing any kind of activities, including in the playground.

    foodcrazee – Yeah, all money eyed, and poor kid is traumatised with monetary gain.

  3. Honestly, hormones problem maybe lead to his large body, but obesity? Seems this Asyraaf child is not even eating balance meal.

    Maybe 5xmom should set up a cooking course for those mums that sucks in cooking.

  4. Blames aside, don’t you think it was very insensitive of anyone visiting a little kid trying to fight obesity to bring a hamper filled with goodies he’s not supposed to eat?

  5. ya poor thing lah. but hopefully he can turn the pressure into a good force to help him stay on the track lor. for his own health.

  6. I hate the way how the adults treat him in order to reduce weight, that’s just SO SO WRONG!!!

    Even if he really slims down now, but he maybe will put on weight again in the future, who knows? Another trip to somewhere else?(better dont bring him to Penang, you know why….)

  7. Just another example of how insensitive our societies are when dealing with situation like this.

  8. I don’t think genetic and hormones are the only problem contributing to his obesity. His parents are to be blamed as well. They should have provided their son a balanced meal and should have controlled their son’s diet because he’s obese.

    When my parents saw my weight was 60kg when I was only 12, they started controlling my diet and I managed to shed off some weight.

    and the media should stay away from the family!

  9. In this ‘it is in to be thin’ society, this boy must stood out like a sore thumb. I agree with Eileen. The parents must shoulder some responsibility for the kid’s weight.

    I’m not too sure, if it is hormone imbalance, I think the solution lies medically, right? Of course the right diet and exercises help… 🙂

  10. The media everywhere makes news out of nothing hor. Poor kid needs a break and join a soccer club so he can run. Best thing for him.

    Change of subject: Hey Lilian come by blog and vote for my new profile pic. Celebrating my blogiversary and wanted to let my readers do something different.

  11. First of all, I don’t have any idea how he was brought up to such weight, but I obviously don’t like his mother who put that blame on Allah by saying that he son was slightly overweight when he was borned, and it is Allah’s wish.

    But anyway, isn’t the mass media given him too much of publicity?

  12. I didn’t follow this story, but whatever it is, I also pitty the mother. Most would blame her for feeding or allowing the child to eat so much. In the beginning I also blamed the mother. But then, after reading on, I started thinking… if the son keeps on begging and crying in hunger, what would I do as his mother? Apart from bringing him to see doc early, I guess I might also give in and let him eat. Poor child.

    Perhaps the only mistake the mother has made, was not bringing the child to see doc early?

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