But I think it must be nice to be a sumo wrestler and why we have nipples

(purposely using a long title to take up space)

So….kids and I were watching National Geography about some Hawaiian sumo wrestlers who went to Japan to be a sumo wrestler. Or something like that. As it is a Nat Geo documentary, I was hoping they will show us exactly how those sumo wrestlers got themselves so fat.

I told my kids it must be nice to be a sumo wrestler because I can eat and eat and eat and getting fat is my job. Well, I was just rambling but my 10 years old literally believed what I mumbled.


10 yrs old : But you got nen-nen so big, how to be a sumo wrestler!

14 yrs old and I looked at each other and knew that it is fun to pull his legs.

14 years old : See? Those sumo wrestlers’ breasts are also so big what.

Me : Yalar….if I can get as fat as them, no one will notice if I am a woman or man ‘cos we will be all round-round.

10 yrs old : But you got nipples.

14 yrs old : They also got. Theirs got hair somemore. See? See?

10 yrs old continue to argue….and getting profane with his description and comparison.

Me : Hoi!!!! you know why mammals got nipples or not? Because when you were small hor…. when you were just a little, tiny, newborn, you can’t see very far. Only like a few inches distance. So, when you get hungry, you got to have two beaming nipples that say ‘milk here, milk here’ like a vending machine. That’s why women nipples are   bigger than men lor. And if you talk somemore, I am going to thrash you   like a sumo.

So, now you are all enlightened why women have bigger nipples than men. And if you want to see topless female sumo wrestler, you gotta do an image search on Google. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.