An intimate meme for women only.

Tag first! Yvy, Helen, WMD, Soleilina, Mama23beas, MG, arrgghh…all the female bloggers and readers I know.
I know this has been done before but no one includes me so I am going to take this up from MsLenglui. This is the woman’s handbag content meme. Duh, I know it is very silly but it says a lot about us, ya?


  1. What’s the regular handbag you carry?

Mine is this dusky pink one. Made of soft leather.

2. What’s inside?

  • 3 mascaras – purple, brown and one extra long lash black
  • 4 lipsticks, 1 lipgloss
  • 3 eyeliners – purple, dark blue and brown
  • 2 palettes of eyeshadows – a purple and pink set and a brown one
  • 1 comb
  • 1 powder
  • 1 highlighter and 1 pen – to mark my music sheets
  • eye drop – to make the eyes sparkle and emit laser when see lengjais
  • 1 CD-rom with photos meant for my church youth leader
  • Some leaflets I picked up from church

Of course, the mandatory wallet, handphone and sunglasses.

Simple? Now go tag another five persons. Muahahahar….I feel like I had just robbed all of you – Yvy, Helen, WMD, Soleilina, Mama23beas, MG!

24 thoughts on “An intimate meme for women only.

  1. Sky – Kehkehkeh, sort of ‘cos what other choices are there, besides browns? I can’t use those autumn-y colours ‘cos I am a spring person. Hehe, I went for colour me beautiful course before so I only stick to colours for my season. *roll eyes*

    Peter & Gladys – Thanks! Hope to meet you both one day in church, i.e. if you go to Holy Spirit. Ask Bart to intro.

  2. Looks like u’re quite an organised person! I dread peeping into my wife’s many handbags (Ah! At least I got the many in the right place!) May even find parking tickets from a few years ago…! Personally, I think a handbag is a bad influence for people to throw everything inside…and know/forget that it’s there. Used to have a bag-like pencil case for that…and when I wanted something, I had to take everything out! That’s quite a chore really!

  3. 3 mascaras, 4 lipsticks, 1 lipgloss, 3 eyeliners, 2 palettes of eyeshadows? waaaahhh!! that’s a whole lot of makeup in one bag!

  4. This wuching is becoming more and more like somebody who reads his blog – always provoking, instigating trouble! Good thing I’m old and wise, patient and understanding…like all good parents, agraa 5Xmom? Ask him to go and have children lah!

  5. Woopsie when I saw that I have been tagged….you know why…because I am one of the very few/perhaps the only woman in this earth that does not really carry a handbag. I only have one pathetic black handbag which I only started taking it out very occasionally the past one year. Usually I will just throw my stuff into my boys milk/diapers bag. I am still not diaper/milk free yet.

  6. Waaa, I like ur pink bag! So cute lar…

    Ei, u partime makeup artist ar? Why are u carrying so much makeup?? lol

    OK.. will go to check my bag. Damn, hope there is nothing incriminating there..

  7. Dunno much about make up (whatever wuching may say) but I guess that’s to look pretty, accentuate one’s outstanding features…or to camouflage the wrinkles and the signs of ageing!!! Ha ha ha! 5Xmom! I’m sure the last one doesn’t apply to u, lah!

  8. adumak oi!!! lol šŸ˜› of all the tags – achelly i was suppose to do a post on what is the content of my handbag but u beat me to it!! shall take it on. šŸ™‚ in due time…

  9. wah, bag colour so terror one! can match to regular wardrobe ah? somemore hor, so many plasterings and icings inside! keng! lol. actually, i find it very neat.

  10. wa… ur beg so cute!!! hmm.. i stil not believe that you are an auntie.. you are not isn’t it?

  11. Aiks! Kena rob by you liao. Wait hor. When I free dat time I do. Hmm… die lah like dat. Next few days sure very concious about what I put in the handbag.

  12. Wah, Leng Lui lilian, U are so rajin to carry so many colours hor, do U change colours(eyeliner,mascara,eyeshadow,lipstik) every 3-4 hours when U go out?
    And your high visibility PINK handbag….Salute!

  13. Tongkat Ah Lian – I don’t have the luxury of sitting down in front of my wardrobe to make up. So, usually, I do it in the car. My colours go with the clothes so I have to have brown tones, pinks tones and hence, the lipsticks, eyeliner, etc must be matching mah.

    Cocka – You call that alot? Aiyor….I pity your poor wife.

    MG – You mentioned one single lipstick that day so I quickly wakey-wakey, go reward yourself and buy many many first lor. A newly purchased lipstick is a balm to sooth a stressed out mom mah.

    jian – Haiyoh, what do you expect? Black, big, bag ah? I got black, beige, white and blue bags too wor. Also must colour coded wor.

    mslenglui – Tells a lot of our personality ya? Yours said – Be prepared for pening-pening. Mine says – Be prepared for that meeting with some *swoons* dream man. Kill me, I am joking only.

    Yvy – Yay, Yvy’s the most sporting.

    LB – For what ler? I am 99% pregnant safe liao. Best time of my life, mammamia!

    situapui – To make middle age widowers with lots of EPFs and properties swoon and hand over their estates to me lah!

  14. Ha! Ha… My Mum’s handbag is very simple only,
    wallet, coin pouch, keys, notebook, pen, tissue.

    Whenever she want to go out, she just “Grab & Go”(her handbag). *Salute*
    When I’m with her, she brings extra things like, 500ml water, umbrella. šŸ˜€

  15. i usually choose diaper bags which are made of recyclabe materials to help the environment not just your babies.;*”

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